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  1. B

    Commercial Wet hands and electricity

    Just came across this on a clients premises in a W/C. Surely this cannot be legal?
  2. L

    Hi, looking for electrical hands on training - I'll make you money via satellite field

    Hello all, thanks for having me on the forum. If anyone requires assistance on site I'm more than happy to help. I want to become fully fledged electrician ideally in the domestic field. Happy to travel, within one hour commute from Derby provided on site training given. I been working in the...
  3. K

    Thinking of sending this to local sparks to get some hands on experience any thoughts

    Dear sir or madam I would like to offer my services on weekends on a voluntary basis to help with the wiring and installation of electrical equipment. I am currently working as a security engineer for an accredited company installing cctv, access control and fire alarms. The purpose of my...
  4. S

    looking to gain hands on electrican experience West Sussex

    Hi my names Stef. looking to gain hands on electrican experience anybody local in West or even East Sussex would like to help me train to be an electrician, either as apprentice style setup, or just casual hands on help. I'm going to be either taking the short course locally part 3, or taking on...
  5. rolyberkin

    Severely Cracked Hands!:-(

    Anyone got any advice re preventing cracked hands (other than man up or wear gloves!) I have been trying OKeefes Cream but this morning they are so bad I can hardly hold a cup!?
  6. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Struggling to get hands on apprentice work..

    Hi guys, Apologise's in advance for the rant but I am at a loss. I've posted on here a fair amount asking for advice and opinions on things. Such as the tools I should get to start in the trade, avenues to go down for work, what the courses which you guys need for the box ticking allowing you...
  7. 7029 dave

    My thumbs are split to hell

    Okay folks, it's this time of year again, my thumbs are cracked and split with the cold weather so painful,even with cut gloves which I wear are not helping, any body else suffer this.?
  8. J

    van insurance

    evening chaps any advise on van insurance for a 23year old that had 2 claims on company van policy and got 3 points on license for mobile phone now trying to get insurance for my own van. I know some people dont declare the claims from companys vans- becuase they think they don't count on...
  9. D

    Pass my Assessment

    Right i'm logging off for the night, drinking some Cider stuff and i dont drink But ive Passed my Assessment with NICEIC, just the guy who checks the Assessment is right next (out of my hands).. been up since 5am for a assessment at 8:30am trying to get ready and nerves only another 12-14mths...
  10. S

    Domestic Cad software

    Hi all I need to put the location of electrical accessories on to a cad format drawing sent to me by my builder. What's the best straight forward and affordable software. Autocad I'm guessing is best but expensive. Pre thanks all
  11. Simon-0116

    conduit cutters

    What type do you use, had a set of one handed silverline, ok lasted 18 months, treated my self to some ck ratched type, cut 20 lengths 20mm and 1 length 25mm trunking, tried some 25mm today wont cut, just bending. Also find them hard to use as need to open with two hands and ratchet mechanism...

    ellison breaker

    just got my hands on an ellison breaker.. pics to come shortly...well, after i`v had my tea..
  13. G

    Looking for work experience in Sussex...

    Hi Guys, I'm currently in my first year of my 2357 qualification and absolutely loving every minute of it!! I'm looking however for a bit of hands-on practical experience. I work full time, but have a relatively flexible working week, so ideally would like to offer an extra pair of hands free of...
  14. P

    method for measuring the voltage drop

    hi, if we need to measure the voltage drop from a main cu to a sub cu in a outbuilding, what method can be used to verify the voltage drop
  15. Top Cat

    Just had a call from an old customer!

    Phone call tonight from an old customer i rewired her house about 10 years ago:- Her, a light bulb blew and now i have no lights upstairs. Me, Yes you will need to flip up the trip in your fuse box. Her, i remember you telling me about that, what am i supposed to do? Me, go to the fuse box and...
  16. M

    switch plate in bathroom

    can i put one in a bathroom 700 mm from the bath? http://niceic.com/Uploads/File1219.pdf
  17. S

    light switches in bathrooms -

    17th says that a lightswitch can be 0.6M from the bath/shower edge as long as it is suitable for its position. - Have any of you heard of anyone getting a shock from a light switch with wet hands?? The Switch is existing and obviously best to fit a pull switch ,- but customer knows not to touch...
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