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  1. B

    Sequential timers, need advice on a good one.

    Guys, Hi, need some advice on sequential timers. I need to set up 6 containers with 2 ton (24,000BTU) Inverter Split Air Conditioner units supplied through individual contactors, I am looking for a sequential timer that can allow me to space a starting sequence of 15 seconds between each...
  2. J

    Timers on LED Lighting Circuits

    Given the demand for low energy lighting in new build/major extensions it seems that the LED technology leads the supporting equipment such as dimmers and timers. The problem I have is that a client wants to put all the lights on each of four circuits on a 24/7 timer for security purposes (each...
  3. U

    Recommendations for timers for towel rail

    Hi all, Anyone got any recommendations for a timer for a towel rail. Timer will be outside the bathroom and would prefer a digital version. I've used a few before but some are a bit tortuous to program. Thanks a lot
  4. S

    Immersion timers keep failing

    Hi all . Have been to change an immersion timer for a Santon premier to210e invented cylinder. This cylinder has a 3kw immersion element (240v) I have fitted two different timers to replace the original but they have both failed after a few days of operating. After a few days u no longer get...
  5. 1

    EICR flats communal areas

    Hi guys, I'm testing a communal area of flats, just lighting circuits mainly and in the board they go to a timer and then off out to lights etc. And all lights are on push switches or pneumatic switches. But I can't get any insulation resistance reading. It's like 0.13meg Is it the switches...
  6. G

    12 volt timer

    Hi, I've just bought a small 12 volt digital timer to use as part of a lighting set up for some hen cabins. This particular one is a 16 amp YNAP model YP109A, there are lots for sale on the internet but most appear to be model CN101A which appears to be identical but only 10 amps I think. The...
  7. O

    Timer For Lighting Circuit

    Hi everyone, I think this is a stupid question, but its not something ive comeup against before and thought id double check... Ive been asked to install a timer on the lights of the house, so that the lights can be automatically turned on (and off) at certain times of the week. My current...
  8. T

    Contactor, Timer Circuit Design HELP!

    I have a question. Basically I have been asked to install electrical heaters in a large area and the customer wants them timed and on thermostatic controls. Which is fine you can just buy the plug in's right? Bloody hell their expensive! I haven't played with contactors and din rail timers...
  9. J

    timer switches

    Hey, does anyone know where i could get two-way, and intermediate timer light switches, it is for a communal area in flats, they dont want PIRs, which i thought was the best way!! also is it ok to wire smoke alarms in T&E 3 core. :confused:
  10. C

    Twin Immersion Thermostats

    Hi again, I tend not to get involved with heating systems, but I have just been on a site where they have had a new Hot water tank installed with 2x immersion thermostat heaters in the tank, each of these is rated at 3Kw. Each has a separate feed with its own spur. There is no economy 7 or...