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  1. N

    Busbar ?

    any idea where busbar is on this square d Cu ?
  2. Designmen90

    Busbar connection

    I have a busbar, and I connected two cables (phase conductor, not neutral) with one bolt, like one from the picture attached. But, one buyer complains that such connection is not allowed. He says that it must be one bolt for one cable. What do you think about that? Is there any standard which...
  3. LewisM

    Part Number of a busbar kit for a Square D Panel

    Hello, does anybody know of a part number of this type of busbar kit thing for a Square D Speed D Panel Board? Couldn't find any part numbers on the unit itself. Some Pictures
  4. Lister1987

    Wanted 6 way BG busbar & RCD

    Messing about with my test rig again, changed out the 10way BG board for a 6 way shell (old Wylex plastic unit). I know we don't mix and match brands but as I'm using this as a test rig I'm using what I have available - Obviously the Wylex unit has neutral and watching bars in different...
  5. M

    Industrial Classification of Busbar Trunking

    Hi all! I was having a bit of a to do with a colleague of mine regarding busbar trunking. We both agreed during our inspection that a busbar deserves it’s own test sheet as it is a method of distribution which each “tap off” denoting a separate circuit. However I argued that the ‘Zdb and...
  6. Electron

    Doepke Busbar

    I was unable to add a new MCB (tried CED and MK) to a Doepke consumer unit because their busbar seems to be a unique shape. photo attached. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what solution worked.
  7. T

    Energy efficient busbar design

    Hello, This is my very first thread on the forum. If I posted it in wrong part of the forum, just moved it. Thanks. According to the thread ( FREE Electrical Software from the Copper Development Association -...
  8. S

    Busbar chamber cable sizes

    I’ve been asked to install a dedicated 32amp 3 phase supply for a passenger lift and need to tap off a 200 amp rated busbar chamber. The incoming supply to busbar is 200amp with 120mm SWA. Can I tap off this busbar with 10mm tails to a new 32amp switch fused isolator mounted to the side of the...
  9. M

    Busbar & Tap off box - power loss & Over-voltage issues

    On one of my sites, I have a 6 rising busbars ( E & I powerbar) rated at 250 A connecting a tap off box with a Schneider 100A isolator feeding a 3-phase board with 16mm SWA. I have around 24 tap off boxes onsite across 6 busbars and the installation is approximately 6 years old. Over the past...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Comb busbar in consumer unit

    On a job today and in a consumer unit came across a split load board with usual cables from bottom of main switch to rcds. everything had been moved along 1 creating a space for a rcbo feeding garage, Woman admitted her ex had done the garage job himself so no certs or testing. I was there...
  11. S

    Power supply to 380V pumps from 460V panel

    Dear all, We have 460V MCC panel for existing pumps in our plant. We need to give supply to new 380V rated pumps in the same panel. There is space available in the panels(Out of 9, one panel almost free). So please suggest is it possible to make the arrangement for MCC feeders in the same...
  12. HoverSPRX

    No Overload Protection on DB wired to Busbar

    Hi all, I recently carried out an EICR on a biolabs, it has a DB in the mains room that was wired direct into the busbar on 25mm tails within 3M. The busbar is on a 200A fuse and the DB in question is a 24 way three phase board. I know that 20 + years ago when this was installed some guy has...
  13. D

    Canalis Fused Tap-Off unit replacement

    Can any one advise me whether the Canalis KUO-SA 52000 Fused Tap-off unit is a single or Two-circuit module? Where can I find a replacement?
  14. N

    Fault finding. Mind boggling

    I'm stumped on this one. My mate has a two way garage board in his garage. Circuit 1 is lighting, circuit 2 is 3 sockets on a radial. Lighting works fine. Sockets trip main RCD in DB when switched on. 3 sockets are now disconnected. Tried to reset 16A MCB (for radial circuit) and still trips...
  15. S

    Busbar trunking

    I need to modify a rewinder paper machine. It has 9 motors in a row that each turn a blade to cut the larger reel down to size. The motors need to be able to move approx 30cm each side, to select the size of paper to cut. They are currently on a cat track but they are falling to pieces due to...
  16. carl9254

    MEM RCBO's

    Hello, Had a price of £80 for a new MEM rcbo from edmunsons. Anyone know of anywhere cheaper to get them or an alternative that will fit? Just after about 10 B32's for a domestic board. Thanks
  17. G

    Eicr remedials

    Main switch 160a bs88fuses, 35mm tails feeding busbar chamber with switch fuses ontop feeding distribution boards. A c2 has been given to undersized main tails. I thought that because the tails are only about 400mm long from switch into busbar that it was ok? Thoughts?
  18. F

    Help with a fault :)

    Any help would be massively appreciated.. I have 230v supply to my board.. Switch some mcbs on the voltage drops and other mcbs the voltage reads zero. Any ideas ?
  19. K

    Contactum RCBO, Old 71 type MCB replacement

    Any one got or know where I can get two 6A Contactum RCBOs (90603SP/B) to replace 71 type MCBs. The new Contactum RCBOs do not fit and and no one I have talked to has the old ones in stock. I am being quoted over £80.00 each + VAT for a wholesaler to order them from Contactum. At that price I...
  20. S

    high integrity board layout - Is this Ok?

    Hi, I have looked inside my Dad's Consumer Unit and I noticed that it has 2 RCD's but also 1 RCBO. I've seen these before but on my dads I was worried that it has to many (live) terminations into the bottom of the main switch? It has the usual 2 live conductors (wires) in it each going off to...
  21. H

    Square D breakers

    Anyone know any other breakers compatable with square D boards
  22. D

    Installing a 200a MCCB in a proteus 3phase board.

    Hi everyone, I'm a newly qualified electrician and im working for a company that have asked to the fit a mccb, my boss sent me this email today and im not completely sure what he means, any help would be great as I really dont want to call him tomorrow asking how to install it. Any help would...
  23. R

    Mem rcbo pods

    Following the recent shocking increase in price is there any alternative?
  24. O

    RCBO for this CU?

    Being lazy (yes I know) but I'm so, so busy at the mo! Need to find a 6A RCBO to fit this board, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks......
  25. B

    starbreaker mcbs

    Job yesterday finding fault on RFC. All good found problem, sorted, turned main switch back on packing up tools tennent says no power to upstairs lights and to combi boiler. Checked board nothing off. Quick check at pendant in bedroom no power same at fcu for boiler(on own circuit). All other...
  26. A

    Is This A RCCB Fault?

    Good evening all! I have discovered this evening (whils't re-setting the RCD) that when applying light pressure to the RCCB in my Crabtree Starbreaker CU, the connection into the busbar arcs severely and all circuits on this side of the CU flicker. I have tried re-seating the RCCB but has made...
  27. J

    divide 3 phase+n into 6 flats and a landlord

    i want to know if anyone divide 3 phase+n into 6 flats and a landlord? i wanted to use 125a 3p+n isolater and a 200a 4 pole busbar chamber. from there to meter tails. my client wants to use edf energy. uk power networks already brought the power. i just dont want to spend a grand then edf would...
  28. ebow72

    Busbar Trunking Tap-Off Box

    Hello there, again... Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a busbar Trunking Tap-Off Box from? I have a project I have to quote for and can't seem to find anything other than ebay, which I don't really want to use, if I can help it. I am asking as I have a college project to undertake...
  29. D

    RCBO's on under floor bus bars

    I've been asked to spec up a job at a newish office block. Raised flooring has been installed with bus bars and tap off leads. Bus bars have been installed using 10mm swa with 63amp MCB, tap off leads have 32 amp unfused plugs on them.. There are about 12 floor boxes per bus bar and 4 bus bars...
  30. V

    Domestic MK dual RCD busbar help

    Hi all carrying on from my thread last night on testing continuity of radial circuits. I've got my MK dual RCD consumer unit and just need some reassurance to see if im correct or not. ok i've got a picture for you guys to look at ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting so on the...
  31. P

    RCBO's ?

    What make of RCBO does every body use ? based on reliability and cost who comes out the best ?
  32. Jimmy Boy

    Prior to doing a board change

    As my experience is mainly maintenance related and I am now venturing into board changes for the Part P registration process I would be grateful for heads up on your 'To do list' prior to changing the CU. 1) I will do a visual inspection of accessories and Main Bonding. 2) Check for...
  33. L

    Pir - spot the fail competition

    Spot the fault competition:D
  34. M

    Busbar - 1.2MVA generator install

    Hi all I hope you can help. In short: I think I am being spun a line from my supplier. I am contracting the installation of a 1.2MVA generator (outside the building), and my supplier is claiming new regulations stipulate a busbar must be used instead of the normal cabling to run to the...
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