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  1. M

    DNO UK power networks changed incoming overhead and now have PME TN-C-S but ccu connection to TT

    Hi all. I'm currently training as an electrician so would like your views on this for clarity and if I need to get someone in? I have just moved in to a new (very old) house and on inspection of the CCU I noticed the incoming service cable from the overhead was chard at the top of the dno head...
  2. UKMeterman

    Uk power networks have a 71 year old linesman, short film

    UKPN have a 71 year old linesman who is still on the poles Being an overhead linesman is 'a different world' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-kent-50347091/the-dover-man-maintaining-power-lines-for-over-50-years
  3. A

    UK Power networks responsibility or not?

    Im currently in a dispute with UK power networks about who is responsible for the incoming earth? Now, i know under normal circumstances the owner has to take responsibility for the external earth, if an earth has never been provided via the normal channels (TNS, TNSC). This particular...
  4. UKMeterman

    Small 11Kv cable fire London...

    There seems to be a small cable fire in London, has affected key parts of the MV network BBC Local Live: Updates from London on Wednesday 1 April 2015 - BBC News
  5. A

    Commercial Linesman WANTED - Permanent Positions in New Zealand *** Sponsorship provided****

    The role is with a large global company who specialise in network design, construction and maintenance contracting services to the gas and electricity markets. They specialise in building and maintaining high and medium voltage electricty networks and gas distribution networks. Excellent salary...
  6. P

    DNO for canterbury, Kent

    Following on from this thread http://www.electriciansforums.net/photovoltaic-solar-panels-green-energy-forum/57787-my-mcs-reg-installer-does-not-think-my-4kw-system-needs-registering-dno.html I've obtained a copy of the G83 notification. The DNO is listed as EDF. I thought it should be UK...
  7. J

    Network Topology

    Has anyone as a matter of interest wired a network in the Ring Topology if so what Media was used?i
  8. L

    G83 paperwork??

    Hi Hope you can help with my understanding of the G83 paperwok. Just doing my 1st notifications, all systems 3kW or so. Have G83/1 appendix 3 forms all seem strait forward apart from couple points, where do I get the Max peak Short Circuit for SMA SB inverters? and SSEG Test Report, do you just...
  9. F

    DNO Application Form

    Hello All, New to the board, but a great resource for new installers. We are about to due a slightly larger job than our usual 4kW install. The install is for a 17.1kW system. As the building has two meters, we are going to split this install so that the user can benefit from a better...
  10. S

    DNO Procedure for 7.5 kwp

    Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the procedure for a 7.5kwp PV system on a new school building? Is it just a matter of contacting the local DNO?
  11. Worcester

    Central Networks no longer e-on

    Just seen this on the e-on site: Anyone noticed any differences yet?
  12. M

    G59 Relays???

    Does anyone know if G59 relays are absolutely mandatory for every system above 16A/phase? Someone has said that if you install a sunny tripower 10000TL you don't need to install a relay as it has the adequate G59 protection incorporated? I know this is a bit of a grey area but I'm hoping someone...
  13. T

    DNOs and G83 limit

    Guys, can I ask you all to reply to this thread with details for each DNO that you have had dealings with and their approach regarding the G83 16A limit - plus any info if you have seen that this has changed over time. The ENA have confirmed that the correct value to use for the G83 limit is...
  14. T

    Help Regarding 3 Phase Installer.

    I live in London and need a 3 phase supply to my home. Can anybody let me know who i get to install 3 phase please, i have been quoted a small fortune from UK Power Networks and was hoping there would be a lloyds accredited contractor out there that could assist at a better rate. Thanks for your...
  15. C

    Central network checklist.

    Im abit confused. Hope some1 can help. We've just finished wiring 8 small office units. Each one has a sub-mains, fed with a 3c 16mm swa cable. All are ran back to a central point in the metre building. I am going to run all the SWA's on cable tray into a 3 phase consumer unit with seperate...
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