1. Vortigern

    Street light removal, any tips?

    So I have a brief to sort out the removal and re-instatement of a lamp post in the street. It is for a new build and the new house will get in the way of the street lamp. I am thinking Highways and streets department for this. I know DNO WPD will do the work but they say permission must be...
  2. bigspark17

    Box to go on bottom of street light pole

    Has anyone purchased or fitted a plastic enclousure that will mount to the base of a street light pole, ideally in kit format?
  3. B

    Street light joint problems?

    Hi looking for some advice Guy at work has been jointing existing street light feeds to be fed from another position, now he’s connected at the street lights the same within the joint he’s used brown as line, black as earth, grey as neutral now he’s been back to test they all work but none have...
  4. M

    Domestic RCD trips when street lights come on, but ...

    Hello everyone, This is my first thread, and with English as a second language, I hope I can get you all trough my post without losing anybody. So, as the title states - my current problem is as follows; My neighbors just moved into their newly built house. One big house, separated into two...
  5. J

    Street furniture bonding

    What are peoples thoughts on bonding powered Street furniture that is within touching distance of each other. I have a few ideas but there is nothing in the regs for guidance. Thanks
  6. zafris

    Solar Street Lights for a little parking

    Hi all, In a couple of weeks, I'll need to illuminate a little parking with solar street lights, what would you recommend me? Thanks in advance.
  7. C

    Led street lights tripping mcb

    Just had a quick look at a job,intermittent tripping of 10 amp mcb,retrofit led replacing discharge lighting,some time ago. There are 7 street lights,couldn’t real do too much investigation,rain stopped play. Did a IR test proved to be satisfactory,just wondering if any of you guys Had any...
  8. M

    Electrician Gold card Electricians for site near London Liverpool Street

    Good morning all, We are currently seeking two JIB Gold certified electricians for a couple of weeks work. The project is a 21 storey 3 basement iconic office block in central London near Liverpool Street station. Work hours 7.30 - 4.30pm with a 45min break. Payments made via CIS or Ltd...
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Gateshead street lights cause birth defects???

    Been talking to a customer today when doing some work, He told me about this article on dailymail.... It seems the folks in gateshead reckon the street lights are causing health issues and stillbirths! Seems a bit far fetched if you ask me but i know in america there is a huge court case from...
  10. S

    G39... Accessing street columns

    Hey all I now work for a company that install CCTV equipment around town centres. Been a sparky 30+ yrs, 17th, testing etc. I understand from the council they want G39 certification to even allow us into the lamp posts. I could understand that if we were connecting the the cut-out inside or...
  11. S

    Underground street lighting duct types

    Hi All, I am currently preparing a document where i need to know the duct types used in street lighting electrical design. Could someone help me with the street lighting duct types and sizes normally used in UK. Preferred sizes are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. If not could you guide me to...
  12. S

    Underground street lighting duct types

    Hi All, I am preparing a document where i need to understand the street lighting duct types used in UK. Could someone help me with the street lighting duct types and sizes normally used in UK. Preferred sizes are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. If not could you guide me to someone who could help...
  13. B

    Seems its not just consumer units that catch fire in london

    Underground electrical faults sent flames up through manhole covers in Hackney see 'Electrical fault' causes flames to burst through manhole covers in Hackney -...
  14. M

    Ir Testing Advice

    Hello all, Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday! I have a question that i know someone can give me the answer to. So to keep this short i basically have a lighting circuit with 3 street lights via a time clock. Circuit goes >3 phase DB> 10amp C type Mcb > time clock > 1,2,3 street lights. I...
  15. H

    competent person scheme

    Just wondering has anyone on here ever been refused membership to any of the scheme providers? If you have what was it you failed on or got asked to provide further evidence of?
  16. darkwood

    Bloody Hell its Windy!!!!

    Just driven over the highest Motorway in Britain and it bloody hard to drive ...Manchester M62 to Bradford was my trip.... i do like a challenge lol.. Ill tell you how windy it is at mo' just seen a women on the street and he E-Cig blew out :beatnik:
  17. F

    Current flow in leds

    Can some one explain for me what ever current flows in live must return in the neutral so when we come to led strip lights (flurocents) how does the current return through neutral when LEDs are diodes and they only allow current to flow one way how does it get it's return path
  18. T

    No Earth in Red Telephone Box

    I've recently been asked to fit a piece of electrical equipment in a red telephone box which has been purchased from BT. The new electrical equipment must be earthed but the existing electrical installation from the cut out in the telephone box is double insulated with no earth provision. I...
  19. D

    Remote controled lighting

    Any body come accross remote controled ( internet) lighting ? Was working in area today where i was asked to remove a single lighting point, could not locate control for light , ... Found two timeclocks for lights, none of which operated the light in q, After further investigation ...
  20. M

    Tscc fault finding

    What is this?
  21. P

    Street lighting causing RCD to trip?

    Evening all, Had a call today from a customer I did a job for a few months back. I went in to install a socket for them, only to find that the circuit had been put on the non-rcd side of the board (16th board). Asked the woman if she had a copy of the certificate when she had the board...
  22. T

    Periodic Inspection#

    Hi I am currently orking on Virgin Media street cabinets that contain mains supplied from street kighting. Been trying to find the periodic inspection time intervals for street furniture but all i can find is tne time period for 'highway lighting'in the GN3 booklet i.e 6 years Any advices...
  23. P

    Working on public pavements

    I've got to quote for renewing some outside lighting on a local pub in a large town, the work will involve working at height with the use of a platform on the pavement. Just wanted to Know what permissions i would need from the local authority, and whether it involves risk assessments etc. The...
  24. T

    CustomerStreet Good or Bad

    Hi guys i have my own electrical company. At the moment we are a bit quiet so i thought i would look at maybe spending a small amount of money on advertising. I find it quite convenient that i have been contacted by customer street saying they have lots of work in my area blah blah blah (sales...
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