1. Dan

    SATURDAY NIGHT TUNES THREAD (27/09) - Beatles theme? - others also acceptable mind

    This is the actual beatles youtube channel if you want to follow it. They've gone in hard closing other tunes down on YT and taking over their income from them if they have left them. As it's 50 years promo thing. It's not them getting rich out of it all mind. It's the record labels and...
  2. M

    EICR finds for a Friday....

    Are you ready? Hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the SPARKY rips To the sound of the beat, yeah Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust, yeah Hey, I'm...
  3. C

    Interesting for a Friday night pub

    What you reckon
  4. Andy5678

    Mad Friday Madness starting now

    hope everyone enjoys the winter festivities over the next couple of weeks. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do :christmastree::partypooper:
  5. Rpa07

    Friday night numbers game

    Post your unread posts number and see who is the highest and who is the lowest. I’ll start with mine being 10,909 Oh I feel dirty now!
  6. telectrix

    what has happened to Friday?

    as tittle. all a load of sensible posts, i do despair, i really do.nv;dnciaafbsjsv.dr ]gdr;lhrawgdn;lv,';sr,lkankjcas;!!)&REIOBHVB
  7. D

    Friday morning stupidity,nearly didn't make lunch time!

    Carrying out a few minor remedials following an EICR on a small rented cottage this morning. One item was to replace the immersion heater stat for one with a thermal cut out. Switched off DP isolator alongside the tank, check with probes, crack on. Only trouble was the airing cupboard was a bit...
  8. E

    interesting job for friday..

    got to investigate an ex cannabis farm and to make safe tomorrow, hope there is some goodies lying about ;)
  9. Strima

    Black Friday Trade Deals 2017 (Tool Whores...)

    Anyone spotted any decent Black Friday deals yet? Yes I know it's only Thursday but some have started early. I did see a Dewalt Combi drill with few quid off but only had one battery with it, that was through Trade Point.
  10. GMES

    Run up to Christmas

    So lads what are your plans upto Xmas, will you be full pelt upto the death or have some of you started to wind down already. It's been a mad year for me and my lads this year so I am trying to calm it down next week, we will be still going until Friday but hopefully office bound from Thursday...
  11. Worcester

    New MCS Consulation > 50kW

    Just received this: I would suggest we all reply to keep it the same. In my opinion > 50kW requires different expertise and would normally be an M&E type contract, don't let these guys scope creep into commercial areas, the whole design and contract process is very different above 50kW. Same...
  12. D Skelton

    Elex Manchester

    Who's going, and on what date?
  13. S

    Socket ring readings. R1+R2 approx half r1, r2

    I havent come across this before, wondered if its common and what it signifies in the ring. Remeasured 3 times and got within 20mohms or so each time so pretty sure its not a zeroing the meter thing. 2.5:1.5 TW/E ring. I went around all of downstairs rooms, did min of few sockets in each room...
  14. The Solar King

    Flow Charting and Work Planning

    As it is Friday, the attached may be of interest. This dates from my time at what was then British Leyland in the late '70s. Having been taught this kind of process mapping in Operational Services, it appeared on my desk during a particularly difficult project aimed at work simplification and...
  15. N

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit

    Had my assesment in early November completed with no n/c,now been 5 weeks and still not on mcs reg.Phoned Napit again(about 4th call) today to get relpy Oh someone filed it it wrong place will do it now and do a internal report into matter......AHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Still wont guarantee be done by...
  16. P

    inset led

    help!! :) I fitted some inset led lights about 18 month ago and can`t remember who the maufac was. the fitting the best i can describe it is about the same size as the old es type inset lights and has what looks like the base of a glass on the bottom of it that has the led`s in. long shot but...
  17. M

    Work load

    Just curious, how come there are so many forum members veiwing on a Monday morning? Are you at work or home. Is there enough work around at the moment? Me I start at 10.00am:confused:
  18. P

    **CHARITY AUCTION!!**niceic great dvd money goes to the pen charity

    An Introduction to BS 7671 by NICEIC Group Ltd - 9781906091033 at The Book Depository kindly donated by my local wholesaler for sale and funds go to the pen fund please place bids and the highest by friday night gets it all money to the charity fund. and be nice people no nic jokes :) great...
  19. B

    no one working today?

    There seems to be a lot of people on here today. Personally im waiting for plasterers, builders etc (again). Also works gone quiet now so nowhere to go today. Anyone else in the same position or is there just no work out there at the moment? Ben
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