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what is the best way to get on a companys bid list. if i send a company a letter stating that i want to be on there bid list,how should i word it?


:confused:One problem with that is:

1- They may want to see your books to see that you are solvent
2- You may have to been trading for at least the last three years
3- They may want to visit previous work you have carried out
4- References from previous clients
5- You have to fill in a 20 odd page document about your company

And after all that, they may say sorry
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A Bid list basically is a list of sub-contractors which tender for work for a main contractor or local authority.

Electrical work is required, so from a list the top three will be asked to tender, they will then go to bottom of list.;)

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Hi BigWally
I fully agree with Ian.Settle1 above..........but different companies/local authorities tend to have different requirements.
Suggest you pick out some potential ones and phone then to ask what their bid list inclusion requirements are.
Best wishes with that m8.........by the way - you need to find out their payment terms too - some keep you waiting 3+months for payment. Some hold back a heavy retention.


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A lot of government departments require you to be...

A. NICEIC Registered

B. A LTD Company

C. Have a turnover of a specified minimum amount.

This is before the half a South American rainforests worth of Health and Saftey paperwork (or is that bull***t) that you have to fill in.

The plus side is you can get some good, intersting, high value work. The downside is there can be payment delays, penalty clauses, and general hassle from H&S idiots who will stop you working until you have done X,Y, & Z !

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