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  1. D

    Can I add extra lights to intermediate switch?

    I'm trying to add extra lights to my hallway. There is currently 1 light with three switches to control it. The wires from the intermidiate switch run where I want to add the new lights. Am I able to add lights to the circuit from these wires? In my first attempt I cut one of these wires and...
  2. S

    Wiring a 2 way switch to intermediate existing wiring.

    can i wire a 2 way switch to existing intermediate wiring
  3. ETradesmen

    Intermediate switching

    Good evening all, Just a quickie, if I wired a switched live and neutral to an intermediate switch could it still work? 2 way switch - feed and 3 core intermediate switch - 3 core 3 core and switch live and neutral 2 way switch - 3 core I’ve not made a mistake, I’m just a bit curious...
  4. M

    2 Gang (1 x Intermediate 1 x 2 way) Light Switch

    Hi, Sotty if this is a repetative post but I could not find anything similar to my question anywhere on this forum. I need a 2 Gang switch with 1 x Intermediate & 1x 2 Way. I have serached a lot on the internet but had no joy! Can anyone advise where I can find a cheap plastic one, please...
  5. J

    UK Possible connectors - 2 way + intermediate

    Hi all, What options do I have when connecting the common cable in a 2 way + Intermediate light circuit. (Side question - what would this circuit be called in industry?) I'm using 3 core and earth. If I'm not wrong, the black common cable would be connected together (and not in a terminal...
  6. C

    Intermediate switch.

    Ok so, im following on 2nd fixing from someone else who has first fixed a loft conversation. He's no longer with us. At the top of the stairs I have an intermediate SW to go in consisting of 2 X 3 cores (intermediate SW with one 3 core going down stairs and another one down the hall) 2 X...
  7. M

    Intermediate switch to fixed always on

    I have purchased a number of expensive copper dowsing&reynolds light switches which have been fitted by an electrician as part of a refurb project. I am not proposing to do this myself, but as previous advice on the forum has been very useful, so would like to know if this is possible before...
  8. D

    2 Way switching & intermediate, old to new switches

    The house renovation is almost done but some of the original 1980's switched have remained and I wanted to swap them out for the MK ones in the new parts of the house. Simple job eh? So I bought some 2 way switches for the hall (4 switches control the same set of lights); for the snug (2...
  9. S

    Replacing 2 gang light switch - has 1 Intermediate module

    Hello - thanks for opening my post :-) I'm asking for help with finding what and where to buy a replacement light switch / or just the module This light switch controls 2 hallway lights downstairs and 1 light on the upstairs landing. The problem currently is that the 2 light downstairs are not...
  10. S

    intermediate switching

    planning on having some two way switching put in but controlled from four places so will need to have intermediate switches I'm planning on controlling six rooms from different places inside a house so can turn downstairs room lights on from upstairs so not only two way switches but intermediate...
  11. T

    Domestic Intermediate Light Switch Wiring - L1, L2, L3, L4 vs. L1, L1, L2, L2

    Hi all, New to the forum. Been around a little while viewing and can usually find the answers I need, but not on this occasion. Currently have an intermediate switch on the top of the landing and after decorating have purchased a new switch, though the terminals are labelled different. Could...
  12. F

    Help with installing 3 way switch to control lights on three separate floors

    First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Faysal and I reside in East London. By profession I am a Operation Manager within the NHS but have a patient to do home electrical DIY project. I picked up basic electrical skills from a young age, tagging along my uncle who was a...
  13. A

    Three Way with Intermediate and Three Wire

    Hi, I'm new here, and really hope for advice... Could anyone kindly put me in right direction. How do I go about connecting the second switch on landing, or what have I done wrong so far (attached image)? Whatever is connected now works a treat. Thanks for your time :)
  14. P

    Intermediate advice!

    Need a bit of help please. Wired a 2 way from upstairs to downstairs then customer wanted a 2 way to side of the bed, obviously didn't think it through enough! At the minute i've got mains and switch wire at top of stairs for downlighters and a three core going downstairs and one going to the...
  15. the pict

    2 way & intermediate pir is there such a beast

    Usual thing, long hotel hall lights left on all day and night so control solution needed, is there products I can swap over from standard 2 way and inter switching, ceiling mounted preferred, I have had a trawl but cant see any at does not require a load of farkling around P
  16. C

    Intermediate switch first in 3 way?

    So.. we've dropped a clanger. 3 way switching for large Hallway. Switch wire drops to 1 gang switch(2way), then 3-core to 4-gang switch, then 3-core to 1-gang(2way). This means our 2nd switch isn't an intermediate - but a 2-way. (Not aware of anyone who makes a 4-gang switch with an...
  17. D

    Intermediate switch wiring

    Hi. I am trying to replace a 2 gang intermediate light switch. The switch I have currently has the following connections. Top: L1 and L1 on the left, Common on the right. Bottom: L2 and L2 on the left, L1 and L2 on the right. My new switch has the following. Top: L1 and L1 on the left with the...
  18. R

    Intermediate circuit problem

    Hi. I have looked on the forum for a solution to my problem, but can't find anything. Apologies if it has been raised before. I have a circuit with 2 two switches and 1 intermediate., which supplies 4 lamps with LED bulbs. I did the installation myself when building the house and my...
  19. A

    Newbie needing advice

    Hi all, I have just moved into a house and changed a socket to a new one with USB slots so now I'm quite proud of myself. There is a light switch (2 gang 2 way - I think) one Light switch controls upstairs hall and the other switch controls downstairs hall - upstairs and downstairs are both...
  20. M

    Am2 mondaymonday

    Evening all!! Am2 monday, only issue i now have is the lighting (two way + intermediate) with carrying the neutral throughout the switchs then upto the light from the last switch...?? Feed to switch .. live into common blocking the neutral.. 3 core and earth from first switch to intermediate...
  21. J

    2way switiching- into intermediate

    Evening Evening! currently have a situation where I have: switch on loft landing (2way) switch on 1st floor landing (2way) which turn some down lights on/off on 1st floor -SL from the lights is at switch on 1st floor........and 3core from here to loft lanidng now customer ALSO wants a 3rd...
  22. B

    Electrical switch help

    Hi, I have just bought a number of electrical switches for my hall way. All seem straightforward to change over apart from one. It is a single switch in a hallway there are two other switches that control the same lights but their wiring seems straightforward. The switch I want to replace has 4...
  23. S

    Intermediate wiring with Trendi Switch

    The Mrs has picked Trendi Switch as her choice for all our sockets and switches throughout the house. Everything OK on most parts except for when it comes to 3 way lighting circuits. Opened up one of there intermediate switches and it didn't look right, also there was no technical information in...
  24. A

    Multi-Gang Intermediate Switches

    I need to convert a landing light so that it can be switched from four locations (from the current two), so I'll need some intermediate switches. However, the new locations already have switches for other lights so that means that multi-gang switches will ideally be needed. I will definitely...
  25. S

    3 way lighting circuit question

    I'm trying to sort out some 3 way lighting in a newish build property. The intermediate switch was broken which I replaced. The lights didn't work properly. I noticed the common cable was linked to the neutrals in the box so I endeavoured to rewire everything as someone had obviously had a go...
  26. D

    Domestic Light switch change advice

    Hi, I'm currently updating some light switches, I all one gang switches, two of which are two way, and the third is a one way switch. i have purchased some one gang intermediate switches, am I ok using these? As they are different to the switches I have at present..... The ones I have now have...
  27. happyhippydad

    What was the fault??

    I have been fault finding today. The problem was fairly common. 3 switches (on different landings) switching one light, so 2 2way switches and an intermediate. The problem was that sometimes each of the switches worked and sometimes they didn't, so sometimes you have to go back upstairs and...
  28. H

    3 Way Switching

    Is there anyway to install 3 way switching with out an intermediate switch? I personally think it is required but if anyone knows different let me know. Thanks Matt
  29. U

    Using 3x 2way instead of intermediate switch

    I could do with keeping the range of switches the same.. Screwless flat plate toggle switch but can't find a 2gang intermediate toggle. An ebay seller (291055653971) has a diagram configured with 2way only but I cant see how! Alternatively if anyone knows a range that has a 2g intermediate in...
  30. E

    2way switching and intermediate conundrum

    Good evening all im in a bit of a pickle. I've wired 2way switching that controls 4 sets of lights from 4 different points. Basically 4g switch on each floor. ive some how really confused myself. I'm having to change some of the modules as intermediate works out in different location for one...
  31. H

    Intermediate switch problem - Please Help!!!

    Hi Guys, I have just been in a house that is experiencing problems with a hall/landing light and the 5 (yes 5!!!) switches that control it. So here's the layout: There is a 3 gang dimmer on the ground floor with one gang for the light in question 3 intermediate switches on the landing...
  32. B

    Intermediate switching.

    I know I should be able to work this one out but my head is hurting ... Currently there's a two-way switch in operation at each end of a hall. Customer wants to be able to switch from upstairs as well, but cable run-wise it's much easier to run to upstairs from the switch which is currently...
  33. M

    Intermediate switching

    I have recently wired a light with intermediate switching. when I turn on the light at one switch its fine, but when I operate the next switch it goes off! Then if I go and operate the next switch it comes on! But then if I go back to the first switch and operate that one the light goes off...
  34. J

    Domestic 3 gang switch options

    Hi, I'm wiring a 3 way lighting circuit along side 2 x 2 ways. I need a 3 gang switch that contains 2 x 2 way switches and 1 intermediate to suit all circuits and look like all my other light switches. Does anyone have any experience if switches of this type are freely available? Can I pick...
  35. A

    Domestic Dimmer question....

    Got a job where customer wants a dimmer switch fitted to 2 circuits both containing 5x wall lights with 2x40W halogen G9 bulbs in each. The easiest switch to replace is a single gang however it is the intermediate switch, can you get such a dimmer with the correct wattage?
  36. D

    two way switching in three places

    i have a cosmetic problem that i am looking for an answer for. got a bedroom that has 2 way and intermediate switching in place at the main switch is the three core and the live and switched live at switch 3 there is the other end of the three core and also bedside light switch, which is 1 way...
  37. R

    more intermediate switch head scratching

    Been spending my time trying to sort out a intermediate switching problem at a customers house. The problem i have is that the intermediate is wired what i what i thought was correctly but the switchs only work if you change the postion of the intermediate switch to then operate the 2ways...
  38. R

    intermediate switch

    Hello there, been to a job today where the customer has a fault with an intermediate switch. Instead of being an inter switch it looks like it has been wired incorrectly with the intermediate switch acting as a two way for the other two switches. Also at the intermediate switch the feed for the...
  39. S

    Two-way lighting x4 switches

    Hi, I'd like to pick some brains, I'm quite new to domestic installs and basically doing my first full re-wire;-) I have an upstairs light and downstairs light, the customer wants a single switch at the end of the hall upstairs to control up light, a two-gang at the top of the stairs to control...
  40. S

    Lighting circuit junction

    Hi there Downstairs hall lights have no way of being turned off from upstairs i want to insert intermediate switch upstairs into the circuit, unfortunately walls have just been decorated and have got the floorboards up and found the wiring but cannot pull the cable up the wall, seems to be...
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