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  1. Dan

    Shower Power Booster - Had a drop in water pressure? There's a deal on these, but even when there isn't a deal going they can be a godsend. These little gizmos fire up the pressure of the water feeding your shower (or other taps)...
  2. E

    falcon heavy booster landing

    some clever engineering in these
  3. C

    WIFI booster that actually works

    Hello guys short and simple, wifi hub downstairs with weak signal reaching the 3rd floor. I have not used a booster that utilizes the final socket circuit cabling before, are they any good or would anyone recommend something else?
  4. B

    Childrens booster seats and the law

    They intended to restrict booster seats from december this year.Approval is expected to be granted in June. Under the new rules, backless booster seats will only be approved for use for children taller than 125cm (4 foot 1 1/4 inches in old money)and weighing more than 22kg. (just under 4...
  5. M

    Tv Signal Now Not Working??

    I dont really do much coax i had to add an extra tv point around the house i used a y splitter and it was working fine. floor guys come in and doesnt work. so first thing i see the connector has came off? so i reconnect it and its not working. but the booster now isnt powering up...
  6. joel89

    Tv Aeiral installation

    I have recently installed a new aerial mega booster with a 1 in 4 out amplifier, it comes with a 12v signal booster which has to power it, my question is I'm feeding 4 TVs do i need to signal boost each cable individually?! As on the booster its only got 1 input from amplifier on the aerial, and...
  7. A

    intermittent booster box fault

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas - my TV is driving me crackers! Our TV is connected via a a DVD player / recorder to a signal booster box (which sits next to the TV) and then to a rooftop aerial, we watch freeview. For many months this has worked just fine. A few weeks ago, I would...
  8. S

    IR test on lighting circuit

    During a PIR on a domestic dwelling before a cu change i tested IR on the board found 0.28Mohm between L-N. N-E and L-E were 75Mohm and 55Mohm, isolated eached circuit and traced it to the upstairs lighting. Re-tested on this circuit but still low between L-N, double checked all loads had been...
  9. sythai

    Phone points help please...

    Hi chaps... Sorry basic stuff but been a long while since I've had to do much phone wiring. I am right in thinking I can wire all my extension points back to the master socket ? Or do I have to daisy chain of each extension to the next ? I'm sure both methods work but first one would be...
  10. G

    socket outlet on a lighting loop..! (6 amp MCB)

    Crawling around a loft today.. found a surface mount single gang socket outlet powering a TV antenae booster.. So I was preparing myself for the usual conversation about the fact that its not to regs etc etc.... however when i looked at it closer, I saw it was wired from the loop in the same...
  11. H

    what about tv, satelite , phone wiring?

    hi i want to find out how 2 wired up (all in one house , one family) a 5 or 6 phone points , and a 5 0r 6 tv or sat points (i'm not sure what " do with tv/sat , what the best way ? please help
  12. M

    Lcm, booster, photo cell key switch

    Hi Done tube work wired lights and photo cell, the key switch, Lcm and power booster done by another guy, switched on lights ok but they are very dim and take 1 hour to warm up, photo cell not working? Around 13-14 lights on a long run, if the lights were from the board via a key switch things...
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