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  1. H

    WANTED: Meter Calibration NE

    Best place to get meter calibrated NE (Durham/Newcastle) - any thoughts? It's Metrel if that makes any difference.
  2. J

    Thinking of ditching niceic

    I've been thinking of ditching NICEIC but I'm just not 100% sure if its the right thing to to .. I've been an approved contractor for around 8 years and when I joined I was doing a lot of work for builders who required a scheme registered contractor to do their electrical work.. Nowadays my...
  3. D

    TT systems and RCBO's

    Why are standard single pole RCBO's not advised for a TT system? Sure I've seen this somewhere....something to do with not disconnecting the N with a N-E fault potentially allowing a fault current to continue to divert to earth from the neutral.. But then a SP RCBO, or MCB on a TN system would...
  4. A

    EAL 4337/38 or C+G 2394/95

    Hi, I've got my JIB gold installation electrician card. After obtaining my 2357 NVQ, 2382-15 and my part p course. I want to go one better and get my approved electrician card. According to JIB they accept both EAL 4337/4338 and C+G 2394/2395. They are roughly the same price to do but the EAL...
  5. uksparks

    Air Tools For Sale

    Hi, I have owned all these from new and looked after them as best you can whilst using them, they have all had very little use. I was going to use them to do a car up, but it never happened, so they have just been used for the odd little job. The ratchets have been used perhaps 3 times, the die...
  6. E

    Is it safe to leave a convector heater, auto overheating cut-out, on 24/7 unattended?

    Many of my items have failed recently and as my gas central heating boiler is 20 years old, I am concerned about that failing too, although it works perfectly at the moment. I occasionally go away for a week and in addition to leaving the gas central heating on at a low temperature, I am...
  7. C

    Sunbed shop. Breaker keeps tripping! HELP?!

    Hi there, I run a small sunbed shop with 2 sunbeds. (please bare with me as I'm not very electrically minded) I have a problem with my sunbed tripping out. I have 2 sunbeds running off one board (Single phase). The board product number is QFS-MB7 and the main switch is rated as 100A. I used to...
  8. G

    Focus 2006 MK2 - Fault Codes

    Hi all, My car (Focus 1.6 TDCI 2006) broke down today due to sudden loss of power on throttle pedal. The car runs and drives perfect until the management light comes on and throttle pedal does nothing, car will only run at idle and this may last 2 minutes or may last an hour and will then...
  9. A

    Stabbed in the back by Elecsa........

    In the email 'Promoting your business' sent out by [email protected] yesterday (23/9/15), with Elecsa logos top and bottom, there is a link to the Landlords Pack which has been sent to 1150000 Landlords. The second question in the FAQ of the Landlords Pack (page17) asks: 'Who can...
  10. I

    Fixed Wire Testing

    Hi All I've been asked to tender for a fixed wire test for a hotel group here in Ireland. They sent me documentation to read through before I tender. The hotel group is UK based so therefore the regulations would also be British standard rather than the Irish standard I work to. I would assume...
  11. D


    Self Employed Electrician Insurance trying to start off, As you know my English isnt that great so LAWER talk and Insurance sadly i was in the hands of the insurance company. As when i tried to join a Governing body, i tried Napit and went with Napit Insurance, what has another name that is...
  12. B

    C&g 2394 & 2395

    Hi All, My company are sending me on the inspection and test course. I am not training to be an electrician (I am a design engineer) but have been requested to have these qualifications. I have 17th Edition and guidance note 3, do I need the on site guide too? Many thanks B.
  13. SparkyJoe

    A guide for an English sparky in New zealand.

    Thought I’d write a little on changing from being a UK spark to a NZ spark, after seeing the Australian thread. Kiwi licencing is ran by the EWRB (Electrical workers registration board) out of wellington. In order for them to assess your qualifications, you have to send them all copies of your...
  14. ian.settle1

    Australian GP

    Hamilton on pole from Rosberg by 1/2 second some going that, hope he doesn't have the same problem as last year.
  15. R

    Shower shocks !!!

    Hi guys, in need of some advice, this is my first time on here so be gentle..! I had a client call me to ask to look at a shower in one of his properties as the tennants are complaining of little shocks from the shower taps?? i immediately told them to isolate until i can have a look. Once i...
  16. J

    "Voltage Drop" Please help!

    Hi folks Iknow this topic has been beaten to death on this forum but after reading some of the posts and speaking to some of my co workers I am still a littleconfused, I am aware there is several ways of calculating voltage drop but amstill unsure of when to use the correction factor of 1.2 and...
  17. M

    110v power issues

    I work on a site that has a transformer which supplies 10 commando sockets at 100v. Recently, I have been unable to run 110v equipment, such as drills on these sockets. I have checked the transformer which is 110v from Live to Neutral and 58v Live to Earth; which is correct. I am also getting...
  18. C

    Job opportunity, you'll all wat it

    This was just posted on Rated people, Hornchurch area east london/essex, please form an orderly cue, Additional information: Im after some electricians to undertake some rewiring of local properties in the area ,any one with any experience of house bashing ,looking to pay between £90.00 and...
  19. A

    Solar PV Load Diverter

    Hi I have a 4 KW solar pv system on my roof and are producing power abundantly. FIT is good although I dont want to export all of the power for obvious reasons. I heard about solar pv load diverting devices like solarImmersion that can send the extra power to immersion tank to heat water. Are...
  20. S

    Looking for solar install team contractors

    If you're looking for some extra installation work, we are looking for some contractors. We are currently looking for a solar PV installation team to complete residential (4KW max.) solar installations in the west midlands area. The installers must be MCS registered and have installed solar...
  21. H

    All types of led lighting

    As requested, discuss .......
  22. K

    Domestic Is 20A double pole switch sufficient for total load rating of two ovens?

    Hi there, I'm installing two ovens, each with a total load rating of 3.5kW. (see details of oven here). The kitchen already has a 20A double pole switch and a 45A dual outlet plate. Is the switch sufficient because I've calculated that the current is likely to exceed 20A? However, I'm not sure...
  23. S

    Megger ppk 210

    For Sale Megger part p kit. This consists of seperate test units to conduct Live and Dead testing. LRCD210 Loop and RCD Tester & MIT310 Insulation and Continuity Tester It has never been used and is being sold 'as new' condition. The unit is over 12 months old so it will...
  24. S

    How to properly test an RCD

    .....and there's plenty of humour on this thread Ben, forget your multifunction tester when it comes to RCD's. Use your multi meter, push the RCD button, and check that both poles have opened, and check the type and rating of the RCD. Job done, Regs complied with. The only truly useful...
  25. B

    BS EN 61243-3 2010 Voltage Indicators

    Might be panicking a bit here but, have been looking at getting a proving unit and noticed a few Martindale packages come with the voltage indicator and they have this message in the write-up which states ; Martindale VI13800 Voltage Indicator The new VI13800 is identical to the industry...
  26. M

    3 phase isolation

    I am currently on a nc electrical course i am struggling with the 10 steps required to perform a safe isolation can anyone help with any links or suggestions? I get so far E - L1 L2 L3, N - L1 L2 L3, L1 then what?
  27. F

    Amtech and Fault Current and Discrimination

    Hi All, Having done my model for Amtech LV. I have noted that when Descriminating between two breakers the Pscc is taken at the load end of the circuit when analyazing discrimination between breakers. Example being:- The discrimination limit between upstream device Q1 and downstream device...
  28. S

    Reverse Engineering

    I am trying to do a bit of reverse engineering and work outhow the socket outlets on my newly purchased bungalow are installed. Here are some facts: For the circuit in question the CU has two 2.5mm T&E cables connected to a 32A MCB. There are 19 socket outlets (SO) on the circuit in...
  29. L

    SELV and Voltage drop

    I have been asked by the R&D team in the office to find out if it complies with BS7671 if we supply upto a 500W load at a distance of upto 50m (loads of upto 40w every meter - adding upto 500w), supplied by a 50v D.C. Transformer. Situation Each load requires 36v D.C. Each load will be fitted...
  30. 1

    Commercial Security Roller Shutter doors on 1300VA UPS

    Hello, I have been asked by a customer to provide a backup power supply for his roller shutter doors that protect his property. The motors that supply the shutter doors are a maximum 600W 230V AC (2.6A or 600VA) I have never been asked to provide a UPS for anything motor related. The need...
  31. G

    PV 6KW domestic

    I have a 4KW Canadian Solar with a 3.8 centrosolar inverter. I managed to install it mid Feb'12 just as the 43p rate was coming to an end. So if I wanted to extend to 6KW (ignoring the DNO point for a sec) I have few questions I keep getting varied answers to - what rate would I get on existing...
  32. A

    Which Megger MFT 1710 deal should I get?

    Hi all, These 3 deals look good, but which free accessory deal should I get? Which do you think is better value/more useful? 1. MFT with FREE CalBox Calibration Checker (Test-meter) 2. MFT1710 with FREE Martindale Two Pole Voltage Indicator and FREE Martindale R2 Socket Adaptor 3. MFT1710...
  33. R

    Voltimum Q&A section

    I can't fathom out why this answer has been given on Volitmum Q&As Q & A of the Day – What fused connection units to use for these fan-heaters? - Voltimum UK - Electrical Installation Products and Contracting I would have thought that as long as he uses 4mm cable, and the cable fits into the...
  34. G

    Scam warning

    Trading Standards would like to warn motorists of a roadside scam reported to Cheshire Police. Drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They have either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel or pay for taxi fare. The males have also offered...
  35. G

    [unofficial] No FIT cut until 1st August, quarterly installation figures show

    I was going to post up my table showing the quarterly installations to date vs the trigger points, but it looks like a pain in the arse to do it, so please see all the details and analysis on my blog article instead > Next FIT cut postponed until 1st August 2013 < obviously it's unofficial...
  36. S

    EICR help.

    Hi. I have an upcoming EICR on a 3P dis. board which is situated in quite a bad place...I would say there is no access to it 80% of the time, as there are pallets stacked in front of it. Would this constitute a C2 or C3?
  37. V

    Diogram for 10 panels.

    Hi every one, Wondering is anyone can help me with regard to this diagram please see picture attached. How that looking to you, can I connect 10 X 250w panels in one array on one string this way? Thank you
  38. S

    power probe 3 for sale

    this is brand new bought last week of snap on for £157 not used once got laid of from work and need the cash so open to offers Power Probe III PP319FTC Kit in Case With the press of a switch you'll have an instant hot lead or ground lead. Use the hot lead and ground lead simultaneously to...
  39. S

    power probe 3 for sale

    this is brand new bought last week of snap on for £157 not used once got laid of from work and need the cash so open to offers Power Probe III PP319FTC Kit in Case With the press of a switch you'll have an instant hot lead or ground lead. Use the hot lead and ground lead simultaneously to...
  40. I

    Shading and Solar Edge

    Hi Guys At a job today and quite a lot of shading with a chimney on the middle of roof and a big tree. I'v created a model on PV Sol and from that calculated the overall shading. Thinking I would use a Solar edge Inverter. The following is a series of images that show the modelling and the...
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