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  1. Midwest

    Mixing Manufacturers fire alarm devices

    At my place of work, some of the properties have D2 smoke & heat detectors. They link into a warden call system via relay base. We need to replace one of these bases, as it’s faulty. This particular alarm manufacturer has discontinued their relays. I found out that some of these bases were...
  2. Pete999

    NHS PPE why can't PPE manufacturers help

    Just been watching a news flash regarding the lack of sufficient PPE for the under pressure NHS staff, is it petty Red Tape causing the hold up, do we need someone like Thatcher to kick some butts, remember the Falklands? Thoughts on the situation would be interesting, masks for example the...
  3. K

    Are oven manufacturers lying to us?

    So there’s a hotpoint oven hae60ks.... The manual states its10.7 kw....divided that by 240 is 45amps. The manual also states is must be installed with a 6mm cable connected to a 32amp breaker. Some people online are saying a 6mm cable is max rated at 32amp But i read that clipped direct it’s...
  4. Charlie_

    Examples of dubious manufacturers’ instructions

    Astro lighting
  5. garaoke

    Fusing of fans to comply with manufacturers recommended instructions

    Manufacturers want there fans fused to 3a on the permanent feed but the switch wire is still on the 6a MCB doing an eicr is a c2 if there is no RCD protection
  6. E

    Class A RCBOs - list of manufacturers

    I'd find a list of manufacturers who are currently producing single module class A RCBOs (and perhaps class A RCDs) quite useful. To my knowledge so far there are: Hager Doepke Schneider Does anyone know of any others?
  7. S

    Double ovens and manufacturers instructions

    New kitchen install Integrated Double oven unit Integrated single oven unit Next to each other Existing circuit 6mm 32A mcb New double oven manufacturers instruction 40A fuse hard wired New single oven manufacturers instruction 16A fuse hard wired Existing cable too short for new isolator...
  8. jonnyb

    PIR manufacturers parallel etc etc etc

    Anyone currently able to tell me which pir sensors are able to be wired in parallel and which aren't ( usual factors and suppliers) as I need to have two controlling one light and don't want to have to return them and get alternatives.
  9. Adie moore

    do manufacturers apply diversity on their product info lables

    woh, long title, sorry. I ask because I have never clamped a cooker circuit before. I did yesterday, hob was labeled 6ka and when all 4 rings were on full, from cold, it pulled 31a for a good 5 minutes till the thermostats started kicking in. all well within the constraints of cable, but not...
  10. P

    Heating on ring main against regs?

    Had a call from a landlord today they said they had had a new boiler fitted and the installer said the heating was taken off the ring main and was against regulations. Maybe not ideal but can't see as it is against regs.Anyone know if it's a oil or gas regulation. Cheers
  11. T

    EU's doing away with 3phase Pumps and motors

    This is starting to get right on my !! Now. Needed a few pumps in the last few months, which wasn't the easiest of jobs getting like for like. But now I can't get them or any for that. All the pump and motor manufacturers are only supplying single phase motors wdf. Some ass in the EU/ G12 or...
  12. J

    240v Fan in zone 1

    Hi folks new to this but have a question . What are the circumstances that have to be met to fit a 240v fan in zone 1 . I have read that it's acceptable if the fan is ipx4 rated and is on a rcd. I've read that if the manufacturer states the fan is suitable for zone 1 and rcd protected then it is...
  13. G

    Eicr coding

    Doing a test the other day and found a couple of metal light switches no earth to faceplate just to back box but both lugs were fixed. What code do you reckon I'm saying 3 but it's a 2 minute job anyway to rectify. Can't recall seeing it before though Cheers
  14. Midwest

    'Whats this mean on a rcd test' Where's the thread gone?

    Ditto above, is it jut me, I can't seem to find this thread anymore. An email link says I 'do not have permission' to access this page?
  15. F

    480VAC MCB & RCD required

    I'm doing some electrical work for a firm that is building some equipment to be installed for a client in Canada. The minimum rating of the 3 phase MCB's and RCD's need to be minimum 480 VAC Any names of manufacturers that provide MCB's or RCD's to operate to 480 VAC would be much appreciated...
  16. S

    Using AC isolator for low DC voltage?

    Can I use an AC isolator for 80voc /< 8amp DC off a pair of PV modules? Shouldn't be any real arcing at this voltage or am I wrong?
  17. mhar

    701.753 vs manufacturers instructions

    Customer wants underfloor heating in his bathroom and wants to use a B & Q Homelux mat. Downloaded manufacturers instructions and technical data to see if this mat complied with the above reg. As it didn't appear to be in compliance (fibreglass mesh as opposed to earthable metal) I emailed...
  18. G

    Cooker Installation

    Hi, I've recently bought a dual fuel cooker which requires hardwiring. The user manual states that it needs to be connected to a double pole control unit with a minimum rating of 32A. However, i've just had an electrician round who, after looking in the manual, said that the oven only needs 8A...
  19. P

    solar course

    Hi, looking for some info on solar courses, mate is intrested in getting into this, has no real electrical experience (auto spark). Asked if i knew what was best but i dont have a clue, any ideas what courses or qualification are reqd. Thanks in advance
  20. M

    discussion: why impose an anti-dumping tax on China's solar products

    hi, everyone. this is mechiel, a working staff in a Chinese solar company. I am quite confused with european and american motive of imposing an anti-dumping campaign. Is that really helpful to this industry of theri own? For those who knows little about China, they keep distorting China's image...
  21. D

    changing over shower

    Have a customer who wants to swap the broken shower for a direct replacement same make load etc is this ok to change if there is no rcd or should I tell them that this must be fitted.
  22. kingeri

    EICR - estimating dates of alterations and additions

    I find it relatively easy to judge the age of additions and alterations to installations with some degree of accuracy (I think). One useful clue can be the date stamp or sticker on accessories and MCBs etc.. My problem is I don't know how to read most of them. Is there a method I am unaware...
  23. M

    Height of shower over bath

    Hello everyone Need a bit of advise I have been asked to install a bath in a room that was previously a wet room for a disabled person. Now as per usual the customers don't want to spend a lot of money. At the moment there is an electric shower installed at a height of approximately 750mm to...
  24. Michaelp

    Mcb or Rcd Must be all from the same manufacturer

    Sometimes a panel have many types and names of mcb and rcd.Like hager,abb,legrand etc. Is this true, That all mcb and rcd on a panel must be from the same manufacturer? If yes then why is that?
  25. La Poste

    Favourite RCBO

    Do you have one? I mean is it best to buy the cheapest in town or does the quality vary? I am due to buy one but am not sure which to get. I am not an expert in this field so does anyone have a favourite brand? Tanks a million.
  26. M

    Flex and cooker circuits

    Do cookers need to be connected with heat resistant flex and if so can you tell me where the reg is. Have been arguing with a collegue about this. Thanks
  27. Marvo

    Please help, operators manual desparately needed

    I would be very grateful if some kind soul could point me in the direction of a user/operator manual for a three phase CT metering device; Elster A1120 LINK I've scoured the web as well as requested one from the Russian manufacturers but alas no luck as yet :( I can only find a glossy brochure...
  28. O

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Annual Visit

    Yes, its that time of year again, got my library, certificates, calibration certificate, insurance, paperwork in order. Got a site where I did recently finished a total rewire available for site visit. Got tea/coffee & bickies ready. Any suggestions for what they are asking this year?
  29. G

    shower question, replacing like for like.

    Hi, could anyone answer a couple of questions for me; Is a like for like shower replacement (same wattage) Notifiable? I have read that it is a minor works? I think it says in approved doc p that its not notifiable?? Also, if I put a shower in on a like for like basis, given that the original...
  30. S

    RCBO/CU Problem

    Went to change mcbs to rcbo's in a wylex board that's used for total control heating. Then I hit a problem as some off the rcbo's don't fit as the neutral bar is in the way! Instead of the main neutral feed to the bar being cable it was one of those copper pre made ones so can't move it up...
  31. V

    Another RCD question

    Hi Can anyone tell me if any make of RCD will fit any make of C/U Is it o.k mix different makes. Thanks chris .
  32. T

    3 amp fuse and extractor fan

    Hello - I inadvertently wired a bathroom timed extractor fan without fitting the 3 amp spur - there is a 3 pole etc. the bathroom circuit comes off the lighting circuit for that floor so I can't change the mcb to a 3 amp. the bathroom has been boarded and plastered to a nice high standard, it...
  33. E

    ZS for a 5amp BS 1362 fuse

    Wht's the max permitted Zs when usins a 5amp 1362 fuse, I can only find ref for 3a & 13a in tables
  34. S

    RCD's -replacing with different manufacurers

    Got to fit an RCD to a NEWLEC CCU. - Want to fit a CTI one as its cheap. Are RCD's generally the same packaging especially the connection to the bus bar. -I used to swap about with Mcb suppliers and had the odd fitting problem but usually I fit a complete CCU rather than upgrade them.
  35. 1

    crab tree cu with merlin breaker?

    I friend of mine just phoned me to tell me that his lighting in his shop keeps tripping, after a few qustions i concluded he had a faulty fitting but in my questioning i asked him to look at his cu and he told me that his last breaker in his crabtree unit was a merlin one - i was just wondering...
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