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  1. L

    Sizing 3 phase Generator

    Hi Everyone May be someone could shed some insight on the sizing and provide some suggestions: 3 phase Generators (400 V, 50 Hz) have the ability to sustain 250% kVA of its rated kVA at 30% voltage dip. Suppose a machine needs to be powered by a standby generator during a power outage. It...
  2. C

    Twin and Earth CPC

    IEC 60364-5-54 states that phase conductors 16mm2 and smaller require a CPC of the same size, over 16 to 35mm2 a 16mm2 CPC and over 35mm2 a half size CPC is required. My questions is why am I seeing catalogs with harmonized twin and earth with reduced size CPCs over 2.5mm2? And why doesn't the...
  3. Pretty Mouth

    Why are main protective bonding conductors sized as they are

    Hi all. Hope you are all well and virus-free. This question is not how to select main protective bonding conductor sizes according to the regulations. That I understand how to do. What I am asking is: Why do the regulations require such a large CSA for Main Protective Bonding conductors...
  4. M

    Cable Sizing for Oven...?? Please Help..!!

    Morning.... I was wondering if you guys could help me with this..?! I’m currently having my kitchen updated, including all new appliances... The oven, according to the manufacturers documentation has a rating of 4.2kw, which is 2.2kw or the oven and 2.2kw for the grill... The paperwork states...
  5. M

    Sizing MPCB

    Hi guys, just making sure that I'll be choosing the right size of MPCB, motor connected in star with current 3.32A, would a MPCB rated at 4A - 6.3A be good enough? Thanks!
  6. Javadali

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller Sizing for 1200 Watt solar Array

    Hey everyone! I am drafting out my first solar power off grid system for my back yard shed and came here in hope to get some good recommendations from you guys on trusted a charge controller which will support my current specs but also give me room to grow as I improve on this system. Below are...
  7. O

    Mismatched panels & MPPT sizing

    Hi there, I just purchased a sailboat and its electrical system was put together in questionable ways.. It came with an 815W array of mismatched PV panels, linked to a Xantrex C40 (40A) PWM charge controller, charging a 1030Ah 12V lithium battery bank. First question: can mismatched panels...
  8. R

    supply cable sizing

    Hi ,I have a wood cabin outside 70mtrs from house incoming supply, I was thinking of using a 35mm 2core pvc/swa, as I think a TT system would be appropriate for the cabin, owing to the distance away from house load would be allowing for diversity would be 51amps, seems a lot but it will be a...
  9. A

    Main earth sizing

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone can clear up an issue. On tncs earthing systems, can you calculate the size of the main earth? I thought you could but main bonding conductors have to be sized to the neutral. Just had a conversation with another electrician and he said it has to be 16mm for...
  10. dc-electrix

    New DNO Supply help sizing

    Hi all, I have become involved in getting a new supply laid into a block of flats. It was originally a house and was subdivided into flats >20yrs ago. Whoever did this used the existing 100A incomer and had 6x 80A BS1361 DNO fuses fitted which feed 4mm MICC submains. How the DNO p,ut 80A fuses...
  11. A

    A127 Alternator Indicator Light Sizing

    Hi, I'm intending to fit a standard A127 type alternator to my Chinese tractor, replacing the original with it's troublesome external regulator. I'm happy with the wiring and principles except for one thing ... can anyone put a figure to the current needed via the indicator light in order to...
  12. MFS Electrical

    Cable sizing full process

    when I was an apprentice, one of our lecturers had us copy out from start to finish all of the equations for cable sizing and de-rating on the very back page of our regs book . And where to find the various factors I know that the equations are obviously in the regs but just wondering if anyone...
  13. N

    Extraneous Parts Earth sizing

    Customer wants to take power from an existing garage (with board) to supply a greenhouse, to be fitted with ip rated switchgear. The greenhouse is made of aluminium. Since this is an extraneous conductive part am i right in thinking that the aluminium frame would require a 10mm bond at least...
  14. L

    Fire barriers when cable sizing

    Hi I am hearing different things, some people have said no and some yes. Do rubber and foam fire stops through walls count as thermal insulation when cable sizing? Thanks
  15. L

    Control panel feeder cable sizing

    Hi, We have a control panel that has a vsd, plc and motor anti condensation heater. For a preliminary cable calculation for the control panel feeder cable and its associated protection, would we just total up the individual loads to arrive at an approximation and use this to size the feeder...
  16. L

    Fuse switch sizing for a vsd

    Hi, Following on from my question about reusing a fuse switch to supply a control panel containing a vsd. The rating of the drive is 18.5kw. We will need to use a motor rated fuse. We are planning on using a 10mm cable from the switch to the control panel. My query is would a gM32m 40A motor...
  17. J

    HELP sizing SWA___________

    For a Job I need to extend and relocate 3x SWA cables, after inspecting the cables I first concluded that they were 25mm 2core, after then comparing an off cut of 25mm 3 core to the existing cables the 3core appears the same size or even possibly smaller, I am now pondering if the existing...
  18. B

    What contactor size for a 9kw electric boiler

    Hi all. Don't have much experience on this topic. Called to a job with an electric boiler. It has a dedicated 10mm supply from a 50A MCB. I narrowed down the fault the the contactor which was only feedig 1 of tge 3 elements and had scorching marks around the other 2 terminals. And is currently...
  19. Y

    Need Help with Breaker Sizing 3 phase

    Good day to all. Please correct me if im wrong and also want your professional inputs. I am servicing a pump motor rated at 415vac 3 phase 11kw power. The breaker is at 20amperes. The complain is everytime the motor automatically stop when the tank is full the breaker always trip during the...
  20. B

    Sizing a Switch Disconnector for my Panel using 3 Phase & 1 Phase components.

    Hello there I have a panel i'm designing that contains inverter drives, Power supply and a UK Socket. I want to calculate the size of the Switch Disconnector needed using the current drawn from these components. I have 400VAC 3 phase & 1-Phase 230VAC. Here is a list of the components Current...
  21. Andy-1960

    Sizing power cables part installed in ducts

    Anybody help with the sizing of power cables when the cable is part run in a duct. The supply in question is 630A, so it makes a big difference! If the cable run is 40m where 8m is in a duct, do you have to rate the cable as if it was in a duct for its entire length? The supply in question is...
  22. L

    Control panel feeder cable sizing

    We have a control panel that has a few fan motors (3phase) and two heaters ( 3 phase) and single phase loads to valve actuators. My question is regarding the sizing of the feeder cable to this control panel. Do we work out all the currents individually and then add them and treat this as a "lump...
  23. Gavin John Hyde

    sizing of RCBO's for different make boards

    I am looking at some rcbo's for a job im planning. Does anybody have or know of a link to a list of the sizes for different makes of RCBOS and what boards they fit. ie make A RCBO will fit CU makes x,y,z etc.. As it is a pain in the a**e with them always being different sizes... I am...
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