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  1. U

    Big Increase in Electrical Power for Electric Furnace

    Hello; I have a confounding problem with my electrical power consumption at my cottage north of Toronto. I completely close up the cottage for the winter, only leaving the electric furnace on in the basement, with the basement mounted thermostat set to its lowest setting (ie. about 40 oF)...
  2. C

    How to increase cable length?

    Hi guys, Im very new to this forum so thanks for hearing me out. I have an led light that is waterproof. The issue im having is that the cable is not long enough for its purpose. I needed some help or advice as to how i could find a cable attachment to increase its length.. i have attached pics...
  3. I

    problem increase amps cooling tower

    we have a little problem at the fan cooling tower system,a story is; after complate instaled and start up we setting 18.5 amps in blade angel 20' at 2 month ago and than stop running for 2 month, while start again after two month stop the amps increase till 28.1 amps. the motor to fan conneted...
  4. J

    Increase power consumption on sunny days

    Hello- I have a recent solar panel installation at my home in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Specs: 9.6kWp, 24x 400W panels (Canadian Solar), 8.2kW inverter (Fronius 8.2-1). I have installed a Schneider Electric IEM3255 smart meter which measures power in/out of my house along with the built-in...
  5. Spaniel

    Commercial 3 phase motor control conundrum.

    Hello, a mechanic friend asked me to check his hydraulic vehicle lift controls as it had failed. When I arrived the lift started working again (of course) but with some contactor chattering upon initial start for approx 5 seconds. He was happy it was working again and wanted to get home, I had...
  6. T

    Increasing my work load???

    Evening all Curious as to what you all do to increase your workload i.e. networking groups, agency work/subbing, pay for leads etc? Currently I'm only a year in to going it alone and looking at ways to fill the diary out and increase customer base. Cheers
  7. F

    Electrician Paralleling swa 4 core to increase CCC

    Hello fellow sparks, I have a 400 metre drum of swa xlpe 4 core x 6mm cable I need to install 8 x 230 volt x 45 amp supplies to storage units distance from DB of 40 metres down to 35 metres. I propose to pair up the cores within each cable giving me 8 x runs of 2 core 12mm cable colour sleeved...
  8. E

    PV Panel prices going up soon?

    We've spoken to a wholesaler yesterday who said things were beginning to creep upward now due to the weakness of the £sterling. Are we at the bottom of the curve now? Couls we see another rush into the next tariff cut if coupled with rising prices?
  9. G

    SAP for Solar Tracking Systems

    Ive now been asked for this a couple of times now, and know where and how the kit works. However has anyone done the SAP calc for this setup, or is there just a % increase in production based on a southerly aspect?
  10. J

    volt drop rule of thumb

    Hi Guys, could anyone explain to me the 1.2 volt drop rule of thumb? i understand the 3% for lighting and 5% for other circuits. any help would be welcome studying for 2391. Thanks in advance.
  11. P


    I'm often wondering or being asked how old the wiring is, particularly when it's been disguised with new sockets. There are plenty of clues, but I wasn't in the trade when the changes came about. Here are a few to start. Feel free to add dates for other significant changes. When did main...
  12. A

    Hertz And Volts?

    After Greetings suppose that you have light works on (240 vac and 50 hz) and machine works on (240 vac and 50 hz) I need to know what will happen for each of (light and machine) if 1- the volts increase 2- the volts decrease 3- the hertz increase 4- the hertz decrease Thanks Best regards...
  13. S

    excitation voltage

    When we increase excitation voltage, Gen. terminal voltage also increases. What happens to current at Gen. terminal? Please explain
  14. L

    Are Rcd sales going to increase

    Just wondering, because of the 17th edition, do you think theres going to be an increase of rcd's sales, technology etc? you think its worth putting shares in the rcd company manufactures?
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