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    Domain name taken but not in use

    I am trying to set up a website and email for my company butthe domain name has been taken. I have found that the company using it is called something completely different and the website is not in use. Does anyone know if there is someone I can contact to see if I can have the domain or will I...
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    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Registration Site

    Hi. Can anyone confirm whether this site is affliates with the NICEIC. They seem to want £35 for applying to join.
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    free website (help newbie alert)

    hi all i would like sum help in finding a good free website creator preferably one that wont cost a fortune to host. In general its totally new to me im just finding my feet with it all thought i had done good on a web creator spent hours on it then the inevitable happened i pressed the wrong...
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    website design

    Has anybody built there own websites, if so which programs did you use, is it possible to build a decent business website with free software?? I am not after anything too flash, its more just a point of reference.
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    Website upon set up

    Hi all, Im asking for peoples advice on their websites: how do searches compare between having "electrical" within the company name or "electrician"? Im currently deciding on the domain name and i get some people saying that its better to have for example AJelectrical services or something...
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    Starting your own website

    Hi guys, I am looking to start my own website but have no idea how to. I know I need to purchase and address but i don't know were the best place to do this is, and were to go from there. Please could you point me in the right direction and give me some advice? Thanks Craig
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    Associating email to free GBBO website

    I have a free website through GBBO and am investigating how to get associated email addresses. Following the instructions in the link How can I set-up email for my address? - Getting British Business Online for the free 'standard edition' takes you through a 'I agree to the terms and...
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    Hi All Having a think about how we can make our websites work for us so what I am proposing is anyone who has a website or indeed wants one to contact me. I am thinking along the lines of adding links to each other which wont help if you are in Southend on Sea and I am in Ceredigion so we wont...
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    Free Website

    For a free website and domain(2 Years free) go to REMOVED LINK Got to be worth a try!
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