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  1. D

    Citroen c4 Grand Picasso Drl’s

    Have a 2012 c4 Grand Picasso and noticed recently that the bright drl’s aren’t working but they work as dimmed side lights, checked configuration menu to make sure they are on which they are selected. Wondered what the problem is, could it be a faulty relay? Or is it something else? thanks in...
  2. N

    Wiring Clarification

    In Germany, but question is for home in UK :) So, been out of this for some time, I am putting in the wiring (approx 12 meters) for a 7Kw (28Amp not allowing for diversity) induction Hob. Every thing seems to indicate 6mm cable, however from the IEE Current ratings table 4E2A, for clipping...
  3. J

    New job wiring new builds, however I've never worked on new builds

    So I'm sick of my current employer and went out searching for a new job last week, the same day that I applied for a job, I was asked by a company to come in for an interview, today I get a call offering me the job. It's for almost double what I earn now, however, a large portion of their work...
  4. andysparkfree

    Nice testing opportunity , however does anyone know the average prices per circuit and sub-main?

    Hi guys, i hope you all good !! i have a quick question , i have to price a testing job to an 8 level office up town and im good at pricing labour for 8 weekends , however a few years ago (maybe 5) i think i was told a rule of thumb was each circuit was to allow £18 and each sub-main was around...
  5. D

    Who uses a tool belt?

    The age old problem of full pockets, never being able to find anything (usually my keys!) constantly being nagged at by the wife for emptying my pockets on the side when I get home leads me to the thought of using a tool belt. My thoughts arr I can take off and leave in the van at the end of...
  6. T

    Help me make sense of the quals'!

    Hi all, I currently hold the 3-year installation NVQ (C&G 2365) as well as the latest 17th Edition certificate, beyond that nothing else. I do not practice domestic electrical work, however I do work in industry. Now, my parents' house is in need of some work, having been quite shocked...
  7. kingeri

    Accessible metal back boxes

    Obviously metal back boxes usually cannot be seen or touched because they are in the wall. Been out today to a lady who has two metal backboxes from sockets in her kitchen which are in a wall made of a single layer of wood with a plasterboard on the kitchen side. The backs of the boxes and...
  8. G


    Hi there, I have run a brand new 50ft HDMI cable which is good quality and has built in booster to run from my main sky box which is in another room from the main TV I use. The cable etc is all ok as I have tested it with DVD player and Sky Q box which I took from a neighbour however when I...
  9. S

    Wireing cable reel

    Can anyone tell me how to wire up the picture I have added
  10. K

    2357 and 2394?

    Hi all, I'm trying to apply for a ECS card with the following qualifications: level 3 2357, BS7671 17th edition, 2395 periodic inspection and testing, AM2. The problem is that it is asking for the 2394 initial inspection and testing, however If i recall correctly then having the 2357 includes...
  11. V

    lighting wiring

    Hello all, When wiring a lighting circuit is it possible to go from the RCD to each switch in the house, then from each switch go to the relevant set of lamps for that particular room?
  12. P

    Dual RCD Problem

    Dear all I have been called out to a customer today as they have been experiencing tripping issues. However sometimes its one rcd then a while later it may be the other and sometimes its both at the same time. I have looked at appliances, e.t.c however they do not cross both circuits. The...
  13. P

    Potential main incoming fuse issue

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I hope someone could help me with the following please I have a family member who lives at a very large property with an indoor swimming pool and hot tub. This however uses a lot of power its an old house so the original main incoming board is still intact...
  14. N

    Led track light transformer or alternative fix

    Hi Guys I fitted four 12V track light kits today that a customer had supplied , they came as a kit i.e 3 heads, track and tranny .I supplied the 5w led bulbs and found out they wouldn't work properly as the tranny needed a minimum of 35w to work , I know silly mistake but the previous JLS ones...
  15. Eco Chap

    Storing Battery Storage Systems safely

    Hi all, apologies if this has been covered before, had a search but didn't come up with anything. Score is were installing a Sunny Island unit next month on a pre existing pv system. I'm happy with the installation as far as the Sunny Island go's and confident SMA service can help out with any...
  16. M

    Help with advice on training

    Good afternoon guys first time poster I started my working life off as I carpenter and done most things along the way, I'm now working in maintenace and have been looking at additional training for the last couple of months. I'm looking at doing a city and guilds course in electrics what's...
  17. S

    Eagit Training Center closing down.

    Hello Guy's Ok, im in a bit of a dilemma and just wondering if anyone could offer me any advice?. Last year i was just taken on as a trainee electrician in the offshore indusrty and given the opportunity to train in a new career. However part of the deal with my employer was to also attend...
  18. A

    Two 32amp outlets on one circuit

    Anybody got any thoughts on this; I've been asked to install a new 16 amp 4 pin 415v industrial socket in a workshop to supply a lathe.....seams like an easy request, however there isnt a single distribution board in the building with a spare single phase, let alone a three phase way left on it...
  19. D

    Earthing and voltage issues

    Hi all Having a strange problem with some testing . Did an installation for somebody and upon testing discovered high Ze . ( 640 ohm ) Not happy with result ( after testing all other earthing conductors to infinite ohm or higher than 640, bonding no doubt), i discovered the earthing...
  20. L

    Use of cpc as a live conductor - EICR Coding

    Fella's I'm just writing up an EICR from last month, one of the findings was a lighting circuit on the non RCD side of the board where the cpc was used as a strapper in 2 way light switching, Ive marked it as C2 for two reasons, one being that there is no longer a cpc in the cable and also that...
  21. S

    Domestic 6.4kw hob circuit

    Customer has himself fitted a new hob of 6.4kw in place of previous gas hob with electric ring x 1 ? Under the hob there was x 2 sfcu both on there own circuits and both run in 1 x 2.5mm t/e. He has connected his hob to one of the sfcu fused at 13a and on a 16a MCB at the board. Using...
  22. L

    Help, Lighting Circuit

    My client has asked for her kitchen lights to be re-wired, im an apprentice which has been made redundant so have my own minimal basic work coming in, however i assume i will have to rewire the whole circuit back to the CU, maybe leaving the drops in for the switches?! My concern is going to be...
  23. D

    Insulation Resistance Testing Problems

    Been to a Job this morning problems with RCD tripping, Global IR came back 0.016, Split circuits down and lighting tested (Including outside tested 0.018) however tested again 0.567 and then 1.03 each time the figure increases until it sits about 1.14. Testing done L&N - cpc and then N-Cpc...
  24. A

    Fluke 111 Multimeter

    Hi folks wonder if you can shed some advice too a newbie. Just started out on apprenticeship, getting tools bit by bit. Just acquired a Fluke 111 multimeter, discontinued now, but setting me up I'm not complaining! Really chuffed. Anyways, should this be calibrated regularly? Readings seem ok...
  25. W

    Domestic Cooker Hood installation

    Hi, I have just purchased a Matrix MEH601 Cooker Hood, I bought it for the purpose of recirculation not ducting. There is already a plug socket for an extractor fan on the wall so the basic electrics are already in place, however I need to replace the current plug socket with a Double Pole...
  26. S


    Hi Chaps What quals does one need to be able to do EICRs? Thanks
  27. D

    wiring up a small single 35watts light from the light switch

    Hello Guys, is there an acceptable safe way to add and wire in a small 35wat light from an existing light switch. I was thinking to put the light in series but however if I do that, wont that light be taking all the amps that are passing through the light switch. at the moment that switch only...
  28. F

    EPC Commercial

    I'm just completing a quote for a roof from 50kwp to 200Kwp options however this is an old unit which is going to be refitted. Therefore I have assumed EPC of D, however wondered if there are any short cuts eg. have a partitioned office with heating controls in with the rest of the unit without...
  29. G

    Help Wiring Honeywell Rf2 Pk3 Controls To Existing System Boiler

    Hi guys & gals, Wonder if anyone can help with my problem Fitted a new honeywell RF2 pack 3 Heating controller with wireless room stat & cylinder stat for my neighbour a few days ago, which replaced a honeywell ST699B programmer. The boiler is a Ideal Mexico Super 2 RS50 which i believe is...
  30. S

    Domestic Garage Power fed via SWA from the back of a 13amp double socket to a DB int he Garage

    I'm hoping some of you guys out there on the forum can perhaps provide the benefit of your experience with the below issue:- Currently working on a job where the garage which is approximately 25 - 30 feet away and adjacent to the house, has its power fed to it via SWA connected off the back of...
  31. S

    2 way and intermediate switching

    Hi all just a quick one, can you have 2 dimmers one at each end on a 2 way and intermediate lighting circuit? Or can you only have one dimmer (2 way) an intermediate switch and a standard 2 way switch? Thanks chris
  32. S

    Really I am 'now required to register on a competent persons scheme' ??

    check this link out Electrical Installation - Burnley College Adult Courses Didn't realise that I had to register LOL
  33. H

    1% AC volt drop

    Hi Guys, I haven't been on here for a while and was just wondering how most people are interpreting the DTI guide 1% voltage drop recommendation nowadays? Is the only way to be 100% sure that inverters will not ever drop out to design to 1%? And when meeting 1% requires enormous cable sizes...
  34. D

    Inverter connnected to garage CU - testing

    Hi, I am doing an install where the inverter is connected to a cable feeding an existing garage CU - we have split the cable and fitted a 2 way CU for the inverter only. Cabling is 6mm which is fine for the inverter supply, however I suspect it may be on the small side for the number of garage...
  35. R

    Supplier's fuse, disconnection time and max Ze

    Have a job where Ze is 0.36 ohms on a TNC-S with 80A BS1361 suppliers fuse. The general rule, as per OSG (page 11), is if Ze is below 0.35 ohms then this is acceptable, but that relates to a 100A fuse (OSG fig 2.1 on page 15 refers). Now I believe that this installation should comply, so have...
  36. D

    DNO or NOT for a 4kw system

    Guys - I am sure this has been answered but I am not clear. I have been advised by two installers that if I have a 4kw system ie 16x250w panels I don't need a DNO providing the inverter is not capable of or is limited to 3.5kw as can be done on the SunnyBoy. He said he installs all systems...
  37. R

    Help on AM2 Papers

    Hi guys, i passed my am2 in september 2009, and with the current state of work, ive put off putting my papers in and getting my electricians card. basically i passed at a bad time which the company i work for was laying people off, and tbh were still really quiet so just havnt put them in. now...
  38. D

    Domestic Nussance tripping rcds

    Hi guys Wonder if you can help cause im baffled got call out to a house that i did some work at in kitchen a few weeks ago as rcd keeps tripping when plugging in the hoover split load 17th cu think it is basics make ring main is on the right hand rcd however it is taking the left hand rcd...
  39. G

    Spur socket in bathroom

    Hi, I have installed a spur socket in my bathroom. The cable is inside the wall. It is fairly installed out of reach of chirldren at 1.80 m and outside zone 2, however it is still not complying with BS7671 as it is not 3m from the outer of zone 1. I think it is safe enough for my own use though...
  40. S

    new to trunking

    ive not long started commercial doing trunking bends etc any1 know any good guides or tips on making them
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