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At this point in time I am not regestered with a body.
How do I carry out notifiable work and keep within the law??
I am looking at regestring with NAPIT but at the moment I have not got the funds!!
Also, how do part P quallified people register with a body as all the bodys I have spoken with want the 16th within 12 months (i am in the prosesses of doing it) If you were not that way inclined, how would you be able to carry out work??

Sorry for all the stupid questions!!!

Thanks in advance

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Hi Dodge

Things have changed since the 17th popped up!!:eek:

Yeah they wanted the 16th within 12 months of joining (but you would still need "in-depth knowledge" of it for your assessment!)

Go and join the NIC Domestic Installers scheme NOW, and you MUST have your 17th to apply (dont know about the other schemes)

So, to carry out notifiable work within the "law"

Read Approved Document P (freely avilable online) and you have three categories of people.....


1. people NOT qualified to issue BS7671 certificates and NOT memebrs of a competent persons scheme

2. People QUALIFIED to issue BS7671 certificates but NOT members of competent persons schemes

3. memebers of competent persons schemes

Assumin that you are either (1) or (2):

If (1), given the requirement to issue certificates is competence (knowledge, calibrated meter) etc you can ISSUE certificates but your Local Authority Building Control (LABC) is under no obligation to accept them (remember BS7671 and Part P are two entirely seperate things)

If (2) then pre-notify your work to the LABC, do the the work, test and inspect, issue your certs with a copy to LABC. They may want to check the work, or may accept the certs (there is a certainly an element of them getting to know you and your abilities in this)

You are then building up your portfolio of jobs to show which ever scheme you join

People who do the EAL Domestic installers VRQ (particularly if they got their 16th/17 th edition) would be classed as category (2)

any more questions, feel free to ask, no probs




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Thanks Tony

You are right in your thinking I am number 2!! Must get my 17th sorted out :)
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