1. O

    Testing our own premises? In-house electrician..

    I work to a company in the seafood industry. We have in the teens of different premises. I am employed directly by the company and at the moment I maintain them all electrically and a third party company comes around and does all the inspection and testing work. The only reason for this other...
  2. C

    Refurb works In offices

    Just your thoughts on this one,doing a part refurb on existing offices,no initial verification or certs found anywhere. Premises rewired bout 1990,adding sockets here & there in each room. The DB is a Crabtree Tpn polestar,just finished some loop readings ,& not good,1.49 the highest,there is...
  3. charlie76

    H4 Cooker Circuits in household and similar premises

    Evening All. I am supplying a cooker and an electric hob from a single circuit via a single isolation switch. When calculating the demand with diversity i.e. first 10A + 30% remainder, should this be for each appliance then added together or combined? Either way I get 28.4A or 21.4A for a 6.6kW...
  4. Scratch Music

    Need help with audio in Commercial/Industrial premises?

    25 years ago I started helping contractors with audio systems. Contractors are now a big part of our client base. If you need advice...ask. We will give advice where we can - for free. If you become a client...all the better.
  5. B

    Gas bonding comercial

    Hi everyone, Wasn’t here for a while, would like to get some opinions on my issue, if you don’t mind folks. Gas bonding issue, gas incoming pipe is at one point and it’s boded as soon as it enters the premises, the meter is about 20 meters inside the premises, I have my boss insisting that...
  6. Doomed

    Commercial Help with EICR coding

    Working on report at home, left books in office as I got called home urgently yesterday, help on a couple of codings would be useful. I want to have the report emailed off before Monday so I cant use the NICEIC advice line. Inspected care home, all clients are dementia. No RCD protection on...
  7. B

    Industrial premises

    Aye ups all, Called to a mates job today to help out, the premises are gonna be a mechanics garage, which is a steel structure embedded in concrete, now I noticed that he's taken the supply for the new premises from the garage next door which is also owned by the customer, I'm assuming he's...
  8. A

    Testing single phase and three phase

    Hi to the forum This is my first post on here; I am a semi-retired (due to my knees being knacked.) Worked most of my 40 years on the domestic side ie rewires, kitchens, central heating etc not a lot on three phase. Been asked now by a mate to upgrade electrics in a shop premises, the upgrade...
  9. S

    Annual smoke detector testing in HMO's

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum so be gentle :) I've been asked by the landlord of an HMO to complete an EICR on one of his properties containing 2 x 1 bedroom flats. This is fairly straightforward. However, he also wants me to provide a certificate for the correct functioning...
  10. SolarCity

    CRC energy efficiency scheme

    Has anyone had any experience of this scheme and considered how it affects the PV industry? My understanding is that companies will have to pay £12 for every tonne of CO2 that they use. It seems to me that this is not a fat lot at all and largely insignificant if you were factor it in to...
  11. D

    Solar pv and moving house

    Can anyone confirm this If you install a pv system on your house and upticks to pastures new You decide to take your beloved panels with you and reconnect, would you Get paid on the fits ...
  12. S

    is a requirement for a periodic inspection ever statutory?

    i know that you're supposed to get a periodic inspection done if there is a change of use or owner of a premises. but under what regulation is that and is it ever required by law? just something that i started thinking about after talking to a new shop owner about how awful the electrics were...
  13. W

    Firemans switch question???????

    hello all, Does a low voltage (band ii according to bs7671) sign on the exterior of a building need to have a firefighters switch? Come across a supply lately to an external sign for a taxi office that didnt have one. I always thought that signs outside needed one, but on reading the regs...
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