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  1. K

    Can anyway help with Radial circuit maximum floor area help?

    Hi everyone I am doing level3 design andI have a circuit to design but I have confusion with radia circuit maximum floor area to understand? I have a socket to feed on the design and floor area according to my knowledge is Length multiply width so in that case it exceeds 75 m square so I am...
  2. Pete999

    Probably will be a daft question, but being an oldie I'll ask it anyway

    What constitutes an "Approved Electrician "these days? when I was working it meant you had at least the C&Gs B certificate, 27 years old+ with a certain amount of years experience. Is it something to do with being an Approved contractor?
  3. T

    Now there is no ignore button, which does not work anyway.........

    So I can't even ignore the spam now /sigh As there is no ignore button even though it does not work anyway, I can't even have the psychological benefit of doing something about the yellow peril. Maybe this is the way Chinese get us to hate them before they come and invade. I expect the cretins...
  4. C

    What do we need RCDs fit anyway...

    Not sure if there is a specific group for posting things like this? When your RCD stops working this is a much cheaper remedy to the problem.. This issue was quickly rectified for the customer (correctly)
  5. Pete999

    What may seem a daft questio, but I'll ask it anyway

    Just been viewing a post regarding three phase testing, the questions asked about IR testing a TP&N socket and how to IR test a TP Motor, with questions about Neutrals, this was an AM2 query. Got to thinking after I made a laborious answer, regarding the Motor, now here is my query, when doing...
  6. Wilko

    Ha - who needs friends anyway?

    One of my so-called friends sent me this. I think the implication being that I'm less than perfect ... Not sure, what was the question again?
  7. The_Wanderer

    2391 returning, well on website it is anyway?

    Was randomly on the C+G site today, and happened across the old 2391 course showing as "Coming soon April 2017". Im confused, they bringing back an old certificate again, anyone have any info. Purely just curious myself, i got my 2391 over ten years ago, not doing it again. Electrical...
  8. Pete999

    Extra 13Amp socket outlet

    I reside in Northampton, my Sister in law resides in Bath, some 120 odd miles away, anyway She wanted an extra socket in her hall way below the CU. I had a look at some local Contractors who would be able to help, simple job you would think, anyway She contacted this local bloke , he turned up...
  9. sparksburnout

    Right, I'm going to be a really grumpy B*****d now

    So, whats with the Snow falling, and the Santa hat at the top??? It's only half way through November. I am surprised I havn't seen any daft sod with Xmas decorations up yet, guess it won't be long. The supermarkets have already started, can we keep XMAS until it actually IS Xmas??? There should...
  10. B

    Slimline Lighting

    Hey all, I am looking for slimline lighting that has emergency capability and is rated to IP65. I could go to IP54 but requirement is as slim as possible with emergency functionality to connect to a static inverter for emergency lighting. Any help would be great. regards,
  11. R

    Washing Machine Tripping Fuse Box

    Hi, Earlier today my washing machine tripped at the fuse box accompanied by a loud popping noise. It also took out a couple of other kitchen appliances as well as the house alarm system in the hallway. I switched it back to it's on position with plugs out of all appliances in the kitchen bar...
  12. D

    sudden loss of power on 24v bosch

    My 24v Bosch had suddenly lost all its oomph, even with fully charged batteries. Could this be the brushes?
  13. BigSi

    Main Fuse Pulling

    Now being the good boy that I am, I don’t (or ever have), cut the main DNO seal and removed the fuse myself. I normally factor this into the estimation and explain the reason to the customer. I was also told by a meter installer for one of the energy companies, that when your meter is read, they...
  14. G

    honesty in the job

    Lately a lot of things happen which revolve around honesty or morales,just thought I'd throw this out and see the reaction. Your boss is a decent sort who lets you use the van outside work,and is the type who says "if you ever need any bits just help yourself" My question is this,A you use the...
  15. calpol91

    Customer is asking for hob to be fired up and put on the cert?

    ive just had a text from my customer which follows: Cal, you need to power up the hob mate, first thing in the morning, its part of your remit, should be on the cert, see you there. Weve just finished a full rewire there, all tested, all good and passed, hob working, (its electric FYI) certs...
  16. 2

    working out of town

    can a company force you to work out of town ? if they have work closer ?
  17. D

    Urgent alarm help...

    Hi chaps, got a big problem here, cutting power in the house I'm working in sets the alarm off and the reset code doesn't work! (alarm hasn't been used for donkeys years anyway, it's an ancient piece of tat... Anyone know how to silence a Micromark 23022? Tried googling for manuals, but none...
  18. N

    3 phase to single phase motor change

    Hi I am looking to import some machines that compact fuel pellets from sawdust and the manufacturer fits an 18kw 3 phase motor that drives a belt and gearbox. Is it possible to change this to a single phase motor or is this too big for a single phase ? Regards Bob
  19. J

    Non paying customer

    First fixed a two storey extension, started in August 2010. Kitchen diner and two upstairs bedrooms. Downlights throughout the kitchen diner, electric cooker, sockets galore, plinth heaters, remote veluxes etc. Customer changing his mind daily and adding extra points etc but as I seemed to quite...
  20. E

    periodic inspection

    just done a PIR. found no bonding anywhere, including bathroom and to water and gas pipes.wasn't sure if i need to recommend RCD for the ceiling light in bathroom to cover that circuit or simply to put in bonding as it should have been done.the customer wouldn't pay for an RCD anyway so isn't...
  21. O

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Annual Visit

    Yes, its that time of year again, got my library, certificates, calibration certificate, insurance, paperwork in order. Got a site where I did recently finished a total rewire available for site visit. Got tea/coffee & bickies ready. Any suggestions for what they are asking this year?
  22. J

    VOELCB - testing question

    Just found the first one of these I've seen. On a TT system old 1960-70s bungalow. It does test with the integral test button. Is there anyway to test it works in the case of a fault condition? Cheers Jase
  23. M

    Job from hell

    Hi all, Those of you, who have followed any of my posts will know that I've had to take a job at Sainsbury's in order to get me though the christmas period. Anyway about a week into the job, I got lumbered with a bloke doing some shelf staking. Anyway, working away with him, he let slip to me...
  24. R

    Average hourly rate for night work?

    Hey guys, Got some night work....client cannot shut down during day hours.....Fault finding, small amount of installations..... Could nt price job really as it is a bit of a can of worms senerio....Had PIR so faults and issues have been spotted so have a idea of whats going on as in circuits...
  25. M

    help in understanding RCD ratings

    Hi All, I am due to start year 2 of C&G2330 L2 in September and wish to get my head around RCD ratings. I think I have grasped the principle of how they work eg: ensuring the line and neutral currents balance. However, I am not sure about the ratings printed on the units themselves. Looking...
  26. S

    insulation resistance testing

    Can you guys tell me. Would you normaly removed light bulbs whilst do a insulation resistance test. Also what about fittings that use transformers?? Thanks.
  27. M

    12 Volt DC Motor and Carbon Fiber housing

    Hello all. I hope Im in the right place to ask help for a problem that I have. I am engineer and not electrician and I do not have any special knowledge on this subject. I am producing a tool which is mainly made of aluminium and plastics and Its purpose is to harvest olive trees. Low weight...
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