1. S

    Kit for sale - sensible offers please.

    We've unearthed a few boxes of roof hooks, fixings and some limpits - we need to make some room in the warehouse and not planning on doing any installations in the near future so if anyone can make use of them then make me a (sensible) offer. Pick up in Sheffield or can arrange delivery for a...
  2. infinity

    LG 300w panels

    I've been let down by Segen, need 13 LG Panels anyone have any ideas who else stock these? The jobs Tuesday :s
  3. S

    Help locating panels

    Hi I am looking for 7 x 300 w poly or mono or close to panels. I had quoted a job a while back when there was availability at Segen now they are out of stcock. Look forward to any replies Thanks
  4. SolarCity

    Black finish 200w panel - supplier?

    Does anyone know of a black framed panel on the market right now which around the 200w range? I've got a bit of an awkward roof to price at the moment.
  5. S

    Black/Black mono 250w panels

    does anyone know who may stock Renesolar 250w mono black/black panels? I have some on hold with a suppler but they have hiked their price up so looking to get from elsewhere if possible. alternatives may be considered. I have been offered some Phono Polys but the client doesn't want blue...
  6. S

    segens discount policy

    Hi People quick question regarding there policy. I spent over 100000k in a month with them but they only gave me a discount of 2% and i was told they only do it on a monthly basis, Is this correct as it makes a bigger difference to the bottom line.
  7. SolarCity

    Prices of Sanyo HIT-H250 panels at Segen

    Since the Japanese tsunami and the results Sanyo panels shortages, we've been having a nightmare trying to source Sanyo panels, particularly the HIT-250w. The only company that we can find that has any is Segen and they've raised their prices quite significantly. We have been designing a lot...
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