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  1. S

    UK Driveway light

    Ive got a driveway light on armoured cable. The cable comes into the house under the stairs. Can I put a plug on this cable and plug into a RCD socket.
  2. P

    Consumer Units under stairs

    On a new build can you still fit a CU under the stairs.
  3. MarkytheSparky10

    Domestic Dual switch to porch light switch seperation help please

    Porch & Stairs separation? So I got a dual light switch at the bottom of the stairs & a single light switch at the top of the stairs. Another switch in the porch, which is somehow connected to the stairs switch. bit confused on how to undo & redo this. The porch light sometimes cant be...
  4. Midwest

    PIR sensor wiring for Stairs

    Silly question time. I've never wired up PIR sensors for stairs before. Today I went to replace a 'faulty' sensor, on the grd floor of stairs. Tested sensor, which had 3c to it, but think the installer had connected the wires incorrectly; sw/L (black sleeved brown) was in the L terminal & L...
  5. C

    Hall stairs and landing light problems

    we are shortly moving into my parents old house, me and my partner have renovated the property over the last 18 months, we are now nearing completion, but have a problem with lighting on the stairway, there is a light just inside the front door with a double switch, upstairs on the landing is...
  6. rolyberkin

    Recommendations for Stair Ladders?

    All After a decent set of stair ladders primarily for putting up lights in large stairwells, must have a good reach, any recommendations?
  7. T

    LED lights for stairs, skirting in domestic dwelling

    Just wonder if anyone has any ideas or used same for string/skirting mounted LED flush fitting lights?
  8. B

    Meter Tails

    Hi. I've recently moved into new house. The meter box and consumer unit are installed in cupboard underneath the stairs, however they are approx. 1.5m apart and the tails are surface mounted. Should they be encased in trunking so as to protect them from damage. Thanks
  9. C

    Minor works heat Mat

    I been asked by a customer to install a heat mat. The problem I have is I can only connect to the 32a ring. I've noticed a few connections made in connectors and tapped up. also there consumer unit is under the stairs which has a sink and toilet. The head is under the sink which was once boxes...
  10. S

    Landing and bathroom switch wiring

    So I have the bathroom light wiring red and black Landing light red Black Wires from switch at bottom of stairs red a blue and a yellow So where do they all go got a 2 gang switch with com l1 l2 on each side Thanks
  11. H

    radial circuit

    i had a couple of sockets put in about 12 year a go and was thinking of adding another for tv on wall and was looking under floorboards and it looks like its done on a radial circuit as it come straight from the fuse box and ends at the 2nd socket ,it is also wired to the up stairs socket fuse...
  12. S

    Moving Main Fuse

    Hi guys I am on a job currently where a consumer unit has been extended and moved from one cupboard under the stairs to another cupboard under the stairs to make way for a new toilet. Now the lady is having the meter and supply moved as well by edf, apparently you cannot have the main fuse...
  13. B

    Light switch over stairs

    I have been asked by a customer who doesnt want a ceiling switch in a bathroom to move the exisiting plate switch to the other side of the wall - about a 5 min job. however this will put the plate switch for the bathroom above the second step on the stairs going downstairs. It doesnt come out to...
  14. A

    CCTV / Data / Network Power Supply

    Hi All, Part of the upgrade of my house involves a lot "comms kit". I have begun to build a node zero under my stairs to house network server / underfloor heating controller / AV system etc. My TV / internet / electric / F&R hot water to UFH manifold all congregate in this little area for...
  15. M

    CU change in cupboard under the stairs

    Hi I want to change the old fuseboard in the cupboard under the stairs to a new CU.Would I need to reposition it to comply with part M build regs for easy access or would a straight swap be ok.
  16. G

    PIR question

    Hi all, first post so take it easy people :) I've fitted low voltage lighting (MR11) to the runners up my stairs, I've fitted a Pir to switch them, the problem is that the only position that a pir an be fitted to pick up movement from the top and bottom of the stairs is on a wall at shoulder...
  17. C

    Commercial Emergency Lighting

    Hi All, Am wondering on the best place to get hold of BS 5266-1:2011 emergency lighting regs & what other literature any of you may recommend also to assist me with commercial emergency lighting design when I have the need like now lol Doing a small salon fit out & am pretty sure I have it all...
  18. O

    PIR Codes - opinions please

    All Started on a rather large PIR this afternoon and have noticed the following so for: 1. Smoke alarm positioned over stairs 2. Some downlights completely covered in loft insulation 3. 13A socket in loft on lighting circuit Was thinking about coding them 4, 2, 2 Your thoughts?
  19. F

    I.r test on bathroom circuit

  20. E

    2 gang switch live when dead

    Recently opened a 2 gang switch on a landing. Had knocked out the breaker for the lights on the landing. Waved my volt stick in there and the other gang was still live as it supplied the next stairs up off a different circuit. Is this acceptable in the regs ? It seems to be a bit dangerous...
  21. D

    L- E Fault!!! Help

    Right Chaps Down Stairs lighting Circuit wired to a 6amp MCB circuit goes like this CU - Front Room - Kitchen (9 230v downlights) - Hall - Utility / Outside light - Office.... i know its a L-E fault as the little blighter zapped me on the Earth connection plus my meter reads 0.85...
  22. D

    help 2 way switch

    hello, just started decorating my new house and need help with the wiring in my hallway where the lights on the hall stairs can be switched on and off from a switch downstairs and up stairs. The switches must control there own landing lights also. some pics: down stair switch - the left switch...
  23. B

    LED lighting

    Hi all, im new in here and have been really push for time at work lately so not had the time to try and research this that much. basically i was hoping to put in sone led lights at the top and bottom of my stairs at home.....similar to this type Lighting Superstore - 33440 17 20 1 Pack Of 6 -...
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