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  1. S

    Stairlights headache

    Hi guys got a bit of a problem with a job involving LED recessed stair lights. It's a client who feeds me a lot of works own house and had a staircase fitted a few years ago complete with eyelens LEDs. The company that installed them went bust this year. The problem is 1 LED has decided to stop...
  2. K

    replacing a set of light switches in the stair way with PIR switches

    Hi, Does anyone know i its possible to replace a set of light switches in a stairway that all control the same lights with a set of PIR switches? The current rocker switches have L1, L2 and COM but the PIR switch I am looging to replace them with only have L1 and L2. Thanks
  3. D

    Stair Lighting unusual switching

    Hi all. I'm currently renovating a house and have one particular requirement I'd like, if possible, sme suggestions. One of the things I would like to do is put in stair edge lighting. I have found some nice ULV LED spots that I want to put into the stringer on the wall side. Now this is only...
  4. U

    Flat communal stair lighting breaker box key

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find a key that would fit a lock like that shown in the attached image? This sort of 2 prong lock is on an electrical cabinet in our communal stair and houses the circuit breakers for the lights. I want to cut the relevant circuit so I can change the...
  5. J

    Stair lights operated by PIRs

    Hi, I am planning on fitting decking lights and PIR senors at the top and bottom of my stairs I have bought the following lights: Saxby Lighting Ikon Pro 35mm IP67 Decking Kit (Polished Stainless) Saxby lighting ikon pro decking kit, ip67 decking kit, 59131 UK -...
  6. vini

    Stair Lighting Problem

    I wonder if any of you can come up with a solution to this issue. I have stair lighting which is controlled by 2x two way switches and 5x intermediate switches. Each switch turns on and off the entire lighting in the stair. My customer wants to be able to limit the time the lights are left on...
  7. Soulsurfer

    Stair lighting solution ?

    Hey all, been to a new client today who would like to have lighting such as small led's installed in stairwell between stairs themselves which could be a hassle due to access ! stairs are accessible only up to around 5 stair via cupboard underneath then they turn 90 degrees and up to the...
  8. L

    Baffling Lighting Circuit

    Hello, Just been to look at a problem where when his light switch for his front room lights is switched on, the stairs light 3 meters away will not work, though when the front room lights are switched off the stair light works, and is the stair light is on and the front room light is switched...
  9. D

    Domestic Staircase LED lighting

    Evening all I have a job to look at tomorrow evening And the client has said they want staircase lighting (LED) as I have never installed these before I was just wondering how you lot have previously installed them and what manufacturer you use? All pointers are gratefully appreciated. Cheers...
  10. D

    position of fused spur, isolation

    hi for fitting a supply , single phase, to a lift, 6A load. We state a local fused double pole fused switch, rated at 13amp. does BS 7671 state for fixed equipment, where the local isolation switch should be positioned ? thanks
  11. D

    Just what all tradesmen need...

    Stair rods now at Tradetiler. . NO Tiler or tradesmen should be without a set - TilersForums.co.uk | Tile Forums | Tiling Forum
  12. B

    LED lighting

    Hi all, im new in here and have been really push for time at work lately so not had the time to try and research this that much. basically i was hoping to put in sone led lights at the top and bottom of my stairs at home.....similar to this type Lighting Superstore - 33440 17 20 1 Pack Of 6 -...
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