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  1. davesparks

    Self employed income support scheme

    I don't think anyone has posted this yet, there is now an online site to check your eligibility for the self employment support scheme. You need your UTR and NI number then it will tell you if you are eligible, if you are then you go through a form to prove your identity using driving...
  2. Lou

    My income is reducing - will the government pay me anything? (Self-employed or Employed)

    My income is reducing - will the government pay me anything? (Self-employed or Employed) Based on PAYE apparently so, although opinions seem varied and fact-checking isn't easy. Please use this thread to discuss this and help each other out.
  3. Dan

    CheckaTrade | MyBuilder | RatedPeople | TrustaTrader etc - Who's with what and why?

    CheckaTrade | MyBuilder | RatedPeople | TrustaTrader etc - Who's with what and why? Thought I'd start a poll off to see if we can see who's with what type of rate-my-builder website, if at all. And which ones seem to work, and if they do, why etc. I've also put some other options there to see...
  4. Jay 1987


    Hello everybody So I met a guy last night who has just recently completed his nvq3. Fast forward we started speaking about the type of work he likes, whether it be domestic, commercial etc and why? We then moved onto the more interesting topic of wages !!!! To My surprise he revealed that he...
  5. C

    Passive Income- Electrician

    Hi all I'm an apprentice electrician earning what I can to get by. I was wondering if anyone else is in a similar position and what you guys do to bring in a passive income? Cheers
  6. M

    Typical earnings in First Year

    Hi, I am currently employed full time. However i have been self employed before for several years and i used to work as a labourer for 5+ years. I am considering going back to being self employed and on top of my other business in IT, i was thinking of becoming a fully qualified Sparky...
  7. akwoody2

    Is it worth going LTD?

    Evening, Im currently employed working shifts, on my days off i work for myself as a sole trader, roughly 2-3 days a week. Every penny i earn self employed i get taxed 40%. It got me thinking, is it worth going LTD to avoid this? To the people that are LTD whats you experience and what are...
  8. F

    Small Commercial system help

    Good afternoon, We have been asked to install 10 panels on a bike shed in the grounds of a new eco friendly office block. We have only done two domestic systems before and are still newbies. I am unsure about whether the SAP calcs are the same for commercial and is it a G59 even though its only...
  9. B

    No tax on smartphones any more

    Not very electrical, but for all those of you that have been diligently paying income tax on your company's provision of that smart i-phone to you, HMRC has changed its view and they are now considered mobile phones and no longer subject to a tax charge for private use. HM Revenue & Customs...
  10. SolarCity

    Considering leasing industrial unit roof

    We've been approached by a firm that wants free solar panels. We originally told them that we didn't offer this but having taken a quick look at the figures, we're looking at giving it a go. This company has just built a new unit with a trapezoidal roof. There is enough room for a 10kWp...
  11. K

    What Insurance???

    Hi, I am starting up my own business and wanted to consult the oracle about what insurance I need. I know I need public liability but what else? What can I do to cover my income in case of sickness/ accident etc? Cheers for any info. K.:confused:
  12. V

    Book keeping

    Just want some ideas please, do you guys use excel spreadsheets that you made or bought? or some other good software on the market?
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