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    Replacing large recessed modular fitting??

    Hi, my company is in the processing of upgrading lighting from fluorescent to LED. I am having trouble sourcing 1800mm x 600mm recessed panel light fittings. Is there anywhere that still has these sizes as all I can seem to find is the 1200mm x 600mm? How should I replace these units? All...
  2. Z

    Modular Modular Modular

    im wondering whether or not you guys know the best place for modular plates, I buy quite a lot of modular plates Electrical Audio visual Data I currently use blue charge direct, anyone know of a better place? Got to be Euro modules though.
  3. A

    Multi-Gang Intermediate Switches

    I need to convert a landing light so that it can be switched from four locations (from the current two), so I'll need some intermediate switches. However, the new locations already have switches for other lights so that means that multi-gang switches will ideally be needed. I will definitely...
  4. J

    BT master socket

    Just a quick question, is it ok to change the Bt master socket to a decorative phone socket? Or do I need to keep the horrible white one?
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    Modular Wiring Installation Unit Hour

    Hi All, I am currently tendering for a new build office block which is to be a modular wiring plug and play installation on all the floor plate areas, I currently use EES data for estimating and we find that their unit hours are acceptable for sockets,conduit etc however there are no products...
  6. Y

    Feed to switch

    Hi all I work in modular buildings and we always wire our lights (In flat T&E) with the feed going to the switch. However at college they are quite adament that this is not a good way to do things, Is there anywere in the regs that says this? Or is there any reason why we shouldn't wire our...
  7. J

    pricing the install of modular wiring install

    I am pricing the labour only install of a modular, wiring system, i have never priced or installed this before, what is the best way to price ? i was thinking per point but not quite sure? any tips ?
  8. D

    Hager Time delay switch

    Hi Guys Could someone enlighten me as to the function of these puppies They used to run fused spares with electric heaters attached and also had thermostats attached. There coming out but I'm trying to get my head around the timings and purpose as I'm still learning and I've never come...
  9. B

    Building Modular Pods

    Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience whatsoever of working on/building of, modular pods? If so, can you share your experiences of them please? Any advice whatsoever would be appreciated people.
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