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  1. S

    Trainee Am2 calculations on test sheet

    I’ve got my am2 tomorrow morning, I’m pretty confident with everything and just gone over my testing and done the prep day yesterday, I was just wondering if anyone knows what calculations are needed on the back of your testing sheet to pass? I’ve got r1+r2/4 for ring final, zs=ze+r1+r2, my...
  2. R

    Any quick calcs to get a rough min Zs allowable

    Any quick calcs to get a rough estimate min Zs allowable for protective devices MCB, BS-88 etc, Im thinking in an exam saves time even looking at the tables if there's a fast ball park check rule of thumb.
  3. T

    High Ze Cable Calcs 20 characters

    So I have a job to quote for installing an outdoor sub main. It's in quite a rural location and the supply seems to be TNCS. However, there is another conductor that leaves the MET and looks like it could possibly go to to a rod (the cable that leaves through a hole just to the left under the...
  4. E

    Cable Calculations?!

    Looking at putting a lathe into a workshop.. 16A, 3 phase, a run of 19metres at approx 35 degrees. Also, a 3 phase, arc welder which I was going to put into a 32A socket outlet. 7 metre run, again at 35 degrees. Can someone help with how I would complete a cable calculation for either...
  5. uksparks

    2396 Design Course

    Hi, Long time no post... been very busy and simply not had time, actually its probably been since last summer, you know, got married, then kids started school in September, the Mrs says put that sodding phone down etc.. Anyway, I am about to book on the 2396 Design course. I know roughly...
  6. haptism

    Install designs

    When you design an installation and install it, is it a requirement to forward a copy of all the calculations (for cable calcs for example) to the client ? If so, is there a generic name for such a document and should it include anything other than cable calcs? If so anyone have any templates ...
  7. J

    3 phase supply

    I need to get a 3 phase 400v supply over to a unit with around 32amp per phase. The total length of the run is 108 meter fro source to consumer unit. From the consumer unit there is already an existing 4 core 35mm SWA cable running 50 meters And from the supply side there is a 4 core 20mm SWA...
  8. K

    Cable for sub board

    Hi i have a job with a 40 metre run of swa 4 core via tray work its going to feed a 12 way 3 phase board from a 63amp mcb ive calculated that a 16mm would be sufficant would i be right thinking that?????
  9. S

    Industrial 3 phase loading question

    Hello all I am working for a company and we are installing supplies to some industrial 3 phase heaters in a factory in Devon. I am questioning the maths used by my boss to arrive at the SWA size to supply these heaters. Seeing as I am not a wiz with 3 phase stuff (only just started working for...
  10. I

    sqaure d breakers

    Is a type 3 sqaure d braker equivelent to a type c breaker been to house was asked to fit mcb c32 to protect an oven and hob at roughly 6kw without diversty i know its not the norm to fit type c breakers for fixed restive loads i know they are used for comercial purposes where there is a high...
  11. B

    Volts drop too high...

    I have installed Ring Final Circuit in 2.5 LOR 120m protected by 32A breaker Volt drop calcs - 18mv/a/m x 32A x 120m / 1000 = 69. So the volts drop is 69 volts? which is way over the stated 3 or 5 %. Am I diong this corectly and if so what can I do about the volts drop? Cheers
  12. F

    Volt drop

    Ok you do all your calculations to determine your volt drop and your calcs come back that the volt drop is just above the 5% allowed ok I no it dosnt conform to bs7671 and you should increase the csa of the cable to next size up but what effect or could some one explain in simple terms the...
  13. K

    16kw 3 phase load. do I NEED 4 OR 6 SQ CABLE? Thank you

    16kw 3 phase load. do I NEED 4 OR 6 SQ CABLE? Thank you
  14. F

    Small Commercial system help

    Good afternoon, We have been asked to install 10 panels on a bike shed in the grounds of a new eco friendly office block. We have only done two domestic systems before and are still newbies. I am unsure about whether the SAP calcs are the same for commercial and is it a G59 even though its only...
  15. S

    Design calcs, design criteria, or working drawings

    Hi all I'm in the process of joining elecsa part p and on my assessment day along with many other bits of paperwork they are asking to see a copy of the design calcs, the design criteria or drawings relevant to the work. When they say design calcs how much detail to you have to go into? Ie do...
  16. P

    4kwp system and roof wind up lift calcs

    Ok Senior members explain to me in simple terms please :) whats the point of fitting a 4kwp system if your inverta is set to G83 and will only push out 16 amps ie the 3680 max your allowed? if all invertas are set to G38 then can they push out more? also whats best way to get wind calcs sorted...
  17. IQ Electrical

    Formula help for students/trainees

    Here's a little 'Formula Wheel' with some of the more common Power/Voltage/Resistance/Current formulas. Might be handy to keep in the back pocket for anyone learning or forgetting!
  18. dansk

    Mcs renewal

    Just had a four hour mcs audit for my renewal, all went well, except for a couple of non conforms, and a strong word of advice, anyone not doing wind cals and structural calcs are going to be in trouble, and they can make you go over all your installs and carry out calculations. I was ok on...
  19. V

    MCS & System Design

    Ok guys, On the system design side of things, what is required for the MCS assessment? Our install is to be 2.25 kWp system, with inverter mounted approx 15 meters from array,and Ac cable to CU about 5 meters away. i have done some basic cable calcs for DC cables, (to confirm Vd < 3%) and got...
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