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Hello there!

To start, I have to say that I'm a very beginner with electrical stuff, I'm working in IT and today I face a challenge that I can not resolve by myself.

although I work in IT, my boss ask me to find a way to weld a specific cable, for a specific problem.

I'm studying a protocol which is used to synchronize router (PTP). For this, I need a master device(router), the main clock that is going to give the right time to the neightbord router (slave). This master (router) needs to be connected to a clock source (GPS).

My router (master) has a TOD interface (RJ45) and it needs a 1PPS signal plus a ToD message.

The device which is responsible for giving me these signals uses an SMA cable (coaxial) for the 1PPS, and a HE501 (Sub D) 9 pin Female for the
ToD mesage. I need to find a way to weld these cable (SMA + DSUB --> RJ45).

The router's documentation of the ToD interface says :
1PPS input or output and ToD input or output—This shielded RJ-45 interface is used for input or output of time-of-day (ToD) and 1PPS pulses. ToD format includes both NTP and IEEE 1588-2008 time formats.
The same RS422 pins for 1PPS and TOD are shared between input and output directions. The direction for each can be independently configurable through software.

So, as I can deduce is that I need a RS422 signal at the end of my cable, with a 1PPS and ToD signal on it. I found that a line driver could do the job
and give me the right signal (analog --> digital), I choose the DS8922.

I tried to draw a schematic with all the information a found, but I'm now stuck and possibly in the wrong direction, that's why I came here to get help ..


I didn't found any information about SUBD9 (voltage, resistance ?). And I'm not sure where I have to connect everything ..

If someone could give me some help that would be very nice, I'm defenetly stuck.

Thank you !

Router :
DS8922 :
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Hey guys.

I've maybe understood one more thing, please tell me if I'm right.

RS-232 standard has not the same requirements than TTL logic levels .. right ? So we can consider that I need something different than the DS8922 to make things work. I obviously need one to pass through the RS-422 signal.

The RS232 will probably need another solution.
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I know my problem is not easy to solve but I really need help .. ? I'm not looking for the exact answer, just for a some advice.

Please guys :(
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