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    4.57Kw PV with a 4Kw inverter. Inverter too small?

    Hi, I bought a 4.57Kw PV system (14x SunPower 327W panels) for my house last year. I now noticed that the installer fitted a SE4000 Solaredge which is limited to 4Kw. I can see from my stats that the system goes up to 3.98Kw but never above. It just goes flat and stays at 3.98Kw (especially...
  2. N

    workshop in back garden

    Afternoon fellas Got a bit of a problem ( non electrical) which was hoping for a bit of advice on. Basically my mums next door neighbour ( a builder) in order to keep running costs to a minimum has erected a large timber workshop in his back garden which definatly doesn't meet any building...
  3. E

    WANTED - small (2-3kw) system

    Any suggestions for where I can purchase a 2-3kw system? in kit form,and what price I should be paying? I already have 4 kw system fitted on my roof to utilise the feed in tarriff but they face SSW and I have enough space to fit approx 10 panels facing ESE. We use quite a lot of electricity and...
  4. S

    garage boards in recessed meter box

    Hi all, has anyone fitted a garage board in a recessed meter box when installing pv when there havent been any spare ways? I've heard people say you shouldn't do this.
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    4x4kw multi installation

    I've got an enquiry its for 4x4kw seperate systems on one building as there is 14 flats all with there own mpan numbers problem is DNO won't look at my enquiry form cause they have 12 other jobs to look at before mine, they said yours is the only one for generation but we can't pull yours out...
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    Solar as an investment

    I thought you guys might like to see my case for investment in solar, which I just posted on an investment forum: TMF: Suggestions on investing a lump sum / Investment Strategies (in case the topic gets large, mine is the first reply to the openig post)
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    Special installation in a special location

    Found while doing an EICR today - see picture. OK- its just outside Zone 1 by a few mm, but the storage rad circuits are not RCD protected and there's no supplementary bonding in the bathroom. I disconnected it, then got told "it doesn't work anyway" ..... I guess it got wet! However, worse...
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    Planning permission for 8kW commercial roof Northamptonshire

    We have the go ahead from a customer to install a 9 kW installation on a commercial building roof in Northamptonshire. The installation will be on a flat roof and the building is currently unoccupied. Will we need planning permission and if so how long does this normally take? In other words can...
  9. K

    Fluke 2042 cable finder

    Any reviews/recommendations? Doing a hospital PIR with a few non-labelled un-marked federal electric boards... never seen DB's so cram full either!
  10. D

    house extension work needs certifying

    Hi, can any one tell me. I have built an extension to my house here and I had a friend of a friend do the electrical work. 5 sockets, switches and lights. It was done with full panning permission, however the friend of a friend said he had a mate who I could call and he would come and certify...
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