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  1. crooksy88

    Accenta G4 external siren only sounds on bell test

    Hi, I have an Accenta G4 8SP399A with a single LCD keypad. Everything seems to be working correctly other than the external bell doesn't sound when the alarm is triggered, the strobe lights do light up though. If I do a bell test via the engineers menu the external bell does sound. Would...
  2. M

    Be Gentle

    Hiya lads i am new to this forum so be gentle i am a 45y/o timserved spark i had my own buisness for 15 years and was also a registered gas engineer and plumber so busy. when the trade took a downturn i decided to work for a company and now i am an electrical technician at a local hospital with...
  3. Wes1000

    Dangerous how to guide.

    Check out this guy! I nearly fell off my chair when I watched it and just had to share it. If this isn't an advert for dangerous work I don't know what is?!
  4. S

    3 Phase supply

    Hi all, Have been asked to price up job and a little unsure on the following. Currently the property is 1 big unit with a 100amp per phase, 3 phase supply coming in. The owner wants to split the unit in to 3 different units, but without having new supplies added. Can I, install the current 3...
  5. S

    Domestic RCBO not restting

    Hi all Have a problem with a Wylex 32A Type C RCBO that has tripped to a utility room and heating plant room to a west London mid terraced house. It will not reset even with all loads removed. I tried swapping the line and neutral conductors to an adjacent same rated RCBO and the same...
  6. R

    Richer Sounds Manchester recruiting for Full Time Installer for immediate start!

    Richer Sounds Manchester Deansgate is now recruiting for an enthusiastic Installations Professional to join our team with an immediate start! As the UK’s largest Hi-Fi, Home Cinema and TV specialists, we offer a comprehensive installations service that ensures we can deliver on all jobs, from...
  7. D

    Simple Tamper Alarm box lashup

    Hi Im attempting to quickly knock up a temporary alarm using an external alarm box (no control box) with a tamper loop wire wrapped around some kit I will be using a external sounder, long length of multicore cable and a 12v power supply. the box is a XS3D terminals..... ST- strobe TMPR...
  8. C

    SWA to Switch?

    Any suggestions as to how to terminate swa into a switch/fuse neatly? I've run it through a metal box and out to the switch with the switch cover covering the point where the sheath is split but wondering if there's a neater way to do things?
  9. N

    Wiring to light switch different than I have seen before.

    Was doing some work for a customer (just replacing a couple of damaged double sockets) and he said he had thought of changing the light switches because they were discoloured. The switch he showed me had a white twin and earth going into it and then leaving. The earth wire was unbroken sleeved...
  10. i=p/u

    Megger 1553c

    Can anyone help me , when put megger on IR it flashes up 115v
  11. S

    New member, Hello I have a headlight relay? problem.

    Hi there, I'm Steve from Cumbria, just joined. I usually mess about with vintage radios and the like, but my Rover Metro has just started playing up and I thought I'd ask for advice before replacing any parts willy nilly. When I switch the headlights on, the dipped beam...
  12. E

    I need inspiration!!

    I've been doing domestic work for the past couple of years, I am trained up in the 2330 level 2 and 3 and 17th ed. of course! I have nearly finished my NVQ too. Just need site visit and finish writing up second job (ok I've got a fair bit more to do!) Anyway, once my NVQ is finished I am...
  13. B

    new lighting circuit problems

    hi avery1 need your help i done new rewire and theres proplem with lighting circuit,iinsulation resistance between LN-earth IS 120 useing megger mft1533,and same problem with same circuit getting 48volts between switch wire and earth with switches off...please p;ease help me :crazy:
  14. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jibberish!!!

    JIBberish,Gibberish!! Sounds the same,is the same! Gold card may aswell be a Tesco clubcard lol
  15. G

    Prices for periodic testing?

    Hi all! i am needing periodic testing done, commercially. I am a landlady of a pub and I'm wanting to know what I should be getting charged or even if anyone is willing to give me a quote? I have 6 fuse boards, 46 breakers in total. I know that one board is a cat 1 and other fixtures are needed...
  16. T

    supply fuse heads left open

    Went to have have a look at a job today that had recently been reconnected by the DNO, where the tails come out the fuse head for the economy 7 the holes were just left open after the reconnection. I poked my tester in and they were live! The fuses (3 phase) are only 1500 from floor and about 2...
  17. J

    rcbo tripping intermittantly

    new installation, RCBO on one socket ring tripping intermittantly, can last 20mins to 1 hour. not worried, I will find the problem just wondering where the rest of you would start
  18. L

    bell and stereo timer

    Hi all. Hope your all having a good day. Does anyone know a timer that will operate to work a bell or siren with a stereo. To turn off the stereo and sound a bell for breaktime. Im having trouble. I cant find one that will work both. Thankyou. Luke
  19. E

    Servant call box/bell

    Hello all This may be the second time I have posted this so apologies for any confusion. I am trying to wire an old Victorian servant call system. I have new push buttons, bell and transformer but the call box is original. I can get the bell to sound but the flags inside the call box I can...
  20. L

    metrel euro test battery problem?

    has any one had any problems with their metrel test instruments eating batteries? my euro test only lasts five mins when fully charged and then tells me it needs recharging. has anyone else experienced any battery charge problems and if so is there a fix?
  21. B

    Volts drop too high...

    I have installed Ring Final Circuit in 2.5 LOR 120m protected by 32A breaker Volt drop calcs - 18mv/a/m x 32A x 120m / 1000 = 69. So the volts drop is 69 volts? which is way over the stated 3 or 5 %. Am I diong this corectly and if so what can I do about the volts drop? Cheers
  22. B

    Trade Test

    Hi lads , sitting my trade test shortly , any advice would be grateful.
  23. Guitarist

    Megger 1730

    I know that testers have been done to death, but I'm about to buy a new MFT and have set my sights on the Megger 1730 as one which should last me a long time. Does anyone have any bad experiences of this tester or can give me any reason I should really avoid it and look elsewhere?
  24. Jay Sparks

    Part P inspection????????

    Hi Guys & Gals, Was reading an advert on a job website for an "Electrical surveyer". The job details were to go to customers homes and do an initial safety inspection and explain legislation which is fine but it then says "to offer a part p electrical inspection". Now when I did my 2391, I dont...
  25. C

    Domestic My spark wants me to find an 8kW shower, any ideas?

    hi all, My shower blew up in my face the other day, and after ringing my spark he asked me to buy an 8kW shower and he'd fit it when I have it. Any particular models or brands you recommend please? TBH I can't see any 8kW ones, just 7.5 or 8.5?! BTW I've been quoted £60 for fitting...
  26. E

    Identifying Washer Sizes

    Hi does anyone know how I identify a washer size?? A few years ago I got given about 500 washers and they have been brilliant for using when hanging large CU's etc. I have had a look online but am confused by all types etc The washer is around the same size of a 2p piece and the hole fits a...
  27. V

    Earth fault loop impedance

    Can somebody help me on how to test the earth fault loop impedance(Zs) of the following circuit Cooker,Immersion,motor .i have tried but the tester display :confused:
  28. T

    kitchen sockets

    Hi everyone, im fitting sockets in a kitchen, the kitchen is a shell there are no units worktops or anything in there, i cant remember is it 1.2m the height to put sockets so they will be at correct height when the worktop and units are in. Thanks everyone.
  29. E

    RCBO Tripping.

    Hi all i'm after a bit of advice. (2nd year apprentice..) I recently done a bit of work in a flat and replaced the old fuse CU. The cable for the socket outlet that was supplying the boiler and the washing machine (which are in the bathroom, small flat) was just spared off from the ring main for...
  30. E

    Back to Back Socket on a partiton wall

    Guys, Just doing one of the jobs for my NICEIC assemsment. I have fitted a spur socket in a partition wall back to back and have used a fire/acoustic metal dry lining box on one side, the other side is standard 35mm box. I have filled any holes with Acoustic/Intumensant sealant. I do not see...
  31. S

    Contactum RCBO won't trip during test

    Hi again, just considering whether I'm going crazy or I've got a duff RCBO. Perhaps someone will help me see the light either way. Quite prepared for the former! Installed it yesterday and when I got to doing the certificate I couldn't get it to trip. It's one of the ones with no earth wire...
  32. G

    Wall light not working

    Hi forum, i recently installed a set of wall lights using a spur off a double socket onto a switched fused socket but one of them will not work. The way ive wired it as follows L+N from socket to supply and L+N from light to the load terminal and still no joy when i wired it the opposite way i...
  33. P

    v phase voltage unit

    http://www.iesenergysaving.co.uk/VPhaseHomeEnergySaver.pdf anyone got one or fitted one ? just looking at the price and it seems reasonable. the ammount we use it should not take long to get the price back if its as good as it says
  34. B

    this might be a wind up

    Just had a phone call this guy is a bit concerned about a job he's just had done , he said it's all wired in white flex (could have been fp. not too concerned ) then he said that each floor (ground and first ) plugs into a commando rcd socket nearly fell off my chair laughing apparently it...
  35. 1

    My Work Experience

    As some of you may remember I have started a short course in order to become qualified as an Electrician. You may also remember that I mentioned I would be trying to gain on site experience that will prepare me for the World of Electrics. Last week I started working for my Brother in Laws...
  36. ses

    Bonding Steelwork

    Hi chaps Just been doing a small job at an industrial unit and cant find any bonding to the structural steelwork. Now i have never had to bond steelwork before as its always been in before. How do you attach the bonding to it? I dont think my drill would drill through it. Sorry if I sound...
  37. O

    Feedback please

    Guys I would like some feedback please on some documentation I have put together. First of all I joined this forum 3-4 months ago and this has been a great help to me. I am also concidering a career change which may involve inspection and testing along with intruder alarms. I served my...
  38. J

    Cooker thermostat problem

    How do I check a thermostat in an electric cooker to see that it is corectly working or not? One thing which concerns me greatly is when the oven reaches it's max temp setting, all the house electrics trip and go out, which has happened several times. Will this be a fault due to the...
  39. A

    spur from cooker socket

    Morning I need to run a spur to supply a cooker hood extractor - the only accessible point is the cooker switch - this is run in 6mm on it's own circuit from a 30amp fuse - the cooker is only 2.3kw. Can I take a spur from the feed side of the cooker point, run up to a fused connection unit in...
  40. S

    Problem with a Periodic Inspection

    Hi All, Can anybody give me some advice regarding a periodic inspection that I carried out recently. I went to the property in question and found that one of the circuits for the sockets, controlled three hard wired smokes and a Varitas house alarm. Every time I switched off the mains, it...
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