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  1. A

    Stroma Certification Scheme Part p for estate agents

    Anyone successfully work mainly for agents with part p with stoma or the like or are they all still stuck in the nic past? Only asking as I've just phoned nic to join and the attitude of the woman on the phone is a joke, as if shes doing me a favour so I'd rather go elsewhere but if peoples...
  2. S

    Estate Agents says Fit For Purpose

    I have no idea if I am in the right place but am in desperate need of advice. I would describe myself as a competent DIYer (installed a Scantronic alarm system last week) but when it comes to electrics I let the experts handle it. We have just started renting a house which is just full of...
  3. jonnyb

    Estate agent ordered EICR's

    Hi chaps, Now I tend to avoid periodics/eicr's as much as possible, as I'm a bit finicky and they take me pretty much a full day of work. However, I do the occasional one for a friend or family if needed. Just doing one at the minute for a house that's just been sold, which was previously rented...
  4. Doomed

    Confusion two rate electric meter?

    Got an e-mail from an estate agent we look after rented properties for: "Hi, As discussed, the tenant of this property has advised that in order for them to have a smart meter installed the meter in the property needs to be changed to a two rate meter. However, an electrician will need to...
  5. C

    Estate agent and money

    hello guys I recently had an estate agent contact me asking for an EICR be carried out, I sent them a detailed quotation with terms and conditions. These conditions stated £200 will cover the first 10 circuits then £20 for every circuit thereafter. After spending a day grafting away nocking out...
  6. G

    C3 and unsatisfactory cert, advice please

    Hi all, asked by a friend to go and look at a shop for them and give a cert as requested buy the estate agents, ive gone and had a quick look, two wylex dis baords, no RCD . told me mate the boards could to with changing for new and coded this c3, then i (wrongly i assume) put unsatisfactory...
  7. R


    Hi all, Hope your having a good week up to now. I am an industrial electrician and have carried out inspection and testing on large scales down to small domestic households but always done it through a firm so dont get involved in the paperwork/sending side. My friend requires a EICR carrying...
  8. F

    Landlord Compliance - Query over documents

    Hello, I hope one of you can help. I am a landlord of a buy to let property. The estate agents are instructed to manage however I'm not quite sure they know what they're talking about in relation to EiRC's. I've got a condition report (attached) which says unsatisfactory. The estate agents...
  9. S

    Am I nieve?

    Would love to hear from anyone who is or was self employed. Am looking at starting out on my own in the new year. Currently employed approved electrician large company do mostly testing for about 2 years. I am in the fortunate position that I have a sensible mortgage and a few thousand behind...
  10. D

    RCD Help

    Hi people, just wanted a bit of advice. I carried out a PIR in july 2014 the fusebox had rcd on sockets but not lights. The estate agent is trying to say it was not and is not up to current regs now or then so they are trying to make me pay for a new box out of my own money. This is surely not...
  11. I

    SUV or Estate car as a work vehicle

    Due to an ever increasing family I am thinking of buying an estate car or a SUV and using it as a work van by letting the seats down during the day. Just wondered if anyone else uses one? I can't put the kids in the van as I have no back seats and the wife has the family car gone to work so we...
  12. K

    Cost for EICR reports

    Hi all, I was just wondering what the going rates where for EICR reports in London, as not sure if my pricing is realistic. What do people charge for 1 bed and 3 bed properties? Is it best only to charge per circuit? I am currently trying to win some work from local estate agents and...
  13. B

    What van do you work from?

    As above really just wondering what vans people are working from, i have an astravan at the minuite but think its going to be too small if i set up as a sole trader. :confused:
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