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  1. A

    UK is twin and eath aloud in hot tub installs

    hi, just a quick question for installing a 32 amp hot tub a friend told me it HAS to be in SWA but I have seen lots of 32 amp tubs installed with 6mm twin and earth in conduit, Is he correct? and is there anything in regulations not allowing me to use twin and earth in conduit? many thanks
  2. D

    Please help me to help my friend with his ceiling lights

    Can someone please help me with my friends lights he has old wiring and he got new light fitting the wiring from the ceiling he has three red wires and three earth wires and three black wires but only two wires in the new light fittings which are blue and brown please help me to help him
  3. the pict

    metal clips friend or foe

    I have tried a few of these now and to be honest I am not impressed, as to those wall dogs screws ...... really who is kidding who here
  4. Pat H

    A friend had a new consumer unit fitted

    I wasn't able to help as really busy but they were having a new kitchen installed. The fitter said they need a new ring main for the kitchen and so needed a new consumer unit. Had a look the other day. No RCD protection as it trips on the old ring main. The guy recons its the supply at fault...
  5. GMES

    ST Elmo new member and a friend of mine

    Hi Guys , I just thought I would start this thread to introduce a new member and friend of mine, he is a fire consultant that does all my fire,cctv & door entry designs, he has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and I'm sure he will be a great asset in terms of technical advice for any...
  6. S

    Went for dinner to friends,

    0f the girlfriend who is a builder to also see his completed build which took 3 years to build, 236 speakers in the house I was shocked, the cinema room is damn impressive and all I was interested in was the plant and comms room, sad really.
  7. M


    Hi. I have a question about MICC/PYRO cable. I have only very rarely worked with this type of cable , I've mostly worked in domestic wiring. However the other day a friend asked me to change a faulty single socket for him, ( piece of cake). It didn't turn out to be !!! He lived in a flat built...
  8. GMES

    Sponsor A Puppy

    Well I have just sponsored Biscuit a gorgeous little guide dog puppy, really easy to do and set the direct debit up to take an agreed amount every month. You get the usual thing , updates on her progress and regular pictures as she grows up, when I thought about some of the rubbish I spend money...
  9. kingeri

    6mm Aluminium Tails, DNO says no supply listed at the address

    Evening all. Today I was invited to look at a friend's latest project, a town center workshop-cum-garage. He is planning on turning it into a furniture shop. He has had a 'handyman' in doing some work for him, including electrics. Apparently there was no fusebox at all and no lighting...
  10. S

    Intruder alarm with X10 and Web server

    Hi guys, a friend of mine in Gilford has a fresh install, the alarm is first fixed and there are three or four X10 units offering additional switch wires to a heating and lighting circuits. I'm based in Dublin and I have a set up where my alarm turns on lights and I can use an app on my phone...
  11. D

    Garage installation

    Hi I was
  12. chcnorris29

    12v from 240v no neutral?

    Hello,Was told this today and am wondering if it is correct.If you have 240v ac and do not use the neutral then you get 12v ac?Thanks
  13. F

    Domestic 3 module grid switch in a 1g box. Do they exist?

    good evening Ladies and Gents. A, lets say, 'friend of mine' has fitted a 25mm 1g box to house three grid modules (Two LED dimmers and a standard switch), the crazy dude thought he had seen a 3 module grid set up somewhere so never thought to check it out during first fix !! However, my...
  14. M

    Assessment / Install questions

    Hi All, I soon have my Assessment with Elecsa (1st one) a friend of mine needs some work doing so am going to take advantage of this and use it as my Major works... I have a couple of questions though.. (as I am obviously nervous and worried about covering everything correctly) My friend...
  15. A

    Commercial Unit New Tentant

    Hi Guys A friend of mine is moving his buisness into a unit on a local industrial estate. He hasnt bought the property he is leasing it he has asked me to come and make some modifications to the wiring but on arrival it is clear that the current installation isnt up to spec and frankly parts...
  16. D

    building control certificate

    Is there a way to find out if a job has been notified/pending to building control eg.online or is the only way to wait for the actual certificate to be posted to the customer cheers
  17. Paul.M

    A question on PV testing

    Hello gents, I don't normally pop in here but I believe its the best place to ask a question on behalf of a friend. And it is a friend, I don't do PV. Q. My boss as told me not to waste time testing the DC side of PV installations, only the AC. My friend has not put his signature...
  18. J

    Shop Kitchen Supplies Installation Query

    Hi Forum-ers, I was hoping someone can help me, as I'm stepping out my normal line of work to help a friend. I'm an electrical fault finder on the railway, but previously did some industrial work and so have BS 2391. My friend is installing a small kitchen in a shop, the shop fitter has handed...
  19. A

    Megger 1553 - possibly damaged from PFC test

    Hey, I have a Megger 1553 and lent it to a friend, who is an experienced spark with 2391 and good knowledge/experience of testing. However, friend carried out PFC test using 3 leads, even though PFC should be carried out using 2 leads on this unit. Since PFC was carried out incorrectly the...
  20. La Poste

    Fly builders operating limited companies

    I don't know where to put this thread so I shall put it here. My Electric boss has been ripped off three times in the last year and at the moment I am wiring up a very large garage for my friend. My friend has had extensive building work done with a lot of problems not yet fixed by the builder...
  21. C

    Shower cable

    Hi all, I reconnected a shower up last week because the people had up graded there 7.5kw shower to a 9.5kw but left it on a 6mm, the live and neutral had melted together in the pull cord and blown fuse, I puled some slack and remade off and they changed shower to a 7.5kw, it's all worked fine...
  22. A

    Change of trade unsure where to start any help appreciated

    Hi all I am a licenced aircraft engineer, and in recent years a lot of the work in the uk and Europe is going further afield where labour rates a cheaper ( even though I would not trust half of them with an airfix kit) and so I am thinking of a career change. I have a friend who is an...
  23. S

    Part p and signing off work

    Hi I'm a qualified spark with my 2391, a friend has asked me to test and sign off an extension he is building. Does any1 know where I stand? Do I have to have part p? Thanks
  24. P

    Anyone work for sky?

    Sky have a offer on where an employee of there's can refer friends and they recieve half price sky for a year, anyone here fancy helping me out. I'll make a donation to charity on your behalf. it would be much appreciated. regards, Paul
  25. C

    Power Shower Issue - Advice needed

    Hi all I have just spoken to a friend. She is having a Power Shower installed. The plumber has already started the job - he has done the pipe work etc. Apparantly he has let my friend only just know that he wont be able to sign off the electrical side of the works as he does not hold the...
  26. O

    feedbackk please on..............

    All Can anybody give me some feedback on these companies that sell you a franchise for your area where you can be doing electrical and gas checks in domestic properties. No need to name names as a friend of mines (honest it is a friend and not me) wants to know if anybody is making money...
  27. R

    Board change over.

    A friend of a friend wants a new consumer unit fitted.Its a straight forward change over from an old rewirable to new .I work in the industrial game ,so dont do much on the domestic side,what would the going rate be for labour only. Cheers
  28. S

    Wessex Foods Burns Down!!!

    Anyone seen this on the news? Well a friend of mine was the electrician whom carried out a PIR at that factory and he asked some questions on it on here..... http://www.electriciansforums.net/inspection-testing-certification-electrical-installations/4811-periodic-testing-remedial-works.html...
  29. U

    Cowboy Builders Channel 5

    Just watching a Part P spark make a right a**e of himself didn't appear to know the regs as everything he said was wrong So much for the part p qualification
  30. D

    house extension work needs certifying

    Hi, can any one tell me. I have built an extension to my house here and I had a friend of a friend do the electrical work. 5 sockets, switches and lights. It was done with full panning permission, however the friend of a friend said he had a mate who I could call and he would come and certify...
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