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  1. I

    PAT test on data centre telecoms equipment

    Hello could anyone tell me if there is an online exam to be taken for the PAT testing of equipment powering telecoms racks and routers in data centres or telecoms switches in Germany.
  2. Lister1987

    Packaging MFT for transit to Calibration Centre

    Anyone sent Thier meter(s) to Calibration Centre in Stafford via the provided UPS service they offer? How would you advise to pack the MFT? (aside from well), send in original hardbox inside a cardboard box/ wrapped in rubble sack?
  3. XS Training

    New AM2 Centre in Warrington - 10% Discount Offered

    Hi All, I would like to share with you the new registered AM2 Centre which opened in Warrington in October 2019 by North West AM2 Centres Ltd. They are currently offering a 10% discount on orders booked and paid for before 23rd December 2019. The centre houses 6 learner bays with 2 fault...
  4. M.Polipartov

    UK CompEx training centre near London?

    Hi every one! I’m looking in doing CompEx 01-04 at the end of October. What will be the best training centre to go for? Is there one around London? I’ve heard there was one in Basildon but can’t find any contact information to book it. Thanks
  5. OC Yan

    Electrician all level electrician require in London and Cardiff Centre

    we currently have existing and new middle size and large size projects in London and Cardiff Center require all level electrician to join us, to provide new and maintenance. ideally part time will be welcome. it will be appreciate if you can drip a PM message for a chat thanks Yan
  6. dedzyyy

    Domestic Wet UFH Wiring centre

    Hi, I've installed wet UFH in my place. I'm struggling with how to wire it up. My gas man is coming to do some jobs and give me a hand starting the UFH for the first time, but I wanted to get a heads up before he comes round. My UFH is set up with 3 zones. Here is the back of my stats This...
  7. James Kinrosd

    TT off water main or tncs with no earth (Victorian house city centre)

    Hi guys came across this today, Ze of 37 ohms, surprised me as thought it was a tncs- Victorian house, Db from 1989, no docs- could it be a TT off the water main? 10mm bonding to gas and another 10mm out of sight. The met on the rhs of tncs block not connected to neutral- can anyone help me...
  8. S

    Can anyone recommend MFT calibration service centre in the north east

    Hi All - as per the title, any recommendations in the north east as I don't really want to send the tester via courier ! thanks
  9. D

    Money grabbing training centre

    Time for a rant so will try and keep it short. Whilst chatting to other people doing the 2365 level 2 practical assessment today I couldn't believe what I was being told. The centre had told a number of people that no prior experience was needed. Fine but the only workshop time they had was half...
  10. S

    nvq level 3..

    i want to do this course as fast as possible..its anyone know any city&guilds approved centre around london who can do fast..
  11. L

    Underfoor Heating Wiring Centre

    Hi All Got an issue with a OJ WLM2 Hydronic Master Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre. When you activate one zone using the room thermostats, the system kicks in and starts heating up the boiler but within 10 minuets the system shuts down! For reference: Electric Boiler 13KW (single phase) with...
  12. D

    Nest 3rd Gen installation with y-plan system

    Hi Hoping to get some advice... I’m planning to install a Nest 3rd Gen into my house why has a y-plan system Boiler is glow worm flexicom 24hx Programmer is British Gas Model UP2 (Invensys) Room Thermostat is British Gas RS1 There is a wiring centre in the airing cupboard next to the...
  13. rolyberkin

    Heatmiser Wireless System

    Hijacked a thread the other say which this is a follow on from which may make things easier, already had some good advice from @Leesparkykent which has resulted in my getting the plumber (my brother in law!) to agree to alter the alter the pipework so at least I am in with a fighting chance of...
  14. C

    Vaillant Home Combi 35

    Hey, I currently seek some information such as a wiring diagram. The heating system is a 2 zone valves, with a thermostat (battery operated) upstairs and downstairs. The plumbers changed the controllers that Vaillant first supplied as they were costing around £150+ each, so they changed to 2...
  15. FatAlan


    Probably silly question of the week, but why do trades folk tend to use 110v power tools running off those boxy have transformer thingys rather than the standard 230v? Is it down to safety, i.e. lower voltage or economy or something else? Note the technical lingo! As a newbie / trainee please...
  16. Dan

    Engineering And Facilities Firms Sentenced

    Two companies have been sentenced for safety failings after a worker was electrocuted during work on a data centre in Middlesex. Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Ltd (BBES) was contracted to carry out multi-million pound infrastructure upgrade works at the data centre in Hounslow, while...
  17. L


    Can anyone recommend a good training centre that carries out the 2394 and 2395 testing and inspection in Manchester. The prices range from 750 all the way to 1450. I am after quality!? cheers lau
  18. M

    Windhager boiler

    Hi found your forum because im looking for some help :mad2: i live in france and renovating a barn i installed speedfit underfloor heating and all speedfit sundries including the wiring centres jgh1 no problem this is where im stuck,i bought second hand windhager pellet boiler mod number bwe260...
  19. P


    Anyone know the Power factor forula required for the AM2 motor starter? Really desperate!:omg_smile:
  20. K

    2365 Level 3

    Hi, does anyone have the complete structure for each module on level 3 and their breakdown. Ie: which has a written assignment and which has written exam and what each is worth. Ive moved through level 2 at a good pace and I'm eager to use my free time to prepare early for some exams. thanks in...
  21. driverman

    Tv grid type socket outlet

    Hi I've tried to search on google to find out how to connect a grid type coax tv cable. Never done one before although plenty of standard TV outlet plates. I thought it would be straight forward like I've done before. At the back 2 x small screws removed to gain access by lifting lid. I can see...
  22. V

    2 Zone fully pumped heating system

    Hi all I am looking for a schematic drawing for a 2 zone fully pumped system comprising of fused connection unit timer 2- 2 port valves corculating pump Room thermostat Cylinder thermostat wiring centre boiler hope you can help
  23. infinity

    Megger broken help!!

    I pulled the black lead out my 1553 today and the whole connection came with it! So basically I don't have a tester, any ideas on who I can send it too to have it repaired at a fair price? Ideally with a quick turnaround!
  24. T

    Domestic Fuse replacement

    Hi, I've been to a job where a 50A MCB had blown and wouldn't reset. I didn't have a replacement MCB the same size so I used a bit of spare cable rated to 48A in the bs7671 book so that the cable would break and de-active the circuit before 50A is overloaded. I'm not 100% sure if I made the...
  25. G

    Megger 1502/2 problem

    Hi guys, been to turn my tester on today and it wouldn't come on so replaced all the batteries for new ones checked the fuse, still no joy. anyone else had this problem or if not can anyone recommend a good repair centre for them. regards
  26. J

    2394 Practical & Notification of candidate results

    1. Once you have taken the 2394 practical test, when should you receive the "Notification of candidate results"? 2. For instance, with the 2394/2395 Multiple choice, you can receive the result straight away (from the centre), & the "Notification of candidate result" is then sent to you. Is this...
  27. 0

    Wireless thermostat for Baxi boiler

    Hi there, Customer wants a new CH clock so replacing a Drayton 5/2 day to a 7 day (LP722) She also wants a wireless thermostat. This is a first for me. I presume due to connections that the RF reciever goes near to the boiler....but are the connections for the reciever made at the boiler or the...
  28. J

    old city and guilds help

    hi im trying to find the name of the centre in the north east of england where I passed my electrical city and guilds, Im applying for a copy of my certificate but can't remember the name of the centre or the examining board. Its a long shot but did anyone here study at a government training...
  29. B

    Underfloor Heating

    Can someone let me know the wiring procedure when underflooring heating is being installed by flow and return piping,and seperate room stats are required for six rooms and each room having its own stat which are wired and not wireless.
  30. J

    ATL Training Providers

    Hi everyone, I had a meeting with a sales rep from ATL tonight to find out about training with them. I wondered if there are any electricians on here that gained their qualifications with them, and if so, how easy was it to find work once you finished the course.
  31. S

    Please help 110v distribution

    Hi all, Ive been asked to supply a 110V distribution board containing 1 x 40A and 2 x 32A DP circuit breakers. The company ordering the work has provided a new 12KVA CTE transformer. Its been a while since I did anything like this so I just wanted some opinions on whether or not I am installing...
  32. H

    Domestic Replacing Potterton EP 2002 programmer / Satchwell room thermostat with RF receiver

    Hi, In a property that is being renovated there is a Potterton Profile 100e boiler controlled by a Potterton EP2002 Controller wired to an ancient Satchwell room Thermostat. Is it possible to replace this controller / room stat combination with a modern RF room thermostat linked to an RF...
  33. F

    underfloor heating wet system

    Hello and thanks Have a customer who will be having underfloor heating installed run from combined boiler and different zones can anyone give me some idea as to what's required to wire for such a system not done one of these before so advice much appreciated.
  34. i=p/u

    Commercial heating sytem

    starting job next thursday adjusting a heating system.. there currently is one heating sytem for 3 parts of a building which is rented out as doctors , dentist and a flat... we plan to change the 2 channel time clock for a 4 channel timeclock and add 4 new valves , doctors heating, dentist...
  35. N

    Heating question

    hi ive been called by a local plumer to do job what it is is a combi hes swapped and wants wiring centre changing as well as exrernal time clock/stat wiring the combi he taken out already has all wiring there at present. the thing is theres a mid valve, frost stat and wiring centre. the combi...
  36. A

    EICR Medical Centre

    I do a few small commercial PIR/EICRS including a dentist surgery & a day centre, but mostly just domestic. I have been asked to look into doing an EICR on a fair sized medical centre ( am guessing approx 10-12 rooms per floor, 2 story building) . Its a pretty new build & hopefully installation...
  37. i=p/u

    wiring heating system

    does the 2 channel time clock be powered off the wiring centre???? newbee so go easy
  38. S

    Domestic Help needed with lighting fault

    A neighbour has a through lounge with a centre ceiling light (chandelier type) at both ends as well as 2 wall lights at both ends of the room (6 fittings in total). They are controlled by a 3 gang dimmer switch, 1 for each centre light and 1 for all 4 wall lights. All of sudden none of these...
  39. M

    training centre

    hello want to start electrician training, just wanted to get a review on a centre, im planning on doing my training at able skills in dartford any help would be welcomed.
  40. N

    Junction box on lighting circuit

    Hello All, I am new here so please forgive if there any mistakes. A month ago I was planning to install a couple light which go under the wall mounted kitchen cupboards. Upon finding a junction box which I tested a with a multi electrical test meter that the when the light switch is...
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