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  1. davesparks

    Spot the mistake

    The water clowns have been at it again, and it gave me a good laugh so I thought I'd share it. They've installed a new waste pipe for the condensate from the new boiler in the loft. The problem isn't immediately obvious but if you look close enough there is a clue. If nobody gets it I'll...
  2. Pete999

    KA 007 The Korean Airliner shot down by mistake by the USSR

    Sorry to bring this up, but have any Members been scared beyond belief whilst flying Scheduled routes? When I was posted to Moscow in 1984, imagine my surprise when approaching Soviet airspace, to be told by Biggles, the Pilot, that if I cared look out of the Window at my 3 o'clock I would get...
  3. B

    When did I get this old, there’s been a mistake?

    Now, I’m only 41 but I just went back on the tools properly last year after 4 years in an office and 9 years before that where I was a supervisor so my time actually fixing stuff was limited. For the first time in a very long time yesterday I was personally responsible for a fairly big repair...
  4. J

    Domestic NIC 18th Ed Online Learning Material - Mistake?

    So am on one of the last modules concerning the appendices and i am sure the formula at the bottom of the screen grab (see lower down) should say ...0.8 x Zs and not ...0.8 x Ze. Further, i can't seem to find this formula in the regs book - i guess because it is 'Informative' only maybe? The...
  5. Martgj90

    A Hi & advice needed...have I made a mistake?

    Hi guys A little advice needed from some experienced sparks. Last year at the age of 27 I decided on a career change from working in offices to being an electrician. My dad was a spark so it always interested me but for some reason I never went into it when I left school! Anyhow I enrolled on...
  6. rolyberkin

    Can you spot the issue with this consumer unit!?

    Fastest correct answer wins jack!:-)
  7. N

    Am i doing enough .... ?

    Ive been working with an electrician full time for the last 3 months. Before that i was in college for a year. I feel like im not doing good enough. In 5 hours i only second fixed 4 sockets, 10 spots and 7 smokeys. Ive done more than that in a time frame before but its probably not far from my...
  8. Spoon

    Russian Electrician makes ALMOST a fatal mistake!

    I bet there are a few volts going through that... :) I think there is a better way of keeping warm when it's snowing though..
  9. Doomed

    Spot the mistake ++++

    good neat job
  10. CDB

    Elec.. Guide.. Build.. Regs Table 4.1.2a - Is this a cooker mistake?

    Hi, I hope my abbreviated title caught someone's attention and makes some sort of sense. On page 58 of the Electricians Guide to the Building Regulations there are some standard circuits listed. In particular I'm looking at the cooker entry on page 59 and have a couple of questions: 1) Why...
  11. B

    Blank Certificate

    in case you havn't got it already you can print off EIC, minor works EICR
  12. G

    usefull guide

    found this on the internet and thought it may be usefull.
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