1. J

    What is the path current takes in an electric shock.

    Hi I am currently doing my electrical NVQ and have asked a few electricians this question and wanted to clear things up. If we touch an electrical conductor and are standing on the mass of earth will the current flow through us and back to the transformer or just dissipate into the ground. I’m...
  2. H

    If a 6kW device in uk takes 26 amps (6000/230), does this mean the same device in the US will take 50 amps(6000/120)?

    If a 6kW device in uk takes 26 amps (6000/230), does this mean the same device in the US will take 50 amps(6000/120)?
  3. Mojo

    Trainee Hello! Decorator takes on (all the safe bits of) rewiring his garage

    Hello, I don’t usually introduce myself in forums, but just fancied it here. I’m not a trainee (though I’m considering it), I’m a 45 year old decorator who has a garage without power, so in conjunction with an electrician friend, I’m studying and researching how to wire it. NOT connecting to...
  4. A

    Rotary Isolator that takes 2x16mm?

    Does anyone know of a rotary islotaor, weatherproof, that'll take 2 x 16mm incomers? I've got long runs out to parking bollards so they've had to size up the cable for volt drop. I could do it with a street light cutout but it wouldn't allow them easily isolate it. Many thanks for any help.
  5. telectrix

    come back mk. your MCBs may be skewed, but this takes the proverbial

    had the misfortune to install this today. came with isolator and RCDs. no MCBs . as you can see, the guts are way out. caused by din rail being badly fixed. close on the left but 1/4" out at the right. all been wired up and fired up, so had to loose the din rail just to get cover on. got...
  6. C

    Dol starter

    Hey guys posted a simular thread earlier regarding a dol starter, anyways popped down to check it out tonight, everything's seems to be ok, iv tested the nc and no terminals and etc etc, issue is you press the stop button and it takes a split second to stop. Should it not be an instant stop...
  7. G

    Finding an apprentice

    Has anyone recruited an apprentice from the local college ? Is it worth a phone call or do the lads already generally have jobs ? Tia
  8. W

    Wavin TP-83 room thermostat?

    I've just popped over from the other side, ( plumbers forum ), to ask if the above mentioned room stat is a type of intelligent stat, in other words can it be taught to know how long the system it's controlling takes to reach its preset temp, and to come on before it gets too low, ( hopefully...
  9. D

    Fault finding

    Any body know of any good guides, down loads for fault finding ? Get mega confused when trying to locate faults.
  10. SolarCity

    GEDA Solarlift

    Anyone tried one of these yet? GEDA Solarlift / Rope Hoists / Special Products / GEDA Dechentreiter GmbH & Co KG - GEDA Saw it at Ecobuild and I was impressed. Would love to see it in action or get some feedback from other installers.
  11. S

    Testing How Long

    Hi all, i have decided to enrol on a 2392 course as not currently in the industry. This i hope will give me a good grounding for the 2391 as would like to sit this course too sometime. My question is i have been reading many testing books and this has just made me wonder how long it actually...
  12. B

    PIR Practice & Approx Costings

    I know that nobody likes talking about costings and of course prices vary region to region however I have been asked by my local council if I would like to be included on their lists to carry out PIR's where the average cost is £80 now I know that I couldn't operate at such a cost (I could but...
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