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  1. S

    Roller Shutter issue

    I hope this is the correct place to post I have a external electric roller shutter. it was working fin until last week my son accidentally gently reversed in to the shutter whilst it was opening. no visible damage ie bent slats etc Now it does not fully open stops 2 ft from fully opened. iv...
  2. K

    Roller shutters UPS advise

    Good morning , My name is Martin and I hope someone can help. I am planning to install domestic roller shutter onto our home. At first , I was going to appoint an electrician to run the wiring from the shutter motors to the lighting circuit, but then I realized that I need an emergency power...
  3. K

    24v DC electric roller blind

    Hi everyone, I'm a total novice, so apologies if this all sounds obvious & easy!!! I'm wanting to install a motor to my roller blind & have found a 24v motor kit on amazon. Issue is it only comes with 2 bare wires from motor & needs wiring to plug into a 24v ac adaptor. Tried looking...
  4. keniff

    roller shutter switch

    hi guys, i have been asked to swap over a key switch as its damaged, when i opened up the switch its not your typical common with 2 no contacts, it has one NO contact and one NC contact, can anyone explain how it works? im just swapping like for like but just don't understand how it works with...
  5. Y

    Roller door not working

    Hi guys, I have a 3 phase roller door not working. These are my readings? L1-L2 418v L2-L3 419v L1-L3 415v L1-N 134v L2-N 255v L3-N 247v After checking L1 and Neutral I thought it was a neutral problem but why is it ok for L2 and L3?!?! Thanks
  6. S

    Unattended closing and opening of roller shutters

    Hello, I am looking for a little help for a solution for a client who wants to close and open security roller shutters remotely. The brief is: serviced office with 6 electric roller window shutters fitted, they need to close window shutters after the building is empty and open in the morning...
  7. T

    Roller Shutter stuck in the half way position

    Hello All, just posted the same in the introductions forum but thought you more experienced guys may give me some assistance. Appreciating this may not be electrical specific, last evening my roller shutter (patio door type) stuck in the halfway position. The switches are buzzing when operated...
  8. T

    Roller shutter stuck in halfway position

    Hello, new to the forum and thank you in advance for any assistance. I have a large roller shutter on my patio doors, which last evening stuck halfway. There is a buzzing sound from the control buttons. I appreciate it may not be electrical specific but can anyone advise how the shutter is...
  9. HJC

    Changing Roller Shutter Switch

    Hi everyone, Need advice on replacing roller shutter key switch with a regular up/down switch Client doesn’t want the key switch and prefers a rocker. Would this be a straightforward swap? Or should I leave to the roller shutter crew. Thanks
  10. M

    Electric roller shutters - 2 new switches don’t work the single shutters from 2 switches.

    In my house in Spain, I have just replaced 2 switches that controlled a single motorised shutter (the pair of switches in photos - NB, shutters are the middle of the cluster, other 2 being, 2-pin socket and a light switch) on a bed headboard that controlled a motorised window shutter. The...
  11. R

    Security Roller Shutter Door Isolator

    Hi All I'm trying to find an isolator that will take a class 4 security padlock for a factories roller shutter door, this is to comply with their latest insurance assessment. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? The usual 16/32A rotary isolators do not have a big enough hole for...
  12. Dan

    Cheap large roller toolbox!

    Just found this on fleebay Selling fast. 40% off. Not sure you could climb on them, but they see a cheap...
  13. J

    Industrial Roller shutter door motor wiring diagram

    Hi We are looking to replace an existing roller shutter door motor with the below Garog motor and wondered if anyone had a wiring diagram for this? Make: Garog Type: ULA25EE V 400 A 1.0 KW 0.5 RPM 28 PH 3 HZ 50 IP 44
  14. I

    Roller Shutter Limit Switches

    Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram of a typical roller shutter limit switch config. My shutter is working but I would like to see what the switches are actually telling the board. I could get a ladder out and measure the voltage on the screws but a nice diagram would be better ;-)
  15. R

    3 phase Conveyor drum motor?

    Hi guys, anyone know where I can source a new 3 phase conveyor drum with quick deliver? thanks
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