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  1. DaveW4

    UK Wiring in soundproofing.

    Hi, I hope you are all well. I want to ask if there are any considerations to wiring if installed in a cavity wall with soundproofing? Also, do sockets, etc. need to be incased with putty or sealed with sealant?
  2. telectrix

    My MOT

    fifth MOT passed today (in my ownership) on my 2004 Hiace. 205400 miles clocked. passed with an just an advice on 2 tyres, slight sidewall damage. VW Transporters?shove 'em.
  3. S

    LED Strip Lighting Installation - Some Specific Queries

    Dear all - I am looking to install some LED strip lighting (it will be wall-mounted near the ceiling, behind some uplight coving). The plan is to pull the power from the mains under the floor and chase the cabling into the wall (brick wall, no studs), to then be cemented/plastered/polyfillered)...
  4. 8

    Electrician Need a specific relay - If exists???

    Gents I am requiring a 12Vdc Relay that is normally closed, but I also require the relay to delay before returning to closed position (when de-energised). Are there relays on market that do all this combined or do I require a seperate time delay module of some kind?
  5. C

    Smart home training

    Can anyone recommend a good company that provides good all round training in smart home technology for lighting controls,av, etc etc
  6. S

    Solar iBoost and new Immersion Element

    Thinking of adding an Solar iBoost to my home system but also changing the immersion heater as its been in for about 14 years and no doubt heavily covered in limescale, not even sure it has a thermostat on it. I noticed that Backer do specific low wattage immersion heaters for Solar. Is it...
  7. C

    Commercial (RAMS) Risk assessment and method statements, HR

    Hi Does anybody know of any decent risk assessment and method statement software, generic stuff that you can alter for task specific. Also if it incorporates HR stuff even better... :computer: Theres a few ive seen online but expensive and i dont want to buy with out maybe a referral Thanks...
  8. M

    Airside Insurance

    I am a subcontractor carrying out weekly and monthly PPM schedule on a small airfield with around 10 movements of aircraft per day. The Main Contractor is demanding we have our own Airside Insurance policy. Can anyone advise? Is it required and how much would it likely to cost?
  9. J

    fault finding

    hi all i was wondering what all do when u come across a fault on a cct. eg a ring final!! what ways do u do it? what test do u do? split rings? im just asking what u do i know this may sound funy and prob not make sense lol
  10. M

    specific rcd tests

    hi i have a customer whos rcd trips sporadically. maybe twice per month its been going on for 12 years! customer has had enough. 1 ring down 2 ring up 3 cooker 4 shower 5 garage no damp walls no known damage to cables no specific time of day fridge is approx 12 years old i know the...
  11. A

    1kw grid dimmer.

    Hai. I'm looking for a 1kw grid dimmer. They seem to be hella hard to find, do they exist? Thanks in advance :)
  12. J

    REG for supply to outbuildings ?

    Hi all anyone know the pages for regs on supplying outbuildings, (garage, shed etc) cant seem to find it :( thanks alot jack
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