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  1. R

    Wiring sky tv in domeatic property

    Good afternoon I was looking for some advice on wiring sky tv in a domestic rewire job. Im inexperienced when it comes to aerial work as it was never covered in my apprenticeship but the client has specified tv points throughtout the home. Ive seen some wiring diagrams online but was hoping...
  2. Baddegg

    Anyone else been mugged by sky tonight?

    Paid for the fight no email from sky so no boxing!!!..
  3. Sparksaflyin

    Sky high ze reading

    Hello fellas. Had the dno trying to tell me that a 19 ohm ze reading on a tns system was ok to leave energised? Seriously? Can someone please explain to me how that is ok?
  4. T

    Sky Q multi room

    Hello Everybody! I am currently working on a new extension to a house . It is pretty big with seven rooms ,steamroom , bar etc . There are 4 Tv's going in and the customer is going to have SkyQ at each. I have wired a shotgun coaxil to each, all ran back to 2 splitters that have a shotgun from...
  5. Zdb

    LED artificial sky panels

    Has anyone on here fitted any of these and do they look any good? Set of 4 Sky / Cloud Scene 1 LED Panels 600mm x 600mm - https://www.ledpanelstore.co.uk/set-of-4-sky-cloud-scene-1-led-panels-600mm-x-600mm.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjb6NrpfQ4QIVAwbTCh2NewPZEAQYASABEgKM1PD_BwE
  6. C

    Sky Q Installation????

    Hi, I am working on a house at the minute and i have been asked if i can wire in the sky cable as they are moving to sky. Is sky Q as simple as taking a twin CT100 (Shotgun) cable from the sky dish to the sky box itself? Or does it require a phone line connection or anything else (except...
  7. Simon-0116

    Sky tv, airel, cat 5 new build

    Just been to look at a few snagging jobs on a new build that original electrician cant get back to for a friend. They have a office which has bt phone line in, cat 5 to every tv, and hdmi to living room tv. Aerial points to every tv from central point in loft. Now they asked if sky box was in...
  8. sythai

    After some help ..... SKY Q hard wire

    Hi All Hopefully a simple answer I can relay back to Client. My TV engineer is away on hols at mo, so after bit of advice from others please :-) Have wired a new build property for SKY Q, fair size place so have hard wired as precaution and Client wants to go with hard wired set up...
  9. G

    Sky in loft conversion best way

    Hi all i have a job coming up soon and the customer has sky around the house and he's now going up in the loft and wants sky in the 2 rooms what is the best way to go about this the shotgun cable runs through the loft to the dish out side. Thanks.
  10. littlespark

    Sky plus HDD problem......

    My parents Sky + has been showing a problem for a couple of weeks now. I had a look at it today. It will not allow recording, nor viewing of previously recorded programs. It comes up with a fault 06-0. I have tried AV forum suggestions about resetting the box, force software upgrade etc, but no...
  11. P

    Sky and BT Sport deal is it a con?

    Notice BT and Sky doing a deal to show each others programmes. Why such a fuss? Unless Sky will now show BT Sport as part of their sports package fir the same price then it will still cost the same. Can never understand any one complaining about the cost of BBC licence when Sky and BT charge so...
  12. S

    Sky Tv gone down and no signal at all

    Hi. I moved into a property last year and have sky here using their existing dish and wiring. I noticed a few months back that I was only receiving signal on one of the channels and after inspecting the cable that runs through the garage and then into the living room one of the cables had a nick...
  13. M

    sky q multi room insufficent info from sky

    hiya folks i have been looking at upgrading to sky q but unfortunately it wont suit my needs as we currently have 5 boxes in the house with 2 dishes as follows livingroom sky + hd box with coax slave to dinning room / kitchen bedroom 1 sky+ hd box bedroom 2 sky+ hd box bedroom 3 sky+ hd box...
  14. M

    Never again. Co-ax Problems

    Ok. So split 1 house into 2. Was going to install a loftbox in both house, but couldnt get them to work. Have gone back to normal aerial amps. So feed from Aerial goes to amp to split to go to each house. TV in furthest house has good signal as tv has a built in booster. Come back from RF2...
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