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time switch

  1. pixelpixel

    UK Help with a tampered eco 7 time switch

    So, we moved in a month ago and only just noticed on our first bill that the meter has been stuck on "Low" throughout the whole day. Great! Except our storage heaters have been running 24/7 because they're wired into the off peak circuit, meaning we spent just under £100 in a month :0 Our...
  2. B

    Can I use this Time Delay Switch on a panel heater?

    Just a quick one! I believe this time delay switch should work for my old panel heater (1.25kwh) because it handles loads up to 16A. Can anyone confirm this for me? I had someone tell me I needed a fused spur switch but others tell me I don't. FYI: the aim is to ensure the panel heater turns...
  3. M

    Time Switch Advice

    Hi there We live in a block of flats built sometime in the 60s, which is all electric and has a storage heater in the living room. As to be expected, our electricity bills are a lot higher than properties we've lived in previously which had gas central heating. The day, night and heat rates...
  4. Electrical2go

    NEW Products added to Electrical2Go - SANGAMO has arrived

    Sangamo Products added to Electrical2Go Available Now Time Switches and Heating Controls Don't forget EF Members get 5% off all products at if you don't have your code yet, message us!
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