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  1. Loki

    police car driving without mot

    Just out of curiosity i decided to put a police car reg in online to see what cc is 1.6 fine. then thought id check mot history (im an ex mechanic yes sad lol) found this: naughty lol
  2. Midwest

    Would you go to the aid of a police officer

    The BBC posted this video this morning, this version is a bit blurry; Top cop condemns people who cheered while police struggled to arrest suspect - https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/top-cop-condemns-people-who-13099214 Plenty of people stood around, people driving past, and it appears no...
  3. EalingBadger

    Thames Valley police advertise huge haul of stolen gear

    Just in case any members might find this useful: Thames Valley Police seeks to reunite tradespeople with their stolen tools - http://news.thamesvalley.police.uk/news/thames-valley-police-seeks-to-reunite-tradespeople-with-their-stolen-tools-313503 (I had £10K of kit nicked just over a year ago...
  4. Tes369

    The rise of the Police State.

    Police spies helped create employee ‘blacklist’ for UK companies, force admits By Sallyann Nicholls 24/03/2018 Workers who complained of safety violations were reported by police spies and prevented from getting another job in the construction industry, an investigation has uncovered. Richard...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Police recover stolen tools in bristol - Are they yours?

    My local paper are running a story from Avon and Somerset police trying to reunite the owner with there stolen tools.. Tools are from the Bristol area. Guessing they belonged to a fellow electrician as the video shows a megger MFT and some Makita tools amongst other. What power tools were...
  6. B

    The Snoopers Charter

    Well this seems to have been swept through without much publicity.(By the folks who control publicity) see The Government just passed the most extreme surveillance law in history – say goodbye to your privacy -...
  7. Pete999

    Policing now and then

    Watched a documentary yesterday about Police Officers that had been murdered whilst on duty, and it got me thinking about the respect people have for their Constabulary. I know when I was a nipper back in the 1950s, most Youngsters were scared to death of the local Bobby, we had one around our...
  8. sparksburnout

    Is it right?? - Police officer still working for police and doing electrical and plumbing work

    Got a call from a local builder this week, asking if I could come and "have a look at a job". Upon asking what it was he said electrics in a new extension. So, as it was on my way home I called in for a butchers. Turns out it has already been done and he just want's "a sparky to issue a cert". I...
  9. Andy78

    magazine advert scams

    Just got a couple of calls this morning both from blocked numbers, both trying to sell me advertising space in magazines, both had a scouse accent, different magazines ( one a police magazine, one a cancer charity ) When I asked them for a number to call them back on they both gave me mobile...
  10. G

    Scam warning

    Trading Standards would like to warn motorists of a roadside scam reported to Cheshire Police. Drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They have either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel or pay for taxi fare. The males have also offered...
  11. Rockingit

    Anyone here work for 02 or understand about mast triangulation techniques?

    Hi all, I'm looking for help in going about tracking the last know location of a mobile phone - not because I've lost one, but because on a 100% serious level it may provide a valuable clue into the death of a friend recently and the police seem reluctant to follow it up. Any PM's much...
  12. kkkkk

    Two way light switch with a difference!!!

    I would be very interested to have everyone's comments on the safety aspects of this........ I have found a light switch in a commercial building which is wired up so that when it is in the "on" position, it switches a light on to be used in the day, but when it is in the "off" position it...
  13. edexlab

    Blue light advert scam

    I'm sure I'm not the first to hear of this but for those who haven't: I was contacted by a man selling advertisement space in a magazine claiming to be affiliated with the Emergency services, the spiel was that they would advertise you exclusively as a trade ie the only Electrician listed, in...
  14. La Poste

    Blacklist of construction workers

    I've just found this in the Sunday papers, shocking really. "Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers Security services 'gave data to clandestine organisation funded by major names in building industry" Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers | Technology | The...
  15. whinmoor

    Possible Scam

    I had an unsolicited phone call this morning from a guy claiming to represent a consortium of independent schools. They wanted an MCS company to install solar panels on school buildings and did I want my company to be the exclusive supplier of PV to such schools in my county? I needed to pay an...
  16. La Poste

    Surrey 'rogue trader fraud'

    Not sure if this is in the right section but: Three people have been arrested over a suspected rogue trader scheme operating across Surrey and Hampshire. Claims that people have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for incomplete building work are being investigated. The South East Regional...
  17. simpson93

    riots in london,enfield.

    so over this afternoon i heard a few rumours of riots going to be happening in enfield, went to the cinema come back to hear this report from a news :Earlier, around 100 rioters smashed two shop windows and trashed a police car in Church Street in clashes with police. however i think this is...
  18. S

    Londons Burning

    Question- do riots always happen when the Tories are in power and if so Why ?
  19. W

    SCAM - Beware.

    Morning guys, I could be wrong here, but just recieved a phone call from a rather mysterious bloke claiming to work for the emergency services council asking if i would like to jopin up to a new scheme they are running to promote "honest traders" in efforts to stamp down on rogue traders...
  20. S

    Dodgy Telephone Sales People

    Hi All, Just wanted to let you know about a call I had the other day and to see if its common. Before I start, I get calls from all sorts of advertisers all the time telling me that parting with £50 will turn into hundreds of pounds worth of business all the time and I don't believe any of...
  21. L

    hows work

    hows work for everyone these days im afraid to see mines got worse but nothing else around
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