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  1. BulkWorkwear

    Pick Of The Week - Padded Bodywarmer

    Pick Of The Week – JBC Collection® Corduroy Padded Body Warmer RRP £29.99 OUR PRICE £20.48!! Multi Pocket Bodywarmer Gilet Engineered to The Highest Standards Ideal for Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Military, Photography, Work & Country wear Ideal for All Seasons Made from Quality Soft...
  2. BulkWorkwear

    Pick Of The Week - Snapback Caps

    Pick Of The Week – Result Flat Peak Snapback Baseball Cap RRP £7.99 OUR PRICE £2.98!! Result Original Adjustable Fashion Snapback Cap Great solid colour collection Exceptional value Hardwearing Embroidered Logo Application Available Bulkworkwear Offers A Great Value, High Quality...
  3. J

    Need help deciding on new logo!

    Hi everyone, I have had new logos designed and unsure what to go with, so i would appreciate it if everyone can give me there opinion on what they think is best either the logos on the left or the right. thanks
  4. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic logo

    hi all, is anyone out there niceic DI only but uses the logo without the "domestic installer" written underneath. I would like to register to sign off my domestic stuff legally but dont really want to give the impression that I'm only a DI (as I'm qualified in both domestic and commercial...
  5. BulkWorkwear

    New Year Deals @ Bulkworkwear

    Wishing you all a fantastic New Year from Be sure to keep an eye on our Deals page this New Year. We've got some fab deals up for grabs! Print & embroidery options available (Company logo or any text of your choice) Happy New Year!
  6. BulkWorkwear

    Intro - - Workwear Print & Embroidery

    Hi Guys! We're a new sponsor on the Forum. We are a UK based online safety workwear supplier. We offer Brand Identity Application on Workwear & much more. This includes Print & Embroidery at a fractional cost compared to our competitors. We take pride in providing high quality safety...
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