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  1. N

    Trimble fast test - new laptop

    Hi there, I've got trimble fast test and looks like my laptop is starting to make that decline to the kaput stage of its life. Seeing as I've time on my hands I was going to buy a new laptop and transfer all my info over before it lies down on me completely. Do any of you know would I need...
  2. D

    What happen to laptop if run in AC current instead of DC and what are the effects

    Im just asking for curiosity,what happen if plug 240VAC directly to laptop charger port without DC adapter. What are the effect for laptop if plug in 240VAC into laptop???
  3. LazyTrucker

    12 volt laptop charger query

    Firstly I'm new here so forgive me if this is in the wrong place or a stupid query, I'm no electrician by any stretch. I'm looking at buying a charger to charge my laptop my truck whilst engine is running mostly. I'd rather not go down the inverter route if possible due to employers concerns...
  4. I

    Combining two laptop chargers?

    Okey, first of all- I know nothing. A fuse blew today and I think it’s after that my laptop charger broke somehow. I assume it’s beyond repair and I’m kind of desperate. now, I have an old laptop charger, which of course doesn’t fit in the hole in the new laptop. My question is if I can strip...
  5. M

    Domestic mild tingling in certain scenarios

    Maybe I can pick the brains of some of you who actually understand electrical stuff - this is over my head and I am keen to identify the problem asap. I initially thought I'd identified a problem with my guitar amp. Last night, when plugged in and playing through the amp connected to the mains...
  6. T

    Laptop charges off 12v battery/inverter when full, stops after a while

    Hey so I have a 300W inverter and a 24ah 12v battery. This works to run and charge my laptop for a couple of hours, however after a while the laptop stops charging but I can still charge my phone off the USB that the inverter comes with. Can someone explain why this might happen, does the...
  7. O

    Got a new laptop with Outlook 2010 - want to sync calender with iphone...

    Ok all I've got a new laptop with Outlook 2010 - want to sync calender with my iphone but I don't want to use itunes... I have been using an app called sync 2 which is a hang over from my Android phone which syncs between outlook 2007 and the google calender which is OK but not 100% reliable...
  8. C

    18th coming & it's set to go back in time,more bonding & ridiculous ruling.

    its coming & it's set to go back in time,more bonding & ridiculous ruling.
  9. dansk

    Laptop at Argos

    Seen this today - cant buy local maybe online - seems good. Buy Toshiba Satellite W30D 13.3 Inch Touch Detachable Laptop at - Your Online Shop for Laptops and netbooks. -
  10. K

    Charging Dell laptop from 12V cigarette socket

    I wanna charge a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop from the cigarette socket (12V), and have now tried two Vanson laptop adapters (SDR-100W and SDR-120W). Both deliver a weak beeping and does not charge the laptop battery. According to the regular power adapter the Laptop need 19.5V and 4.62A. On the...
  11. T

    Metrel Eurolink Pro Software - Anyone have any idea how to use it?

    Alreet Chaps. As always everything has happened at once, my NICEIC inspection date has finally come through after being messed around for months and then my MFT has blown up. My spare MFT has no calibration cert so i have bitten the bullet and been and purchased a new MFT.. A Metrel MI 3125...
  12. D

    RCD Tripping

    Hello, I understand there are other topic with similar problems but I thought I would start a topic with my specific problem. The RCD in our fuse box trips random when a laptop is plugged in and the switch is turned on even before the laptop is turned on, this only happens randomly and not...
  13. N

    Flickering LEDs when i use my laptop HELP!

    Hi there, i have a problem where I can't use my laptop on my 12v system even though my (probably terrible) maths says it should work fine. Ill give you the specs first 290 w Solar Panel PWM charge Controller 110 AH Leisure battery CCA 800 Laptop = Macbook pro, DC power supply is 11.6 - 16 v @...
  14. linuxthefish

    Domestic Inline switch on laptop charger?

    I've picked up a 6 amp inline switch today, the type that is used on lamps. MLA 1250 - 6 Amp Inline Double Pole Lamp Switch - Pack of 20: DIY & Tools Can I use this switch on a laptop charger plugged into an awkward socket to switch it off when the laptop is not being used? It...
  15. J

    tools robbed in London

    Hi guys Just a quick 1, my van got broken into the other night in northolt in London at half past 7 at night. They have got all my tools aswell as the company's drills testers etc By the off chance if anybody local has been offered any Milwaukee tools can you please contact me. This is my...
  16. D

    good old Facebook

    you can trust Facebook for a quality answer!
  17. N

    A little question about RCD...

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem that I've been having recently. In my new flat, whenever I plug my laptop in, the electric trips. I then have to go to the RCD and switch it back on, but the problem remains whenever I plug in my lap top. My question is, seeing...
  18. C

    Solar requirements for my laptop

    Hey! from the wet forest of the xgreek, now arvanitiko, state of markopoulo of attika. here is a critical, very important problem we must solve, for me... and for the common good... A single... typical laptop of 17''... how big fotovoltaic system needs... to be able to work... 24 hoers...
  19. Paul.M

    4000 posts from a phone, how sad am I?

    Yep ive managed 4000 posts on this forum by just using an HTC Desire mobile phone! Its taken 2 years and a lot of patients to write my replies and all those picture threads that ive done (may have to do another one soon) but i have proven to myself that I am a sad sparky edicted to this forum...
  20. E

    What watt socket do i need??

    Hi, I thought I knew a little about amps, volts and watts, but I don't! So I'm hoping someone can help. I need to hire sockets for an exhibition and I'm stumped with what I need. The options are a 500w socket, a 1kw or a 3kw. I will be plugging in 4 floor lamps, a small projector and a laptop...
  21. K

    How to charge Dell laptop from 12V cigarette socket

    I wanna charge a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop from the cigarette socket (12V), and have now tried two Vanson laptop adapters (SDR-100W and SDR-120W). Both deliver a weak beeping and does not charge the laptop battery. According to the regular power adapter the Laptop need 19.5V and 4.62A...
  22. F

    Apple certification software

    Hi people, What software are people using on Apple Macbook pro to complete installation test certificates? I need to put a logo on the certificate if possible. Thanks
  23. C

    Commercial Megger 1730 and bluetooth dongle

    Am looking to upgrade my 1552 Megger to the 1730 but my laptop doesn't have blue tooth. Can anyone suggest a good blue tooth dongle that will enable the Megger to transfer data quickly and efficiently to my laptop.
  24. L

    What is this tip called?

    Does anyone recognize this DC power tip? I want to buy a female version and some cable to make a short extension / adaptor. (Its for a laptop)
  25. S

    Password locked netbook

    Hi guys Need your help again My daughter has a Samsung Netbook on Windows 7. This morning she has tried to get on her netbook but it asking for a password. Never asked for this before & "she hasnt changed the security settings". I can get into a reset mode but no matter what option I choose it...
  26. S

    MFT 1730 with software

    Hi Guys/Gals Is anybody out there using the MFT1730 with software, I have just bought one and am awaiting delivery. I use a Macbook and have been told that it will work if I run windows for Mac.... Is anyone else running the software this way? Also comments/tips on meter and software...
  27. P

    Testing Laptop PSU

    Hi Guy's, can someone clarify the tests that are required on the PSU for laptops, and indeed any other device which has an adaptor. Cheers.
  28. S

    Elesca assessment non compliance help

    Hi All, I have my second elecsa assessment in two days and im briking it as usual! I have two problems. 1. I have lost 3 electrical installation certs out of the 11 jobs ive submitted, computer errors and bad backups caused me to loose them. I have contacted the customers to get thier copy...
  29. F

    RCD on TT system

    I isolated a lighting circuit, confirmed and locked off. Went to fixture, rechecked for any voltages using a combined clamp meter, looked good carried out removal. Prior to this, customer upstairs working on laptop was warned I was working on the lighting circuit, but should not effect her...
  30. S

    Acer Aspire 5100 Power Cable

    Hi I have an acer aspire 5100 laptop, the cable for me is broke, on the end that plugs into the laptop there is a small cyclinder thing where the wire goes into one end and comes out the other onto about 3cm of wire and then onto the adapter that goes into the laptop. The wire has been dodgy for...
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