1. J

    Best budget electrical brands ?

    Hi, When i first started out on my own to win work i used more of the budget stuff that was available to me from my wholesaler, after 6 months to a year i was then having to go back change light fittings etc because they were poor quality which wasnt great for my reputation even though i...
  2. M

    Thermal imaging camera, any recommendations on the budget end?

    Not something I really need so don't want to spend a lot, but toying with the idea of getting a cheap one to see if it comes in useful, say locating underfloor heating elements or bad connections, and perhaps a look at the house from outside see where the insulation may be lacking (have my...
  3. S

    The Budget..... more tax on beer and spirits and potholes should be made deeper.

    Let the fun commence, (any pornographic/sexist/racist links are fully accidental)
  4. N

    United Kingdom Budget 2018.

    Anyone got any tips of what to expect? I have heard there is a possibility the VAT threshold will be reduced to £45k.
  5. A

    Buying fluke mft advice please

    Evening All, I'm looking at buying a fluke multifunction tester between 250-350. Could ant one suggest the best sort of model around for that price? mainly work in domestic settings cheers guys.
  6. infinity

    Canadian solar anywhere?

    Does anyone know where I can pick up 16 250w mono Canadian solar panels?
  7. J

    Industrial Safety Relays, Retro Reflective Sensors and Transformer/Rectifiers

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a budget 230V to 24VDC Transformer Rectifier, the application is to run a couple of Retro Reflective Sensors along with the 2 Channel Safety Relay to control them so power consumption is minimal Thanks
  8. F

    intruder alarm

    i have never fitted an intruder alarm and wanted to do one in a 3 bed semi. could you please reccomend a good quality one pls.
  9. Z

    Budget Solar 4KW system for £8000 fitted

    Has anyone had any dealings with Budget Solar based in Bolton? They are advertising an MCS fitted 4KW system using JA Solar 250W mono panels and a Fronius IG TL 3.6 inverter with 5 year workmanship warranty for £8000 all in. Is this kit OK or is it a case of 'get what you pay for'? BTW found...
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