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  1. infinity

    Desperate for a SolarEdge RS485 kit

    I'm in desperate need of an RS485 Extension kit for. Solaredge inverter.If anyone has one they could sell me or know of anyone it would be massively appreciated! Thanks.
  2. D

    Ebay Prices

    Looking for wood drill bits BOSCH 13 Pce 10mm - 32mm Wood Self Cut Flat/Spade Speed Drill Bit Set,2608587010 | eBay liked the Bosch ones last time and want to replace the ones that GOT LOST on the last job :'( and then i find these bits for £999 and £932.95 so figured put the point in the...
  3. M

    Galaxy 16 plus burglar alarm stuck in walk test mode?

    Hello Any thoughts appreciated on my problem with my Galaxy 16 plus burglar alarm. I recently powered it down, mains and battery, to do some decorating, as part of which I unscrewed 2 pirs, the control panel and the internal alarm box (not sure if this is the right term) to paint behind them...
  4. V

    Inspecting and Testing

    Hey guys, i have started to do some inspecting and testing, i am finding it very interesting although the certification part is a little confusing lol. To help me i have been out and bought GN3 plus the NICEIC guide to inspecting, testing and certification, but there are some parts i am still a...
  5. P

    pvc conduit

    Hi guys :) I would just like to seek some clarification on running multiple circuits in conduit. This is for a domestic installation, installing 2 new circuits, one of which is 6a lighting circuit and the other a 32 a ring main. Both circuits will be run in round pvc conduit which will be...
  6. 6

    Domestic Circuit protection advice

    Hi everyone - I am new to the forum , I'm hoping I have come to the correct place to post! I am not an electrician, I have reasonable electrical understanding and know how circuits like ring/radials work,how consumer units protect the circuit etc but little more..... Recently our drying...
  7. S


    Forsale Wharefdale Pro Programme 105T speakers These are in used but fantastic condition These retail at £150 each I'm selling at £30 each Will sell separately or bin bulk Spec is as follows Stylish, Compact & Discrete Wharfedale Pro Programme 105 / 105T is a foreground/back-ground...
  8. B

    Evolution + 10 Panels

    Have any of the installers on here come across companies offering these panels: Evo+10 · Evolution + 10 The salesman from a rival company claims that although they are 250 watt panels they will generate an extra 10 watts so are really 260 watt ones. And produces an annual projection based on...
  9. M

    110v CTE transformer wiring

    I have 400v 2 phase to 110v CTE 10kvA transformer. It is going to supply 110v sockets in a workshop which will be used for general power tools. I have been told by a colleague that the primary earth should be kept separate from the secondary earth when wiring the new sockets we are fitting as...
  10. S

    Honeywell Programmer

    Hi all got called to a house to day the client whats the programmer moved from the cupboard to a wall outside . But does not wont the optimizer out side he would like a nice new one put up has anyone done this before and how Regards
  11. J

    How do I wire a 3 pin UK mains plug to a fluorescent batten ceiling light fitting

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how I would go about, and what I would need to wire a 3 pin UK mains plug to a fluorescent batten ceiling light fitting. I am putting the light on a stand and will be using it portably plugging it into mains wall sockets. The...
  12. J

    canalis busbar trunking plugs and flying lead lighting need loads..

    Hi, We are looking for plugs to use with a Schneider Canalis KB2 lighting distribution rail. We realise this rail is obsolete but are hoping we can find a stock of these plugs. We do not have the part number. if you have some please contact me on [[email protected]] . i can then...
  13. C

    wiring a aux fusebox to a land rover

    hi guys im hoping to wire in my aux fusebox onto my defender this weekend. i have a fuse box which is capable of 100amp per bank. there are 2 banks. my question is if i was to run a 170amp cable from my battery to my relay then to the 170amp mega fuse then from there carry the cable...
  14. J

    earth is floating to 117v when disconnected at distrution board - help

    hello Ive removed a dozen 'dead' cables from behind trunking, split the lighting earth from the radial earth, verified r1,rn,r2 back to dis-board yet when I pull the earth at the disboard it floats up to 117volts ??? can't believe the 20m of shared conduit run would cause this. just can't...
  15. A

    Value Engineering

    Can anyone help me out with value engineering a job. I have a list of items that have been specified and I am trying to come up with alternative suggestions/ maunfacturers of the items that may be regarded the same in quality but cheaper in cost. Schneider Switch gear/ distribution boards...
  16. M

    Hot Fuse in water heater spur

    Hi guys Just been to a job where they had a 2.75-3kW under sink water heater on a plug and socket. The live in the plug had melted. I changed this arrangement for a switched fused spur treating it as if it was a standard immersion heater making sure all connections are tight as i thought this...
  17. R

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Thought i would share what elecsa said

    After quite few threads ive seen here on whether care-homes is Commercial or Domestic and notifiable or not, i spoke with Elecsa and they advised that work im doing in a care-home WOULD BE notifiable....Reason being that the requirements of Part P states on page 5, The example of Appication: A...
  18. Paul.M

    Computer RFC Testing???

    I'm scratching my on this because I've never done it before. I'm on a new build school wire with quite a few computer RFC's using 2.5 T&E + a 4mm single Earth that we are just pulling in now. When it comes to us testing these circuits, how do I/we record the results? Both the 1.5mm CPC and the...
  19. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC email on publicity campaign

    Just got this email today: http://enews.niceic.com/rp//333/process.clsp?EmailId=112579&Token=28699C6255E955A1BF8A27E74199C0853 Now is the concern here safety, or just marketing?
  20. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Which course for JIB recogniton

    Hi, Have worked as an electrician since 15th edition have my 236 pt1 & 2 just updated to 17th edition have worked on industrial,commercial and domestic .I was looking into applying for a JIB card in the hope this would improve my chances of getting work as getting the 17th hasnt, regardless of...
  21. M

    JIB CARD - how do I get one?

    hello does anybody know how to get a JIB card. I have finished my 2330 level 2 and 3 , 17th edition IEE, Part P, I have CSCS site operative card and I have recently passed my ECS health and safety exam which is essential for a JIB card. the thing is that I have no experience as an electrician in...
  22. E

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC fire dection cert.

    I have just recieved my booklet of test certs for smoke alarms. FHP3. does anyone know how to fill out the part "system grade and system category", what boxes to tick and which ones not to in the "commissioning" section and also which boxes to fill out in the "user instructions" section
  23. C

    Emergency Lighting Testing requirements

    Hi Guys Any information on testing requirements for emergency lighting in an appartment development? Anything unusual outside the normal testing procedures, such as compliance to other Regs or required certificates? Cheers
  24. M

    fuse box upgrade

    Iv recently upgraded a consumer unit in a small terraced house.When I carried out an inspection I found that the sockets I sampled were spurred, the tests i did I.R, ZS, polarity were fine.When i changed the board it appeared there were two ring circuits.I know the 3 step method of proving a...
  25. H

    What's the best 3 Phase Starter to use for a bore hole pump

    Hi all, I currently have a MEM 827 ADS 4KW 415V 3 Phase Starter on my bore hole. It is controlled via the float switch in the reservoir. It has started becoming unreliable and keeps cutting out. Rather than just replace it with the same unit, I was wondering about upgrading it to a newer...
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