1. David Prosser

    CV19 music nothing else !!

    I like to listen to mostly rock type music but never rule out any genera or type. As this ---- goes on I find music can take on new meaning so I thought I'd fire up thread on music to fit the mood, please add some songs and artists and if you feel like it a bit of an explanation. This obviously...
  2. S

    Favourite Music Single.....

    I still have a copy of this on 7"
  3. diyterry

    Favourite music album????????

    In the garage cutting bits of wood for a picket fence this afternoon ( bit tedious ) listening to one of my all time favourite albums Trains California 37, what's your favourite album?
  4. Wilko

    Music to Move You at Work

    These guys got me going with the hammer today, so I thought I'd share. Not your usual German brass band - and if you can put it through some decent speakers you'll feel the full motivational effect. Enjoy :)
  5. Spoon

    Music Identification........

    Hi people. My daughter was watching Britain's Got Talent last night. ( I was on my comp and not watching ). I heard some music and I am trying to know the name of it and what film it's from. The music is the intro music. 12 seconds to 1 min 12 seconds. (I know the main music is Toxic - Britney...
  6. S

    My E30 used for a music video around Kings Cross

    towards the end a couple shots........ £150 about 2 hours work, just like Pimlico........
  7. W

    Domestic speaker installation

    Hello, So I'm currently renovating a place for myself and partner to live in.. I'm looking to put a speaker system in when I come to do the wiring and was wondering what type of systems are around. I'd like to have a speaker in the kitchen, hallway, dining room, lounge and a couple outside on...
  8. O

    Another star bites the dust..

    And now George Michael Who will be next..
  9. G

    Back up generator for pub?

    Evening all, I have been asked to quote to install a back up generator in a pub in the power fails which it did last week with over 200 people queuing at the door which was very costly to the owner as it was Scottish Powers fault. It is something I have never done before..... there is a large...
  10. P

    home theatre network

    Happy new year everyone I'm in the process of renovating my first home. 3 bed house with Open living room and dinning. I'm going to be installing the cabling for a home theatre system as i rewire. Ill give you and idea of the end product/system I am after: I want to be able to have a htpc on my...
  11. S

    FOR SALE- Eaton MEM MCB's

    I have 44 x C10, 3 x C20, 10 x C32 and 30 x C63. All at £2.95 Each with FREE POSTAGE Plus RCBO's, Contactors, and other Electrical Items at bargain Prices. music spark items - Get great deals on Business, Office Industrial, Home Garden items on eBay UK! Thanks
  12. I

    Best advice for learning inspecting and testing.

    Hello, I'm James, 24, currently beginning a slow journey to a career change as a domestic electrical installer. I have very little expierience in electrics, but my plan is to study electrics now, I'm going through the buildering regs, on site guide and inspecting and testing G3 books right now...
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