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  1. 123

    Centaurplus Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer Instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer - Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer Read more about this resource...
  2. 123

    Eph Programmer T47_installation_instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH Programmer T47_Installation_Instructions - EPH Programmer T47_Installation_Instructions Read more about this resource...
  3. 123

    Eph 3 Channel Programmer T37 Installation Instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH 3 Channel Programmer T37 Installation Instructions - EPH 3 Channel Programmer T37 Installation Instructions Read more about this resource...
  4. 123

    Eph 2 Channel Programmer T27-hw Installation Instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH 2 Channel Programmer T27-HW Installation Instructions - EPH 2 Channel Programmer T27-HW Installation Instructions Read more about this resource...
  5. 123

    Eph 2 Channel Programmer R27-hw Installation Instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: EPH 2 Channel Programmer R27-HW Installation Instructions - EPH 2 Channel Programmer R27-HW Installation Instructions Read more about this resource...
  6. Dan

    Downloads Section For Pdf's And White Goods Instructions Etc Any Good?

    XenForo.com has a really good downloads system, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ that they sell, and perhaps would be handy for us to have, so that we can upload guides and PDF instructions and things for boilers and whatnot perhaps? Do you think it'd be a handy thing to have? And not...
  7. G

    Commercial Manrose wf300 instructions

    As above anyone got a copy of the installer instructions for the300mm window fan ? Trawled the website and Google just keep getting the catalogue page with the specs on it. Cheers
  8. B

    Commercial digital timer instructions for mem at1p

    Hi All, Can anyone help me find a link to .....MEM at1p timer Instructions (how to program same) Many Thanks BFK
  9. driverman

    FC-7671 Functional Calibrator instructions

    hi Guys, I've tried to search on Google. I'm looking for MI for above calibrator. Any one know of a link or a site that I can down load instructions from please. IT and me don't go together!
  10. M

    I just bought robin ir80 and after some instructions how to use

    As title says I bought a robin ir80 and need some instructions for it as looked on net and can't find any. Thanks if anyone can help.
  11. E

    manufacturer's instructions vs common sense!

    Ok I know this is dragged up time and time again regarding the 3a fuse on a fan debate but i had an interesting one today. i am installing a belling 100dft range cooker, the manufacturer's instructions are tight lipped about the actual wattage of the bleeding thing but the info I got was that...
  12. P

    Spa installation instructions

    Hello. Regarding some Spa installation instructions, I can't understand the underlined sentence: Any ideas?
  13. mhar

    701.753 vs manufacturers instructions

    Customer wants underfloor heating in his bathroom and wants to use a B & Q Homelux mat. Downloaded manufacturers instructions and technical data to see if this mat complied with the above reg. As it didn't appear to be in compliance (fibreglass mesh as opposed to earthable metal) I emailed...
  14. M

    3 wire American hot tub with American instructions!

    Hi ive been asked to quote to install a second hand hot tub and it all seemed straight forward at first, the plate on the side said 16A so i done my quote and calculations based on it needing a 16A supply etc. Ive since looked into it and been sent some instructions which the customer thinks...
  15. A

    Unidare heater...instructions required

    I have this Unidare heater but do not have a clue as to how to set the controls...anyone?
  16. Top Cat

    Need an instruction manual for Honeywell T6667D

    Anyone know where i can find one, can't seem to find one anywhere. Cheers.
  17. D

    The MFT1500/2 instruction

    hi chaps, wonder if you could help clarify something for me, i have downloaded instructions just to clarify that my tester will do a 2 lead loop test on high range, im using a megger MFT1502/2, however the instructions i downloaded are The MFT1500/2, i also found a document that said...
  18. N

    Fluke 1652c instructions

    HI guys, I just bought a fluke 1652c and I am looking for some clear instructions on how to use it. Any suggestions where to look on line? Thanks
  19. P

    Could anyone email me fluke 1651 instructions?

    Hi all does anyone have these at all?
  20. N

    Idiotic instructions did make me laugh

    5ft light fitting opened the box , removed end caps ,removed diffuser , removed center contol gear tray found instructions and it read !! Firstly unpack your light fitting ....... Mmmm instructions are in the fitting how can i do that second remove end caps ...........Mmmmm instructions are in...
  21. RWJ

    DIY Wicks CU - Fitting and installation instructions included

    Reading the new Wickes catalogue. I like the two pages on Gas Safe and using a registered installer The electrical section no mention of safety / Part P or anything, altought they do have this little gem on offer. You'll notice the the last line states "Fitting and installation instructions...
  22. S

    Shower instructions!

    Hi All, I have a shower to install for a very difficult customer. When quoted for the job I stated as its only on 6mm cable so she has to get a shower of equal or less kw than the one being replaced. So what does she do? Buys a 9.5kw shower when I pointed out the wording on the quote she...
  23. D

    Megger 1552 instructions say "Rechargeable batteries must not be used"?

    Hi, does anyone know why Megger insist on no rechargeable batteries in their MFT 1552? It explicitly mentions it in the instructions there.. Cheers
  24. A

    Is a drawing register a valid instruction?

    Ok im currently up **** creek without a paddle! Ive been busy on various projects in the meen time we have had a reletively small project running in the background which i havent paid much attention to as the guys i had running it are competent and i trust them.. So after a site visit and a...
  25. D

    Instructions for metrel installtest 61557

    I have just brought a cheap Metrel Installtest 61557 does anyone happen to have some instructions for this unit they can email to me. I can figure out Most of it but there are some things on here I have never seen before. Thanks Dave
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