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Hi everyone,

I'm a total novice, so apologies if this all sounds obvious & easy!!!

I'm wanting to install a motor to my roller blind & have found a 24v motor kit on amazon.

Issue is it only comes with 2 bare wires from motor & needs wiring to plug into a 24v ac adaptor.

Tried looking online but can't find a thing.

My questions are:

1) Can I use a 24v ac dc adapter like the ones used for christmas tree lights

2) Will the wire (picture attached) be suitable to connect to blind & plug into adapter?

Pics of blind, wire & adapter attached.



Welcome to the forum.
The roller blind will have a power rating for it. You must make sure that the 24v adapter is DC and not AC, as the title says the roller blind is DC. Also that the power rating of the roller blind is big enough to do the roller blind.
Your Amazon link just takes me to the Amazon site so I can't check the roller blind.
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Just a correction for the above. Make sure the power rating of the adaptor is big enough to do the roller blind.
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Thanks for the reply. Apologies for the adaptor picture, didn't realise the output was ac.

There's not much info on the motor to be honest other than it's 24v dc & is suitable for my blind size.

Here is the link


Can't work out what wires/connectors & adapter I need for this to work safely.

Any help would be appreciated!!


The link is not working again mate.
I will see if I can find it and see what info there.

We need to know what power rating the motor is so that you get the right size adaptor.
Also need to know what is the power connector to the motor like.

Found it.

In one of the pictures the adaptor is wired up to the blind.
It looks like the blue/white cable is the positive supply and the white cable is the 0V

Also in one of the reviews it says the motor takes less than 1A.
I would try and find a 24V DC adaptor that is 1.5A, to be on the safe side.
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Hi,so it is 24v dc...the least you will need,is the power of the blind motor,to size your transformer.
Is it remote control? If so,you will need the tranny,pluggeg in 24/7,so it needs to be rated for 100% stand-by.

I will be honest....some of the available transformers from across the water,are not of a standard,where i would be happy leaving them on,full time,in my property.

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