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  1. R

    Left handed people, what finger do you use?

    …..as your primary mouse button? I´m sure I used to use my index finger, but at some point have changed to the middle finger, but it doesn't seem right?
  2. E

    might lose a finger tomorrow :(, neighbour from hell

    what a fantastic start to the week, neighbours pitbull off its lead in the landing unsupervised, attacked my dog for the second time, managed to get my fist in the pitbulls mouth, sheared my pinky like a bit of 16mm tail :(. never thought a man as handsome as i would have to visit a plastic...
  3. FatAlan

    Gloves and other PPE

    Anyone recommend / use any particular make of glove. I'm thinking of light weight type gloves that may have some paracticality with fiddly wiring etc... if such a thing exists?
  4. B

    Why I never wear a wedding ring GRAPHIC CONTENT do not open if queasy

    A footballer trying to climb a fence lost his finger when his wedding ring caught on top of a chail link fence. It was torn off by his body weight. There are numerous instances of rings doing this and I firmly believe I would have no finger to put a ring on if I had worn one. full story here...
  5. Pete999

    Work related injuries

    Does anyone suffer from blisters caused by uncomfortable safety shoes? if so I have the idea cure, I was working on a job it was a while ago now, but the thread about the itsy bitsy cut finger made me think (lol), any how got this almighty blister on my big toe from wearing crappy toe tectors...
  6. J

    Trim ring / spacers for behind switches ??

    Hi all Im looking for the plates that go behind switches, bringing the switch off the wall a few mill and they look like a very small picture frame Fitted them n the past but now they seemed to have disappeared Anyone know where I can get one ? Preferably chrome Thanks Jack
  7. S

    Can I sell this on ebay?

    Selling this for a friend. I can stick my finger through the grills and touch the live elements, obviously not legal! Is there a get out clause I can put in the ebay ad to absolve myself from any responsibility? Passes E cont & IR tests.
  8. R

    Surround for double socket-outlet?

    Can you get anything that fits between a double-socket outlet and the pattress that covers up any do dgy plaster / wallpaper around the socket? Something like those panels that fit around a lightswitch to stop you gettin fingerprints on the walls.
  9. Z

    Conduit bending

    Hi Everybody! I am new here, so I say hello to you all.. :) I am experienced electrician, but only in domestic stuff. Now I need to work in comercial and industrial environment and my problem is that I don`t really know anything about conduit bending. Can you recommend me a good book for...
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