1. G

    Any one else agree

    Any one else agree these red crimps look cap
  2. S

    Why are smoke detectors so ugly?

    I know there are few out now that look ok, like the nest models, but still smoke/heat/CO detectors are very unslightly. One of the biggest complaints from customers, can rouine the look of a nice kitchen. Usually don't agree with customers but they are right in this case!
  3. ye oldie sparks

    Annual NIC visit this week

    Well the dreaded day came this week with my annual visit, all was going along nicely, paper work in order, meters all calibrated, regs book and other guidance notes in place etc. Then when he asked to see my completed certificates and what installations we are going to see, it all fell apart at...
  4. ED17

    Electromagnectic Effects

    We do lots of testing on social housing and came across this yesterday. Someone has recently replaced the consumer unit with an AMD3 wylex unit. They have taken the main tails and earth through three separate 20mm stuffing glands. What code should we be giving it, C2?
  5. M

    DICR - Split load boards in HMOs

    How would you code for circuits not protected by RCD in HMOs, the circuits being, lighting, water heaters and storage heating? I'm thinking code 3, my main concern is the switch drops having no protection, just wondered if others agree.
  6. B

    Testing course

    What does everyone think to this course a mate of mine has just text me asking what I think, personally toy town springs to mind...
  7. W

    The big jobs aint always the best

    Ive been analysing my work over the last 2 years and have confirmed what i have suspected for a while now; it seems that in this game everyone is always brainwashed into the mentality of getting the big jobs in, large contracts are good! well i have personally found the big jobs are up to 45%...
  8. B


    Hi all I'm issuing a code 3 for shower without pull switch on eicr as I consider it to be isolated via Mcb in consumer unit, would anyone else agree
  9. M

    Sockets on different phases

    2 sockets on dado trunking within half a metre of each other, would you agree on warning notices for potential 400v?
  10. Les Macaulay

    No live testing except where it's a must

    Do you agree that we only should be working dead when establishing the Zs for final circuits other than socket outlet circuits? That is, don't use the line, neutral and earth probes of the E/L tester except for Ze and Ipsc. Simply add R1+R2 to Ze.
  11. P

    installing pv on existing sub boards

    Hi all I have a sub board which is supplied by a 2.5mm 2 core SWA with a 30m run from the origin. The sub board is in a garage and has sockets and lights wired to this board. Am i right to assume that the volt drop from the origin to the sub board will not exceed my g83 voltage parameters...
  12. kingeri

    Concealed bonding conductors

    Morning all. I'm about to set off to a cellar conversion. The gas, water and electric incomers are all in opposite corners of the cellar. In the next few days it's all going to be plasterboarded, which will conceal the bonding conductors permanently, although the actual earth clamps (i.e. the...
  13. T

    High Ze coding on new EICR

    Still trying to get to grips with new EICR coding - got 400 ohms on earth rod all protected by 30mA rcd. What would you code this as under the new EICR?
  14. B

    Check of main bonding every job.

    Hello again Just checked domestic property today to see if main bonding present and ok. I was thinking does everyone check bonding even for smallest job. Personally i do even for like for like but i know some that dont. Honest answers please.
  15. F

    buglar alarm

    i have never installed a buglar alarm before and wanted to do one in my own home. could anyone give some advise on installing and reccomend a good make, i was looking for the one that can be programmed with my phone number in it so it alerts me when it goes off. please help. thanks
  16. T

    Costing of EIC & EICRs......

    I have been asked to test my friends renovated property, fully rewired, and said i'd do it for £100. He is a qualified spark but i did check his 1st fix work to verify his workmanship and all seemed ok to me. It has if i remember - 3 rings, 2 lighting circuits, cooker, smoke alarms, 2nd small...
  17. D

    commercial time scale

    how long to make 3 trapeze brackets screw to wooden ceiling and fit 2 lengths four ince tray
  18. S

    decent voltge tester?

    Can anyone recomend a decent voltage tester that actually works? ;) cheers.
  19. C

    Training the best way!

    I am currently looking around for the best way to train to be an electrician. There are two obvious way apprentership and training courses. I have applied for several apprentership places and am waiting for a reply. There are many training courses that are provided like the ones below: OLCI...
  20. C

    PIR codes

    PIR Recomendation codes sheet worth printing out and sticking in your T&I kit
  21. W

    Choc boxes in the back of sockets

    Got called to a job yesterday to check 8 double sockets in a bedroom that had been installed by a bloke he knows a couple of months ago. As the room is going to be used for work and is going to have a couple of people working in there he wanted to make sure its safe. To cut a long story short...
  22. T

    Minor Works

    Hi Quick question on a Minor works Cert Part 2. 3 Protective device on mod circuit do you eneter the device at the consunmer unit or if an appliacnce is feed via a fused spur do you enter the fuse? please let me know many thanks steve
  23. M

    washing machine/fault

    Hi all washing machine keeps trpping rcd,no obvious faults with machine,any ideas please.
  24. C

    Fuse Protection

    I have to run a new Distribution Cable to feed an additional consumer unit that will be approx 20metres from the main intake. Question is which end of the run should I install the 60/80Amp cutout fuse - next to the new consumer unit or near the intake. My thought would be, near the intake as the...
  25. M

    Periodic Inspection and Test

    If a 3 phase D.B. is supplying a number of circuits including a single phase C.U. (which is then used to supply sub-circuits), how should this be shown on the Inspection and Test paperwork?:confused:
  26. K

    Trying to identify distributors fuse

    Hi, i'm trying to identify the rating of a distributors fuse. I have attached a picture of the said fuse. The markings on it state Schneider Type YN6 but give no indication of rating or short circuit capacity. It's been suggested that these are 400A. Anybody come across them?
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