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  1. M

    Newly registered here - mainly for soaking up info & learning!

    Just registered - mainly here for soaking up info & learning. Happy to help others if I can, but I'm no sparky, so probably unlikely :( Will help if I can though. Mainly here for solar motorhome chat, as currently mid-way through a van conversion. Cheers :)
  2. Charlie_

    Today’s job mainly consists of...

    Fibre optic lighting above a bed to replicate a starry night :)
  3. O

    VW Transporters (mainly 2017) and mainly MOLL batteries

    Mine is in dock waiting for VW to conjure up a new battery - they say this is an isolated event ............ but various sources on the internet suggest otherwise. If you have one of these vans - make sure you are carrying your jump leads Not having the van for 3 days has cause me havoc with...
  4. Pete999

    Mainly for the more aged Forum Members

    Been reminiscing through the Red wine mist, and it took me back to October 1962, for the younger Members, the Cuban Missile Crisis (I urge you to watch "13 Days" Kevin Costner film). It was a time when the West nearly came to blows with the Soviet Bloc using Nuclear Missiles, or Armageddon as...
  5. EbolaSideRoom

    Hello all. I'm new here.

    Self employed sole trader undertaking mainly domestic work. Just thought I'd stick my head above the parapet....
  6. A

    What's your line of work and do you enjoy it?

    So my thinking for this post is that hopefully I will be time served at the end of the year and wondering where I want to take my career. I'd like to hear from everyone; house bashers, industrial, commercial, offshore, maintenance sparks(shout if I forgot you) and what a typical day is for you...
  7. A

    CompEX / Rig Work

    Hello all, I am new to all of this, signed up today due to lack of work in the areas im trying to break into. As an apprentice I served my time at a company called industrial electrical services. In this time I carried out mainly heavy industrial installations. After leaving college, I paid...
  8. G

    240v Power tools

    Hi all, still an electrical student so not working at the moment. was advised to start building my own toolbox so am doing this bit by bit. as far as power tools go, going mainly cordless but wondered what to choose for some corded power tools? 240v or 110v? I understand site work is mainly 110v...
  9. M

    Help on furthering my PLC knowledge.

    Hi, I am currently an electrician working within the food manafacturing industry. I have a basic understanding of a few PLC's and various software used to view information on these. I'm looking to further my knowledge and understanding of PLC's with the hope of moving from just simple maintance...
  10. P

    what`s your job

    as the title what`s your main job
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