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  1. dnjr

    Dedicated app

    dear all There was talk of a dedicated app for the forum instead of having to go to the web site. Is this still on the cards it have I just make it up ? Cheers
  2. M

    6424hy for sale, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 10mm

    Hi all, Edit: sorry I meant 6242hy I am moving house on Friday (Lancing to Sompting , so not far) and since I don't really work in this industry any longer, I no longer have need for some twin and CPC, so if anyone is local to West Sussex and can collect it before the end of Wednesday evening...
  3. J

    Downgrading mcb or adding rcd

    For adding an rcd or download grading an mcb for various reasons I've always used a mwc, is this correct or do I need a EIC as this seems alot of work for this? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. J

    New circuits.

    Hi all I'm. Installing new circuits into a metal db with 10mm twin and earth as the tails into the main switch, so I can only assume their is a submain but my issue is the garage it's choca and we think it's where the main fuse is, would anyone be happy to put lim in this situation with the...
  5. R

    High Zs on ring final circuit

    Good morning, I was recently at a job and had a discussion with another Electrician regards a high Zs reading on a ring final circuit. R1+R2 measured 1.68ohm Ze 0.18 Tncs This puts the circuit over the permitted zs. I begun seeking out the issue. However the other electrican said...
  6. A

    Domestic Dimmable retractive switch

    Does anyone know if there are any manufactures out there that do a brushed steel (or similar) centre pivot retractive light switch that can be used to dim led downlights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. S

    Industrial new job

    im starting a new job soon and was just after a quick bit of advice. what kind of kit do you guys need for cold rooms working in food factories etc? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. M

    Materials management software

    Hi guys, Looking to upgrade our software for booking our materials. I need software that we can put items in an inventory and book it out as we take it for jobs. When the job is complete we can see how much materials/labour we used, and the cost to actually do the job. Anyone know of anything...
  9. jackhammerJIM

    Make of LED floodlight

    Hi Men . Can anybody shed any light on the make of this floodlight ?
  10. P

    Bonding non-protective conductor conduit

    Recently qualified and started working for a company that don't put a fly lead from socket outlets to back boxes and ceiling roses to conduit boxes etc. The engineer says you don't need them because the circuit has its own CPC and the conduit isn't being used as an earth. My understanding was...
  11. D

    LED Downloghts

    So re doing my kitchen electrician but mainly ins and not done before, What makes do people recommend want good quality easy to fit not a cheapo make. Thanks ppl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Gazthesparky

    Van security

    I have a new van or should I say a new to me transit I'm needing to kit it out roof rack and internal stuff which is fine but I'm looking at fitting extra locks to increase security so just looking for some opinions suggestions from people So what have people gone for I'm thinking just dead...
  13. R

    DNO upgrade 60 to 100amp

    Hi, Who is responsible for the cost of upgrading the supply to a property? The current fuse is 60amp, the property will need the 100amp upgrade. Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  14. J

    For Sale: Festo Solenoid Valves

    I am selling some Festo Solenoid valves taken from a working panel, I have 17 in total and they all.come complete with LED indicator plugs and wiring. Part number is as followed: Festo CPE18-M1H-3GL-QS-10 Electric Solenoid Valve These retail at £100 brand new and so I will sell at £50 each...
  15. J

    For Sale: Allen Bradley Compact Logix L32E PLC

    I am selling a complete Allen Bradley Compact Logix L32E plc, All the of parts are as followed: 1x 1769-L32E Logix 5332E Processor Unit 3x 1769-IQ32 32 pt. Input Module 1x 1769-PA2 Power Supply 2x 1769-OB32 32 PT. 20.4-26.4VDC Sourcing Output Module 2x 1769-IF8 8 Channel Analog Input Module 1x...
  16. M

    Safezone with an invisible socket?

    Hi all, Can you use a safezone from a socket mounted in a kitchen unit for above the kitchen unit? Basically I want to run a boiler 4 core cable down the kitchen wall, without installing a socket on the wall, so I'm wondering if I can put a socket in the cabinet? Thanks Paul Sent from...
  17. dnjr

    Domestic Site temp generator

    Dear all. Need to install a generator to power a site cabin. When I test it any idea what I put down as supply type on cert. Never seen 'generator' as an option and its it tt as its under 10kva Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I

    Subcontract works

    Hi does anybody know how to subcontract to British Gas or help link at all tryed emailing and ringing them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Leesparkykent

    Pride in your work.

    Went to look at a job this morning that's near completion but the customer has fallen out with the sparky firm over the state of the work...I'm not taking the job on as really busy atm, don't really want to be stuck in the middle of a dispute between the customer and the other firm, in general...
  20. G

    NVC LED strip light burning

    Has any one had a problem with NVC LED strip lights, I've had a few go of but never been burning that could of caught fire. It's a bit worrying as I've fitted a few of these over the last year.
  21. D

    Dado trunking

    Hi , does anyone know which brand this is ?
  22. J

    Domestic Eicr

    Sub mains to 2 x outbuildings. Is the only way for this to pass an eicr is for the cables to be dug up and redone, I am going to make safe and add rcds by main fuse?? No armour or protection??
  23. A

    Domestic. Has anyone seen this before?

    The shower being fed from the dp switch? Its the first time I have come across this and not sure what to make of it. Have any of you lot seen this before?
  24. K

    Fluke 1587 insulation tester / multimeter combo

    I bought this used off eBay about 2 years ago and shortly after changed jobs so it has sat unused in my ownership. It is in mint condition, the only flaw on the set is some staining on the leather case where the previous owner had his name. Here's a link to functions and specs ...
  25. emacleod

    Voltage tester

    I got given this last year by a couple I done some work for. I found it in my shed and thought I would share. Euan
  26. oxford 12

    iPhone app

    Just changed phone,but have lost the app from the old iphone.Have not been able to download the app to new phone.Can anyone help ?.
  27. Resu

    A bit of testing

    Did a bit of testing recently for our local housing association. Found this in a communal area at the front door to a block of flats: Yep, full of water! Turned power off and drained: When water drained battery backup kicked in! (Circuit was protected by 3036 fuse): Also found this in...
  28. A

    Wot a job to start back to

    A test of a 2008 flat . Expecting an easy one boy was I wrong hear's some pics And.... O why isn't this socket not live ??? ...... Oooooohh That's nice Why can't I plug in my tester???? Ohhhh .Yes on the live pin ! Nice termination At least it's not just the one flat ..... I could have...
  29. C

    Which Level 2365 and How Long ??

    Hi all - All these different numbers etc floating around is sending me in a spin, lol. I've just finished my 2330 Level 2 and have been told I'm doing this new 2365 next. Which level 2365 will I do and how long will it last ? From what I read, I should go in at level 3 and I'm told it's 1 year...
  30. M

    Friend on Facebook just uploaded this.

    Not exactly been a nice day today look at these mad men!
  31. P

    Lighting circuits

    Is it permissible to drop a 'brown/blue' + earth 1.5mm cable in a lighting circuit to a room lighting switch (switched live circuit), or must it be a 'brown/brown' + earth?
  32. michaelw6

    new builds with no rcd protection?!?

    i have recently been into a couple of property's which are apartments with no rcd protection. there are about 40 of these apartments in this block all of which i assume are the same. i have checked the main incomer which just goes through an isolator and 80a mcb to the apartment with two...
  33. H

    Mobile site rubbish!!!

    I'm fed up of this mobile site it's bloody useless. I have the latest iPhone yet I can't get onto any other page than page 1 on all threads. How the hell do you go through the pages there is no numbers or links to go through pages. When is this going to be sorted?
  34. M

    Hager RCBOs deciding not to hold

    Just had a hager 32a rcbo go on me today. Nothing wrong with the circuit, i think the internal latching mechanics have broken as it does not hold when disconnected totally and just sitting in my spares box. Has anyone else had this sort of experience? It's less than a year old and just in a...
  35. S

    Electrode heaters own circuit

    Anyone tell me if there's a regulation that says water heater electrodes have to be on their own dedicated circuit?? Ive thought this for years but now cant see the reg. Looked all through chapter 554 cant see it. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  36. E

    More tools for sale

    Finally cleared out the back of the van and have for sale: Lift N' Lock tool box Knipex 160mm Side Cutters (With 1.5 & 2.5 stripping holes built in) - New Fat Max Padsaw & Pouch - New Irwin Wood Chisel - New Irwin Knife (Stanly type) Bahco 325 large hacksaw Set of Irazola Teknoplus screwdrivers...
  37. G

    New Business website

    Hi fellas Just decided to go on my own and have just launched my new website, take a look and let me know what you reckon Cheers Gram
  38. T

    Toughbook laptop

    One for any computer gurus on here, just got my hands on a second hand Panasonic toughbook cf-28 laptop ex aa £113 delivered bargain considering retail price of these things brilliant bit of kit for carrying on site pretty much indestructible etc anyway it's got the built in sim card slot to...
  39. C

    Im confused with my qualifications???

    Right.... My training officer isnt what id describe as a clever bloke.... Infact it would be closer to the truth if id have said the opposite... Iv tried to have him explain what im gonna ask but im none the wiser lol. Ive done my 3 years at college, ive done my am2 and my portfoilio is just...
  40. Amp David

    Usefull apps for android phones

    Has anyone got any good recommendations for decent apps, things that are usefull in dayto day life, Cheers
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