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  1. Y

    Which rcd type do you use for general use in your country?

    Hello to everyone, Please, which rcd type do you use for general use in your country? Which legislation is the application based on? Thank you from now.
  2. P

    British General outside socket

    Hi People on an install I have come across a British General outside socket that is reducing the Insulation Resistance when i remove the outside socket the IR goes back up has any one come across this before Thanks phil
  3. Dan

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO.

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO. I'm trying to find the video and or article where PM questions were extended. Kids who live with parents at two seperate homes can still go to both homes...
  4. C

    Hey i need help with general things with Electrician stuff.

    Hi guys, Im just wondering how i can get better at ohms law, any kind of suggestions on how i can get better at it? I find it hard to grasp, and if you guys have any good videos or articles (or explanations yourselves) that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Pete999

    General Practitioners Receptionistsm don't you just love em?

    Got a problem with my right eye, like someone has chucked a bag of sand in my face, so goes to book an appointment, receptionist asks me what the problem is, tell her and the answer was best if you try some over the counter remedies first, so looking at all the deadbeats sitting in the waiting...
  6. John Matrix

    Running Submains with general lighting and power???

    Hi everyone I have an issue that I need some advice with. I have been asked to fit a panel board in a basement to some offices. From this I need to feed another distribution board. This board is feeding some general lighting and power. My plan was to link everything with a 100x100mm metal...
  7. Moley

    General rant about the standards of driving these days!

    Is it just me or is the general standard of driving going down hill? I had a 'little' commute home yesterday, from Irvine in Scotland to just north of Cardiff. I get really fed up of the number of 'CLODs' (Center Lane Only Drivers) that travel on motorways. I'm tootling along on the inside lane...
  8. madMARTINmarsh

    British General plug socket problem

    Hello all. I recently replaced two double switched plug sockets, the original socket had jammed switches (they were as old as my 50-60s built house I reckon) so I got these new ones, installed them but now the switches don't always work. When I press them to turn the socket off sometimes the...
  9. R

    General characteristics

    When doing mock exams 17th edition the questions that always have me stumped are about general characteristics, I had a question with maximum demand and max current in choices, both seemed feasible answers
  10. H

    Can We Use General Purpose Inverter for Crane?

    My subcontractor use ABB ACS580 instead of ACS880. They argue that can program to control crane with it. Load capacity and motor power is no problem here, but the purpose of inverter I concern here. Is there any advice?
  11. C

    Lesson learnt and general socket query

    Hello All, So before commenting please be aware that I have learnt my lesson and will check the power is off myself in the future. I was hopping to change two single plug sockets in my house to two double sockets. The wiring is a bit old but on both single sockets I have two live (red)...
  12. N

    New to forum - laser cutter / general grounding help needed!

    Hi everyone So my electric-based knowledge is pretty low, but I have my own laser cutting business so am having to get to grips with a few things! Any answers are helpful..... I run a 45W laser from a residential building, this is an import from USA. I have been looking at upgrading the...
  13. M

    A general query on lodging away.

    Hi guys Just wanting to know what the norm is for others and other companies. Im with an employer whos part of the jib which means we do get perks that i know are different to others. My question is current im working away roughly 180 miles from the works offices, normally we are a...
  14. I

    General concepts - Automotive electrical

    Hi Forum, I have been reading up but cant get / find a definitive answer on this. firstly - I understand the purpose of a fuse is to to protect a circuit (shorting fires etc..) this is all good what I am having trouble finding/ grasping is the concept around fuses and power distribution. A...
  15. L

    Just a general query to make sure I’m not being shafted by my employer

    Hi guys, I’m new to this forum game and what I basically need to know and can’t find any info on myself is what defines an electrician from a junior electrician? I passed my AM2 in May last year and everybody else who was on my course that has stayed in the electrical game that is seems to be...
  16. B

    AM2 general questions

    just about to book my AM2 as a final part to get myself approved. What do I need to brush up on? I’ve recently bought the regs book even though I know the 18th edition is due in June o_O and have a well thumbed on site guide somewhere, am I right in it being open book on the theory side...
  17. S

    Patio lighting and outdoor lighting in general.

    Hey guys, I'm getting an extension and new patio. I want to have some nice lighting but outdoor lighting is a bit new to me. I work with low voltage mostly, alarm engineer. Can I run mains in plastic conduit that will then be concreted over? If not, can I use metal copex or does it have to be...
  18. John Murphy

    Electrician Working Holiday in Malawi for Electrician

    We are small eco lodge on the shores of lake malawi. We have 3 large african style chalets a main house and a deck restaurant I would like an electrician to rewire the main house about 6 rooms and our deck kitchen and bar, give general advice and repair any minor faults. Work will consist of...
  19. driverman

    61009-1 or 61009-2 RCBO's

    Afternoon guys, Just wondered what the difference is, if any between a 61009-1 RCBO and 61009-2 RCBO? Are the characteristics different for any reason for different applications? I noticed that 61009-2 came out 1995? Thanks
  20. Midwest

    'Whats this mean on a rcd test' Where's the thread gone?

    Ditto above, is it jut me, I can't seem to find this thread anymore. An email link says I 'do not have permission' to access this page?
  21. B

    Hi and question about risk assessments

    Just wanted to say Hi, am new to this forum. Been an Qualified electrician since 1972. (Saying it like that makes me feel old!) Run a business in Ripon with my son, also an Electrician. I heard a rumour that the rules have changed for any Domestic jobs and that you have to do a Risk...
  22. M

    Industrial AMEC Trade Test

    Hi everyone. Ive got a trade test for Amec Foster Wheeler coming up soon. I understand its a multiple choice test electrical, then one on health and safety. Has anyone done this test recently and could possibly give me a heads up on the general content? Is it all compex related, ohms law...
  23. J

    Stockport based trainee spark

    Hi, I've recently finished doing a 4 week course to gain 17th edition, part p qualification, 2392 inspection and testing and level 2 logic core qualification. I have been in the building trade for 10 years since leaving school. Tiling being my main trade, then moving on to general maintenance...
  24. Marvo

    How The DIY Area Works And The Step By Step Guide Rule

    Although this is primarily a trade forum for electricians we get lots of requests for DIY assistance so this DIY section of the forum was made specifically to accommodate those DIY requests. Where any information is given here, it is done so with no implied or guarantee of accuracy. As a...
  25. T

    eaton rcd

    Anyone find eaton rcds won't trip when tested at cu with loads disconnected ?
  26. S

    C.O.B Led

    Hi I have joined the forum to get valuable feedback on new C.O.B Led products that will improve low energy light output.
  27. P

    Fuse types an BS numbers

    When doing a condition report what's the best way to find out fuse types , bs numbers an type of main fuse is being used if its an old installation an your not sure ?? An advice would be much aprciatated :stupid:
  28. D

    Domestic Staircase LED lighting

    Evening all I have a job to look at tomorrow evening And the client has said they want staircase lighting (LED) as I have never installed these before I was just wondering how you lot have previously installed them and what manufacturer you use? All pointers are gratefully appreciated. Cheers...
  29. Toby Kuhnert

    Looking for experience in North Essex.

    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking for some work experience in the North Essex area, I live in Halstead. I'm at college full time and just about to complete my level 2 2330 in about 2-3 weeks time and going onto level 3 in September. I have had a little experience in electrical work practically...
  30. G

    socket outlets

    Hi just a silly question but I have to ask this . On socket outlets which are for general use it says that they have to now be 20amp and rcd protected. Does that mean that 32amp socket outlets for general use have to be down graded ?
  31. W


    Well my situation is I'm 23 and I currently work in the building trade as a general builder mostly bricklaying and plastering. I have been thinking about finding an electrical course alot lately as it seems to be a good idea whilst I'm young. I mentioned it to my boss and he has offered to pay...
  32. T

    Socket close to handwash??

    I have first fixed a kitchen area all walls and ceilings plastered. Now the owner has completely redesigned the layout of the kitchen, so I have a couple of sockets where there of no use now, one of them ends up being behind a very small hand wash bowl, do you think this will be a problem to...
  33. Joe S

    Landlord Tickets and General works ? ?

    Hi, I have been getting a few phone calls lately from letting agents about various works on some of their properties. I am a Domestic Installer with the NIC and was wondering how far I should go with regards work? I mean general fitting changes and general maintenance I would imagine are fine...
  34. telectrix


    just found these----------- (GU10 fitting) 12 LED, 1watt GE LED lamps, quite a good light for what they are, £4 a pop from Asda
  35. B

    using metrel test sheets query and testing query

    hi all, just got a kinda general query regarding the testing of a split board: do you have to provide 2 seperate schedule of test results sheets for the slit board becase it only gives the allowance for details for one main switch am i correct in that way of thinking also what is a general...
  36. Mr Mark Sparks

    bs88 fuse

    on a bs88 fuse there is sometimes a big G and a little g Gg what does this mean
  37. W

    Australian A grade qualifications

    Hi folks i'm new to this so here we go....... I am about to emigrate to Australia in 12 months time and need to gain Aussie accreditation (A grade status) Does any one know if I can do this in the UK before I leave? Any info on this matter would be gratefully received.
  38. M

    Distribution circuit to Sub Main

    Hi, I need to know what info I should enter on the periodic inspection report in regard to the distribution circuit. The form requests the size of the phase conductor and the cpc". The distribution circuit is a 4 core SWA and the armoring is used as the cpc. What should you enter as the CSA"...
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