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    Is the strength of a magnetic field directly proportional to voltage?

    I understand current is, however is voltage? As if you increase voltage the current must increase(unless resistance does). However does this mean voltage is 'directly' proportional to magnetic field strength?
  2. B

    Accenta Gen4 - Magnetic Contacts Repeat Failure.

    Something I have found nobody has experienced before, just me unfortunately, but I thought I'd try you guys for one last fault finding. Thank you in advance. Over some years I have had to keep replacing the magnetic contacts on my outbuilding where I have the Accenta Gen4 system setup. Issue...
  3. A

    Veritas R8 Pre 2000 Magnetic contact problems

    Hi all, I've just replaced the keypad on a veritas r8 pre-2000 system as the old keypad had few worn buttons which weren't working correctly. The new keypad seems to be working fine yet at the same time I also replaced the magnetic contact on our front door as it was very hit and miss, think it...
  4. D

    Draper VDE Torque screwdriver bit

    Hello fellow electricians I was wondering if any of you have seen a VDE bit that allows different screwdriver heads to be placed in the end (If that makes any sense to you) I dont really want to keep buying different type heads when I can just swap them out from my little socket set many thanks.
  5. M

    3 core t+e giving 45 volts when off

    I have a 3 core t+e on a 2 way switch and when it is turned off there is still 45 volts at the light. I have stripped this down to a 1 way switch and the voltage disappears. I then meggered the 3 core and it is clear. There is continuity through the conductors and no obvious fault with the...
  6. E


    Any body with knowlege onSDMO 400 KW gen sets wanting to talk abou it? I am having a litle problem with the speed acquisition device into one of these!
  7. H

    The procedure for setting the thermal and magnetic overload on an MCCB?(Coursework)

    Hi there I'm Carlos. I'm new to this forum and I really hope I'm posting in the correct section for this question, but I really couldn't find any other section nor could I find anything when I searched for it. My question is in the title really. I've looked almost everywhere and have come to...
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    Magnetic keyfob switches....

    Been trying to locate a manufacturer and/or supplier of magnetic key fob switches, but can't seem to find anything i'm looking for. The scenario is this, ..I have a rental 2 bed villa on a complex in Cyprus, that i rent out to holiday makers during the season. The couple looking after it and...
  9. B

    96v 2000w turbine Question?

    Could someone please tell me if a 2kv permanent magnet turbine with no load should spin freely or should you feel a type of mgnetic pulse when you spin it by hand? Cheers
  10. D

    switching ballasts

    can someone clear this up for me? is switching electronic ballasts more severe on contacts than switching magnetic? and also according to this spec Steinel it can switch 8 electronic ballasts max or 500watt of standard(low-frequency with cap) fluorescent lighting do i have that right ?for...
  11. C

    AC Breaker for DC application?

    Hi all, I would just like to know if a 110V AC circuit breaker can be applied to 48V DC applications, for the same tripping current? The said breaker would be used for a dummy load for battery testing. Thanks.
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